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Shouldn’t Have Worn a Jacket

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This morning, I woke up bright and early to warm-up with some ab moves before heading out to watch the sun rise while I did an easy 3 mile run.  Because of my crazy schedule, I have sort of taken this week off from running.  I have to fit a 10 mile in sometime this weekend, but with heading to Nashville the 10 miles might have to wait until Monday.

Lately, it has been kind of chilly in the morning.  Me being cold all the time naturally made me think to put on a jacket before heading out for a run….it was not chilly this morning and I got really sweaty, but sometimes a little extra sweat makes me feel like I worked harder 😉


I then ate some overnight oats that I made last night.  So yummy!

They were a little more soupy than usual, but still delicious!

Work Fashion

We are heading to Nashville pretty much right when I get off work.  Luckily, I stayed up late last night to pack!


Have a happy friday!

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