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Yesterday morning, Mom and I had a breakfast date at a new-to-us eatery, Minnie’s Diner.

About seven weeks ago, one of my mom’s good friends, Teresa, found out that Minnie’s Diner was on the market for sale.  She had been a long time friend of Minnie and was a frequent guest of the restaurant.

When Minnie was running the show, this little diner was quite the happening place.  There were regular customers, new comers, and everyone was more than welcome.  After Minnie lost her battle to cancer nearly five years ago, the restaurant simply didn’t have the same heart and passion that Minnie brought to it, and the restaurant’s business began to suffer.

Since purchasing the diner, Teresa and her partners, have put so much effort into completely revamping the restaurant and getting everything back in business.  This past Tuesday July 17 was the first new day of business, and things have been rolling ever since.

After our little visit, I would have to say that their efforts have been a success!!

The menu consists of breakfast and lunch dishes including eggs, omelettes, pancakes, biscuits and gravy, grilled chicken sandwiches, burgers, and a ton of other delicious items.

All of the food is cooked right in front of you, with the customers having front row seats to the kitchen and the opportunity to chat with the restaurant staff as the meals are prepared.

Teresa and her son cooking breakfast

Mom and I both opted for the veggie omelettes.  Mom’s came with extra potatoes and a side of toast.

I opted for the delicious veggie omelette as well, and a large bowl of plain oats.

Overall, it was a great experience.  The staff was kind, accommodating, and very friendly.  I can’t wait to see where the new management and staff will take Minnie’s.

So, if you are ever in Fort Wayne, stop into Minnie’s diner and check out what the menu has to offer!  You won’t be disappointed.




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  1. Karen Spillers

    Bit disappointed that us..,the other owners names weren’t mentioned in this write up..

    • Hi! I am so sorry! My mom and I went to the diner as friends of Teresa, and at the time I didn’t have the intention of writing a formal “Review.” After I left, I had such a good time and thought it would be a great fit for me to write about on the blog. I didn’t interview Teresa, she simply opened up about the hard work that she and “her partners” put into the project. Since it was not an interview, your names did not come up and I didn’t ask. If you would like to send me your information, I would love to include your names in the review because I know what a team effort you all have put into Minnies! My e-mail is

  2. Love hearing diner stories like this. The food looks delicious. My husband and I love diners for breakfast.. if only it wasn’t so far away 😦


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