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Steel Cut Oats are Not Quick Cooking Oats

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Good Morning!  I love Thursdays because it is almost the weekend, and I get to teach spin 🙂 I woke up suuuuper early today, and I actually had a hard time sleeping last night so I did not feel very refreshed.  However, I was ready for breakfast when I woke up.


I had my first experience with Steel Cut Oats this morning!  And silly me didn’t realize you can’t exactly microwave them like quick cooking oats…oops.  I did really enjoy them, but I have a feeling I will enjoy them even more when prepared properly 😉

Doesn't look too appetizing...

I mixed 1/8 cup (half a serving) of steel cut oats about 1/4 of berry granola cereal (so delish!) and a Tbsp of Peanut Butter.  I tried to make breakfast as filling as possible today because I have to work until 1:30, which means I won’t get home until 2:00, which is a super late lunch for me.

Work Fashion

Today I should be learning a little bit of cash register.  Should be a fun way to start the day!

This Weekend

So, because this weekend is the family reunion, and Brian and I are leaving tomorrow…that means I have to pack today when I get home from work.  For some reason packing always stresses me out because I can never bring everything and I am so worried I will forget something.  It’s time to start making that packing list…

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  1. Cute outfit! Top three worthy 🙂


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