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Happy April Fools Day!! Not only is today April Fools, but we are now in my birth month!  27 more days until my birthday.  I honestly didn’t realize that my birthday was coming up soon  until a couple of days ago.  I guess since I wasn’t planning on being home for my birthday, and it’s not a big one, it hadn’t really crossed my mind.  Enough about birthdays, though.

Yesterday, I attended my first bridal shower.  It was such a fun day and night.  I arrived at the shower a couple of hours early to help with set-up.  We then got everything into place so all of Tori’s (the bride-to-be of honor) friends and family could enjoy themselves and have a great time.

The theme of the day was Love is…



I also made a little dip to add to the spread…Cauliflower Hummus….recipe coming soon!

We didn’t plan it, but there was definitely a theme of coral clothing going on!

Later in the shower, the boys showed up, and we all headed to a nearby restaurant called Fire by the Monon.  Unfortunately, I was too full  from all of the delicious treats at the shower, so I didn’t have anything…but the food looked really tasty!  Brian’s parents had been telling up about this restaurant a couple of days ago, so we will have to go back when I have more of an appetite.

It was an amazing day and night full of friends, fun, yummy food and drinks 🙂  What a perfect bridal shower!



Today, I am feeling a little under the weather.  My nose is runny, I am coughing, my throat hurts, and my whole body aches.  So, I am taking the day off from working out.  The weather was also very rainy and gloomy this morning, so warm food and drinks are the only thing that sounded appealing, even though I can’t taste a thing!

I made a veggie egg white scramble for Brian and myself this morning, with some pear and apple on the side.  I was hoping that I could find some super spicy salsa to clear out my sinuses, but I had no luck with that.


Brian and I then ran to Starbucks to get a little pick me up of warm coffee so that I could warm up, and he could have fuel for a day of studying.

Now, I am off to Whole Foods and a couple of other stores to finish grocery shopping, and prepare food for the week.


Have a happy April Fools!!


P.S. I made a huge mistake!  In my post with the Cranberry Citrus Granola recipe, I left out two huge ingredients…THE CITRUS! I updated the recipe, so it is 100% accurate now.  Sorry about the mix-up!





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