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A Geocaching We Will Go!!!

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Jeremy and I went geocaching!  This was the first time I had gone, but he had gone Friday with some friends and showed my one of the “caches” they found!

He found this one on Friday...I don't know how, because it is wrapped in camo tape!

Pretty sneakily hidden if you ask me.  Well, once Jeremy mentioned the idea he was hooked on it! So geocaching it was!

We went to this website to pick out 2 geocaches to search for.  The first one was a level 4 which is pretty hard, and sadly we did not find it 😦 Then, we went to the second site.  We thought we knew the area we were looking in, but the GPS kept getting confused and directing us down the road and back again.  So finally, we just turned it off and restarted it (genius idea!).  It led us to an area that we were looking in forever without any luck.  Just as I was about to tell Jeremy that we should probably head home for lunch, HE FOUND IT!!!

He found it!!!!

It was in a mini altoids tin that was stuck with a magnet to this electrical box thing in this baby tiny hole!! I couldn’t believe that he found it!

The altoids tin had a little log in it for Jeremy to write his name and today's date!

What a sense of accomplishment 🙂

I do have to admit, that while Jeremy was looking I was looking around more at the scenery.  And I found a couple of these wild raspberries!

A little wild raspberry!

It made me think of my grandma.  My grandparents used to live in this house in the woods in Michigan, and whenever we would visit them we would go on walks and grandma would point out the wild blackberries, blueberries, and mint!  I remember her picking a leaf off of a plant on the ground and saying “Eat it!  It’s wintergreen, it will freshen your breath!”  So, I ate it….and it tasted just like gum!  I have always admired my grandma for her knowledge of natural foods and where things come from, and hope to have that same knowledge some day 🙂

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