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Hit the Road Jack

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I started the day off with another bowl of overnight oats.  Today, they really reminded me of peanut butter oatmeal cookie dough 🙂  Who wouldn’t want cookie dough for breakfast!

Breakfast of Champions!

I then did a series of workouts from since it was dark and I don’t feel comfortable running outdoors in the dark.  After my breakfast and workout it was then time to take Oliver and Sophie (the dogs I am taking care of) to the Pet Hotel.  Oliver has some anxiety issues, so although the car ride was not horrible I couldn’t help but feel like I was doing something wrong the whole time because of Oliver’s whimpering!  His mom warned me of his love/hate relationship with car rides and assured me that is how he usually acts last night.


I then came back to the apartment and it was time to pack.  I gave myself a goal because I like playing games with myself in order to make tasks go by quicker.  The goal was to be done packing before 10am, and if I accomplished that goal I would get to run 3 miles!  I know I’m weird, and that doesn’t sound like much of a reward, but sitting in a car for 7 hours makes me antsy.

Gotta make the list...

Well…Goal accomplished!  Not only that, in the middle of my run I decided to really push my speed and ran the 3 mile loop in 22 minutes and 12 seconds.  Lately, I had been completing it in 24ish minutes.  Beating my time felt like such a great accomplishment!

Now, it’s time to hit the road jack and head to the reunion!!


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