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This evening has been nice and relaxing, which is just what I needed after a busy work week.  For dinner, I was really in the mood for some easy comfort food.  I decided on pasta!  I love using Al Dente Whole Wheat Flax Blend pasta, it cooks up so fast.  The pasta was on a bed of steamed spinach, broccoli, carrots, artichokes, squash, and asparagus.  I made my own spaghetti sauce by using a giant can of tomato puree.  I sauteed 1/4 onion with a clove of garlic until translucent.  I then added salt, pepper, oregano, garlic powder, and onion powder to taste.  I stirred and simmered the sauce on low while the pasta was cooking for about 8 minutes.  I topped the dish with mozzarella cheese…perfectly satisfying!

Brian and I are dog sitting for a friend’s relative this week.  It has been so much fun playing house in their beautiful, old home that is so full of character.  Bella, the boxer we are dog sitting, is so well behaved!  She has her one green ball that she has us throw for her all day, and that makes her a happy camper.  We usually walk her 2ish times a day, so after dinner we took her on her evening walk.

Hi! I'm Bella!

Watching her is really making Brian and I want a dog of our own, but I think we need to wait until after the cruise and until we have more predictable schedules.  It would be fun though!

I absolutely adore frozen yogurt, and there is a frozen yogurt place that is semi-close to our apartment called Yogulatte, it is actually a fro-yo and coffee shop…how clever!

I have been wanting to try this place out for a while, so we made tonight the night!  It is a self-serve kind of fro-yo shop, which is always fun…but slightly dangerous!  I can never decide on just one flavor, and I always end up taking forever deciding on the combo I am going to make.  Tonight I had peanut butter, chocolate, and strawberry fro-yo topped with peanut butter, strawberries, granola, and cookie dough ( 😉 ).  It certainly hit the spot and was a great way to end a relaxing night.

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  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! You are gorgeous!! Your fro-yo looks amazing and have fun dog sitting Bella!!

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