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No More Excuses

So, it’s official…by butt bone is sore from spinning.  At least I expected it, right??

I spent the morning making the grocery list because this week is yet another grocery week!  If you are a new reader, here are some of my grocery shopping tips for healthy, clean eating on a budget.

I then prepped my dinner since I go into work at 2pm and don’t get home until 10pm.
For lunch, I kind of nibbled a little bit as I was cooking up dinner, but then I made myself a little plate:
Special K Multigrain crackers some topped with Naturally More peanut butter, some topped with homemade white chocolate peanut butter, and some plain along with red pepper, carrots, celery, cauliflower dipped in salsa.
No Excuses
I found an article referenced on Courtney’s blog Sweet Tooth Sweet Life about 8 unhealthy attitudes to totally get out of your mind set, and I absolutely loved it!  There are so many reasons and excuses for not eating right, not exercising, or not being happy with your body and this article really puts things into perspective.  I highly recommend everyone check it out 🙂
Sorry for the short post, but it’s off to work for me!  Have a great afternoon.

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