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Let’s Celebrate!

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Good evening!

Today, the kids and I had a busy day.  We started out by riding our bikes to Butler to pick up a movie that Sarah had left at the Indianapolis Children’s Choir office.  While we were there we were also able to visit with my former co-workers from the Clowes Memorial Hall Box Office.  It was great to see them!

We then headed to Target to get some pool toys, and then downtown to the library.  We parked at my apartment and met up with Brian before walking to the library.  Who wants to pay for parking when you can just take a 10 minute walk for free?!

Brian was enjoying his book!

After the library, we headed to the mall to visit Nordstrom which is Sarah’s favorite store.  We just browsed around looking at the cute clothes and accessories while Brian kept Jeremy company.

Today was Caitlin, one of Brian and my good friend’s, birthday!  I came home and quickly made a treat before we headed over to celebrate.


My dad used to make these bars growing up calling them “Delight Bars,” but for some reason they didn’t quite hold together as bars.  They were more goopy, but they still tasted delicious!  I’ll share the recipe once I figure out what went wrong!

Delight Bars

After eating a delicious dinner of Caitlin’s favorite foods, we realized that we had no candles for her to blow out!  We improvised with a eucalyptus  and mint table candle, it was perfect!

The Birthday Crew

It was great to see some friends tonight, but I have to get back to work early tomorrow morning!  Good night for now everyone!


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  1. Erin Hemmelgarn

    Wish I had been there for the birthday celebration at my house!!


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