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Happy Monday morning!

I woke up at the usual time today, but I ate a much later breakfast than usual.  I woke up and was simply not hungry, so I began to prep things for tonight’s dinner which is a new crock pot meal.  Here is a clue as to what I am making:

Any guesses as to what it could be?!


After prepping dinner, I headed out for a short run.  My knee has stopped giving me pain during the day completely, but it still gets a little sore when I run so I only did about 3 miles today.  I then came in and did the famous 8 Minute Abs youtube video…I love how 90s it is!



After the workout, shower, and getting ready for work I was finally in the mood for breakfast.  I had a bowl of greek yogurt sweetened with splenda, cinnamon, and nutmeg with a delicious fall apple mixed in.

It was totally delicious!



Ok, so my big addiction is chewing gum.  During school I simply can’t go without it, probably because I need something to do during class, while studying, etc.  I also love chewing mint gum while drinking ice cold water…which I do all the time.   Since I have graduated, I have tried to chew less gum because Brian, being the dental student that he is, has told me countless times how bad for my jaw chewing so much gum is….but I bought some on Friday.  Two packs to be exact…and they were gone yesterday!



I always chew sugarless so I don’t have to worry about sugar overload or the gum giving me cavities, but when I buy gum I should probably try to make it last a little bit longer.

Links to check out:

What are your silly addictions?  Coffee?  Diet Coke?? Chocolate?  Cleaning?  I want to hear all about them!


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