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A Full Day of Wedding

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So today was ENTIRELY consumed by planning the wedding, and I loved every minute of it.  We still do not have the venue booked, but we are getting closer every second!

After visiting a venue, and crunching numbers for several hours with Brian’s mom we took a break to get some lunch at a little restaurant in Indy called the Side Street Cafe.  I had this delicious strawberry salad that had blue cheese, red onion, spiced pecans, with balsamic dressing and a breadstick on the side.  It was so refreshing and summery!

We went back to the venue after lunch and talked a little bit more before heading back home to pack for Fort Wayne.  I literally packed the fastest I ever have.  I hate packing because it is so hard for me to make a decision on what I want to wear, and I am always thinking about how the weather could change.

We hit the road, and I think this was our fastest road trip home.  It still took 2 hours, but for some reason the time just flew!  When we arrived home mom was preparing a tasty summer meal, so Brian and I went to check out the garden.  We picked a cucumber, green beans, and snap peas!  They were all perfect and tasty!

Brian's first time pickin' veggies!

Our summer dinner was so tasty and included corn on the cob, tomatoes, cucumber salad, baked beans, and homemade bread.  Mom made italian sausages on the grill, but I didn’t have any of those.  Everyone else said they loved them!

Summer on a plate

After dinner, Brian, Mom, Dad, and I headed downtown for a Tincaps baseball game!  I just love the atmosphere of baseball games in the summer.  It was a perfect summer night and ended with fireworks.

Take me out to the ball game...!!

Now, it is time for bed.  We have a big day with the 3 Rivers Festival tomorrow!

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