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Good Morning!

The second half of yesterday was awesome and busy.  I spent the afternoon volunteering at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, then I got two exciting phone calls (more about that later), I got to walk home in the beautiful weather:

I then came home to a package just for me!

This package actually contained something very exciting!  The study and training material that I will need to become a certified BodyPump instructor!  The training is next weekend, so I need to crack down and study…big time.  But I am so excited 🙂

I then made a DELICIOUS and random dinner, so I didn’t write down any measurements, but don’t worry.  I will make this one again.

Quinoa, baked sweet potato, leftover tofu, red onion, and tomato….delicious!

I then sang in a church choir.  It was a rehearsal for this Sunday’s performance.  One of my friends from Butler sings in the church choir regularly and needed someone to fill in for her a couple of times, and after being out of the music scene for a few months I was more than happy to help her out!!

This Morning

Today I started out bright and early with BodyPump and a smoothie:

What a great way to start the day!  Now, I am off to a meeting and another amazing day…what do you have in store???


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