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If It’s Free…Sign Me Up!

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Today was our last day watching Bella 😦  We were sad to leave, but it will be good to clean up our apartment and get back into that “normal” schedule again.


I started off the day with a 5 mile run as part of my half marathon training program.  It was a great run and didn’t feel too fatigued afterward.  The worst part was that it was soo dang hot and humid this morning that I had to run into Starbucks and ask them for a free water…thankfully they gave it to me.

5 miles down! 8 more to go!


I had a delicious banana honey smoothie this morning.  It was nice and refreshing, which is just what I needed after that hot and sweaty run.

Banana Smoothie:

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 Tbsp honey
  • Xanthum Gum
  • Ice and Water

I made Brian pancakes for our last breakfast together in Bella’s house.

When we arrived home I had a nice surprise waiting for me…my ACE Personal Trainer Certification!!! Now, I really feel like it’s official 😉 I even get a nifty card to carry with me in my wallet.

I then made myself a quick and light lunch.  Brenna and I went to a bridal show and I wasn’t sure if there would be food there or not.

The Bridal Show was so much fun!  Brenna and I both went in not really knowing what to expect.  Right off the bat they handed me a bag full of goodies and a boa to designate me as the bride-to-be.  There were feathers everywhere in the expo hall because of the boas…but it was still a cute idea!

There were sample table settings, candy bars, floral arrangements…basically you name it, they had it.

They were also constantly giving out free stuff (which Bren and I looove!)  I think that we got it from our Mom, but seriously, whenever there is something free, even if we don’t need it, Mom, Brenna, and I will go nuts over it.  We also get slightly competitive when necessary.  I won $100 off of a photo package at one booth…so exciting!

There were cake samples GALORE…my favorite were the blueberry cupcakes from The Cakehole.  Usually, I am not very impressed with wedding cake because the frosting is too thick for my taste and the cake is too dry, but this cake was soft and moist with the most delicious blueberry flavor, and the frosting was light and fluffy with just the right sweetness!  To die for 🙂

There was a wheel for all of the brides to spin…when I spun I won $25 worth of thank you notes from Your Style Invitations.

The Cakehole then started to giveaway their mini cupcakes…so I grabbed myself a box!

It was a great afternoon spent with my sister and maid-of-honor.  Now, it’s time to clean the apartment and get ready for the week.


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