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Congratulations Chelsea!

Today, one of my oldest friends is getting married to the love of her life!


Chelsea and I have literally been friends for over 10 years! (I am thinking 13).  It all started way back in the day in elementary school, we had a little break while we attended separate middle schools, but then once we joined show choir together it was like a match made in heaven.

Acting as an elf at the Mannheim Steamroller concert

With our beloved choir director

Always in the same stunt group for cheerleading

Showing our spirit on a bus to an away game

High school graduation

In the Bahamas

The rehearsal dinner was amazing last night and we are all so ready to share Chelsea’s special day with her 🙂

Ashley (another bridesmaid), Chelsea (the bride), and me

Our gift was accessories for the wedding tomorrow!

The groomsmen with their hats with their favorite football teams!

all of the bridesmaids

Chelsea and Nate are running the Fort 4 Fitness race with me (they are doing the 4 mile and I am doing the 10k) this morning, then it is straight to the salon for hair and makeup duty!!!

Looking forward to a day full of memories.




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