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Don’t Judge a Book by it’s Cover

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Good Morning!

Ok,  I have to admit that my breakfast in no way shape or form looks appetizing, but I promise that this smoothie bowl tasted so good that I was practically licking the bowl clean.  I used a similar recipe to my breakfast milkshake that I made not too long ago and added some raw oats for texture.  Just sayin’…don’t judge a book by it’s cover 😉


A little banana, spinach, almond butter, sun warrior protein powder, almond milk, cacao powder, vanilla extract, stevia…what is there NOT to like?


Yesterday at work I felt like a special delivery woman!  I started out the day delivering some chocolates to a client…

And then I ended the evening delivering the office keys that I accidentally left in my purse…

Not really the best way to end a long day, but it had to be done.

I am very excited for my after-work-plans for the night…I have some crafting to get done, some packing to get done, and hopefully and early bed time!


Have you ever left the office keys in your bag and had to return them back to work that same night???  

What is your favorite breakfast lately?

For me, it is parfaits and smoothie bowls!!!



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  1. It’s so good to know that I’m not the only one that had to return keys to the office. When I worked as a front desk receptionist @ a hotel, you were also responsible for doing the van runs to and from the airport as well(can’t say i minded the extra money from tipss $$$). Well, I got off at 1AM and was half way home and got a call that I had to come back. Here i forgot the van keys in my pocket.. ugh!!

    My favorite breakfast meals lately are smoothies for suree 🙂

  2. It is true that looks nasty(:

  3. BUT luckily it is taste that really matters(:

    For me my favorite breakfasts are yogurt bowls and mug cakes and pancakes and french toast and i love all breakfast(;

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