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The Right Side of the Bed

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Today, I woke up feeling totally great…definitely on the “right side of the bed!”  I started off the morning with a coffee smoothie bowl…so creamy.  I then topped it with some of my sub-par granola that I am not ready to share the recipe for because I need to find the perfect recipe (anyone have a great one I can try…crispy, sweet, slightly cinnamony, dried fruit, not chewy…).

I then signed up for the free trial at Pilates Anytime.  This is a sight that has tons of pilates class videos, so the instructors are actually correcting and instructing their students while you watch (not in real time though).  I did a video this morning, and it really felt like I was in a pilates class rather than watching a video!  I know I am really going to like this site.

Weekend Update

I posted a couple of recipes that you may have missed out on this weekend, and I haven’t had a chance to archive them yet.  If you missed them here they are!

Things to Check Out

Hope your week is off to a great start!  P.S.  If you haven’t noticed…Treble in the Kitchen is on Facebook and Twitter…look to the right side bar to “Like” my pages 🙂

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