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I Took a Little Break

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So, have I been crossing things off of my to-do list?  YES.  Has anything gone according to my hourly schedule?  NO.  But at least I am getting some things done.  At about noon, I started to go cross-eyed so I decided to take a break from the computer…not literally cross-eyed, but sometimes I feel like being in front of the computer all the time makes my head spin.

During my break I did a little bit of this:

I took it easy today, because I have my long run scheduled for tomorrow.

I also spent some time in the kitchen making a batch of these:

and a batch of these:

I couldn’t decide which ones to make, so I made both!

Questions of the Afternoon:

  • What was your workout today?
My workout today was a nice jog outside and teaching yoga tonight 🙂
  • When you want to have a productive day, do you make an hour by hour schedule or do you just make a list of things to get done?
I find that I am more productive when I have an hour by hour schedule…otherwise the list just keeps growing!


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  1. Awesome run! My workout tonight is spin class.!


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