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How NOT to Grow an Herb

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How NOT to Grow an Herb Plant

I was so excited when I brought home fresh herb starters to start in my herb garden after my attempt at using seeds failed.

The basil grew roots!

I watered the parsley and basil everyday, and eventually the basil seemed stable enough to be put in the sunlight.  I guess that what I didn’t realize at the time was that putting it in the sunlight didn’t mean putting it outside in the 100º temperature.

The basil didn’t survive.

After that little accident, I carefully watered the parsley daily watching the little baby stems poke up from the soil until one day…the little stems were shriveled and dead.

Those little twigs used to be baby parsley

I don’t know what happened, but apparently I have a black thumb.  So for tonight’s dinner I purchased fresh basil that was already grown by someone else.

Picnic Dinner

Tonight, Brian and I had a little picnic outside along the canal.

We packed our basket, grabbed our blanket and were ready to go!

I assembled our meal which was mini caprese open-faced sandwiches.  I cut up fresh mozzarella, home-grown tomato, and fresh basil.  I then topped the mixture with garlic, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar. This was served on top of little pieces of multi-grain baguette.

We had a salad on the side made of romaine, spinach, carrots, red onion, and more of the balsamic vinegar with garlic.  Simply delish!

Check out that view!

The menu was perfect and it was great to relax in the beautiful weather and enjoy each other’s company.  Lately, we had both been so go-go-go that we forgot to take a minute to stop and focus on what was really important.  It was the perfect little dinner date.

Now, we are watching the Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible make over the Snooty Fox in Indianapolis.  Brian’s family used to eat there all the time, and my sorority had an event there!  We will have to check it out since it is totally revamped 🙂


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