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Breakfast Before or After?

Good Morning!

This Morning, I woke up bright and early (well it was actually still dark out) to go to Body Pump. Today, I had my favorite instructor who is great at motivating and pushing everyone to their limit!

After Body Pump, I came home and showered so that I could get ready for the work day.

I made myself my first bowl of fall oats…Oatmeal, pumpkin, cinnamon, splenda, and almond butter…delish

I then thought about the age-old question…Should we eat before or after a workout?

In my personal research and fitness education I have learned that one never wants to workout on an empty stomach, such as first thing in the morning when our body is in starvation mode. I have had instructors suggest that I eat a half of granola bar, piece of fruit, or something small to “get me going” or get my metabolism started so that I can totally maximize my workout.

But then what about eating after? I have also learned that the first 45 minutes after a workout are the prime time for eating because your body can digest and metabolize things better. So what is the consensus? I find that eating a little bit before and a little bit after works for me…What works for you??

Do you eat before or after a workout or both??? What is your reasoning???

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  1. Since I work out before the workday (around 545am) I have to eat after. Otherwise I would want to eat lunch at 10am! I actually eat bfast way after because I eat at the office around 9am. I find that exercise suppresses my appetite so I don’t want to eat right after anyway. Prob not what experts recommend, but works for me 🙂

    • I love the early morning workout too…for me, that is where it really depends on the day because sometimes I can wake up super early and fit in my snack but other days I just gotta roll out of bed and head to the gym 🙂

  2. I’m just like you. I find if I work out on a completely empty stomach about half way through my workout my tummy starts rumbling and I begin to fatigue and slow down. However if I eat a full breakfast I just feel sick and bloated. Also with my own research I’ve found that to recover quickly from a workout you need to eat within the next 30-60 minutes, which has halved my recovery time since starting to doing this 🙂

  3. I find it very hard to eat before I workout cause it’s so early in the morning, I get a bit queasy if I have to run when I’ve just eaten and I don’t want to wait like an hour before I can go out after I ate, but I try to compensate by eating a big breakfast after working out. It’s not the best method but it’s working for now.

    • I can totally relate if I don’t wait long enough after eating to workout, but I do wake up earlier in the morning than I usually would so that my tummy can digest my pre workout snack. I still agree to do whatever works for you!


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