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Speedy Delivery!

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I totally forgot to tell you that I got a package yesterday.

I got my Vera Bradley items!  I ordered a pleated tote and plan to use that as my personal item on the flight to London, and I ordered a wristlet that I am going to use as my technology case.


I was shocked by how speedy I received my order!  I placed the order Sunday evening and received it Tuesday evening, that is what I call a speedy delivery.



For lunch today I wanted to try some Otria Greek Yogurt Veggie Dip.  I tried the Dill Feta dip and was thoroughly pleased!  This stuff was sooo tasty.  I had it with some carrots and celery (you all know how I feel about my lunch time crudite plates! 😉 ) and some more “Krab.”  I know that the Krab isn’t necessarily the most natural food item, but for some reason it is just one of those weird foods I really enjoy!

I also had an unpictured salad of spinach, hummus, and red wine vinegar.  Kind of a random lunch, but certainly delish!


Now, I’m waiting for Brian to get home from school.  Then, I am headed to the bank to get money orders for the cruise job, prescriptions, and I have a wedding flower appointment!

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