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Quick, easy, delicious, and nutritious meals for any day or night of the week.

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Happiness Equals Success

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Yesterday was a day full of doctors appointments and driving.  Until I arrived back in Indianapolis and picked up my brother, Kenny from my sister’s apartment.  He is on spring break right now, and came home from his school in Florida to visit.  He kind of has a backward spring break mentality I guess, we usually go to Florida for our week off, but since he is already there…why not come on back up to Indiana!

Once we got to my apartment, we were both ready for dinner.  I wanted to whip up something nutritious, quick, and tasty…isn’t that what we all aim for every night?  Well, let me tell you, this little meal comes together in about 20 minutes…can’t beat that!

Baked Pollock, Broccoli, and Sweet Potatoes

Ingredients for one serving:

  • 1/3 sweet potato
  • 1/2 cup broccoli
  • 1 fillet of pollock
  • salt, pepper, and garlic pepper to taste
  • non-stick cooking spray


Simply begin by spraying your baking sheet with non-stick cooking spray.  Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.  Thinly chop the sweet potato and place on the baking sheet, chop the broccoli and place on the baking sheet, and place the thawed fillet of fish on the baking sheet.  (I placed all of mine on the same baking sheet!)   Sprinkle with salt and pepper and any other seasoning you may want to try.  Place in the preheated oven for 10 minutes.  Check the “doneness” of the veggies and fish at 10 minutes, if the veggies aren’t quite tender enough, or if the fish isn’t flaking yet, then put it back in for 2 more minutes.  Remove from the oven, place on your favorite plate, and enjoy!


After our speedy dinner, Brian, Caitlin (our friend from Butler who lives downstairs), Kenny, and I headed out to run some errands.  We were one happy foursome all packed in the car 😉

While we were at the mall, I saw something that I had never seen before…in fact, none of us had ever seen this before!  It was a parking spot with a charger for electric cars!

How neat is that?!  Someday I hope to have a hybrid or an electric car.  They are just so much better for the environment and great on mileage!  I love that Indianapolis is putting in parking spots like this to be accommodating to those who have electric cars.


On the way home, there was a special request to make some cookies.  Not only do I love baking for others and make sure to always have the ingredients on hand, but you have to remember that I have just been completely deprived of my baking hobby for the past 5 months…so of course I jumped at the opportunity and said yes!  I opted for the simple, classic, but always delicious chocolate chip cookie.  Or “Chocolate Chippers” in my book.  Me, my siblings, and my mom have been baking these cookies since before I could even walk.  They are probably one of the first things I have baked on my own, and they are my grandpa’s favorite.  When Grandpa comes into town, we better have some fresh chocolate chippers in a tupperwear container just for him.

Chocolate Chippers

Yield:  makes about 2 dozen medium-large size cookies (if you make them with a tablespoon you will get way more!)


  • 1 1/2 cups butter
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 2 eggs, room temperature
  • 1 Tablespoon vanilla (I always put a little extra!)
  • 3 1/2 cups flour
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 12 oz bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips


Preheat the oven to 375.  In a large mixing bowl, cream together butter, sugar, and brown sugar (firmly packed) until creamy.  Then, add eggs one at a time and vanilla until thoroughly combined.  In a separate bowl combine the flour, salt , and baking soda.  Gradually add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, constantly scraping down the sides of the bowl to make sure that everything gets mixed in.  Once the batter in completely mixed, add in the chocolate chips.  Scoop the dough into little balls on an ungreased cookie sheet (you can determine the size).  Bake for approximately 10 minutes, or until golden brown.  Remove from oven and allow to cool on a piece of wax paper.  Enjoy!!!!



This morning was off to an early and busy start.  I was at the gym by 5:30am to do another 5×400 run before attending a BodyPump class.  I then quickly hurried home, showered, got ready, made myself a little coffee and then ran out to meet with Kris the owner of Avec Moi, a local eatery that offers different homemade to-go food items daily, caters an array of different gatherings, and uses fresh ingredients that are local and organic whenever possible.

Heading out for the morning

We chatted at one of my favorite, local restaurants, Petite Chou about blogging, how she started her business, tips on how to brand Treble in the Kitchen and take it to the next level, and just life in general. Right now, I am at a point in my life where I am wanting and needing to start a career.  One of the hardest things about the situation is because I have so many interests, Kris could definitely relate to me with that.  It was great to talk with someone who is pursuing her dreams while still coming up with new goals, challenges, and interests everyday.

I think that part of my struggle right now is that I absolutely LOVED my major in college, and I still love the non-profit arts industry, but I also have always had a passion for health, nutrition, and fitness.  I have never had to choose between the two loves, and I don’t want to start now…I just need to figure out how to do it all. The important thing I need to remember and constantly tell myself (and have my mom tell me) is that there is not a “right” way to do things.  The “plans” will always change and as long as I am happy doing whatever I am doing, then I am successful 🙂

Question of the Morning:

  • How did you decide what career you wanted to pursue?  Did you know from day 1 that you wanted to pursue a certain goal and figured out the steps to follow in order to get there OR
  • Did you have a lot of different interests and figured out your own unique way to combine them all into one unique career just for you?

I hope everyone enjoys this Thursday!




When 6 Miles Feels Like 60

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Here is a little recap of yesterday:

I woke up bright and early, as usual, and started my day with a bowl of none other than…overnight oats:

My mix-ins included raw cacao powder, sunwarrior vanilla protein, strawberries, and peanut butter.  It was so tasty, and I really like the combo of the rich chocolate, peanut butter, and strawberries.  It was kind of like a reese’s peanut butter cup with jelly on it 🙂

6 Miles

After the sun was up and my food was all digested, I contemplated on weather or not I would run.  I skipped out on my run yesterday, and thought maybe I would just do my run in the afternoon.  I chatted with my mom and because mom’s always (don’t tell her that) know best, she convinced me to do the run and get it out of the way because afterward I would feel energized and accomplished.  So, I set out!  I didn’t have a particular path in mind so I ran all over downtown Indianapolis, and let me tell you…this was the longest 6 mile run of my life!  At least it felt that way.  My legs, particularly my hamstrings, were very tight, I felt like I couldn’t pick up any speed throughout the workout, and I had to keep stopping because of stoplights.   Not an ideal situation.

Even though the entire time I wanted to stop and go home, I kept going!  I finished the 6 miles!  Was it my best time?  Not even close, but I did it.  Even though I completed my 6 mile goal, I still didn’t have that “I’m on top of the world!” runner’s high afterward that I usually get, and I kind of didn’t feel that great about the entire experience, so again…I called my mom who had just the right things to say.  She reminded me that I was the only one setting these lofty goals for my self (to increase my speed), when I increase my mileage, at first it is about endurance and logging the miles rather than doing these new miles as fast as I can, and she reminded me that I didn’t stop when I wanted to, I plowed through and stuck it out to the end.  Basically she made everything better again…thanks Mom 😉

So, there you have it.  Running (for me) isn’t always fun, isn’t always easy, and doesn’t always feel good…until I take a step back from the situation and look at what I have accomplished.

I did it!


After my run, I then showered, got ready for the day, made myself a quick smoothie and was out of the door to volunteer at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, study a little BodyPump, and meet with one of my bosses at one of the gyms I am teaching at.

Almond Crusted Fish

I then came home and Brian and I did our little boot camp workout plan, cleaned ourselves up and I made us something pretty tasty to eat.

Roasted broccoli, green beans, and red onion along side almond meal crusted pollock.  Honestly, it was so good.  It was one of those meals that is gone in less than two minutes without any breaks taken for breathing.  The fish was simple.  I got the idea from one of my friends a couple of weeks ago, and had been dieing to try it ever since.  I simply too the pollock and dipped it in egg white on both sides, then dipped it in plain almond meal.  I baked it at 400 degrees for 13 minutes.  So fast. So simple. So delicious.  I’m not even exaggerating.

Naked Chopsticks

We then headed out to a sushi restaurant called Naked Chopsticks to celebrate our friends being done with pharmacy school forever!  In just a short amount of time, they will have their hooding ceremony (just before graduation) and they will be doctors!  I can’t believe it.   It has been a long 6 years, but we are so proud of them 🙂

Caitlin is a pharmacist!

Melissa is a pharmacist (she is the second one from the right)!

Tori and Kegan

Brian and I

Brian and I love this restaurant, so even though our dinner was delicious, we made room for one roll to share 🙂  I think just about everyone at the table ordered the famous Playboy roll that comes out on fire and has a slightly spicy flavor.  It is one of my favorites.

She is lighting the Playboy

Unflamed playboy

Brian chose the Fire roll for us to share, and honestly, I am not even sure what is in it, but it tasted good 😉

This is definitely the “fun” kind of sushi that doesn’t taste like raw fish at all.  A lot of the rolls have cooked fish in them, so I would say that this place is definitely a good place to introduce someone to sushi.


Considering it is Saturday, I set my alarm pretty early so that I could wake up and go running before pilates class, however, I severely overestimated what time the sun would come up so it looks like I will be going for my 3 mile jog after pilates.

My mom and dad are coming into town today to take me to lunch for an early birthday celebration, and I have absolutely no idea where I want to go….Hopefully I think of something before they get here!

Have a great Saturday!!!

Questions of the Morning:

  • Do you like sushi?
  • If you do like sushi, do you get the traditional rolls, or the “fun” rolls?  What are some of your favorite flavors?


I’m Aware

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Good morning!


I hope that everyone’s Tuesday is off to a great start.  This morning I woke up wondering if my legs would be sore from my workout yesterday.  Although I have been able to stay active since I have been home from the cruise ship, I haven’t done a single workout that only focuses on legs.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the feeling of being completely sore and unable to move the day after (or sometimes the day after after) a workout.  Is that just a “me” thing, or does everyone enjoy that feeling?


Well, this morning I am not sore from yesterday, but I will say that I am “aware.”  I can feel in my legs that I worked them yesterday, more in specific movements, but I am still able to completely function while walking, sitting, standing, and moving my legs.  I guess I will settle for a feeling of “awareness” rather than nothing at all!


Here are some things that I have done in the past to help relieve muscular pain the day after a hard workout:

  • Drink plenty of water during and after the workout–this will hopefully allow you to avoid the muscle soreness the day after
  • Light exercise such as walking, jogging, and biking will help the muscles repair themselves quicker by increasing the blood flow to the sore and tight muscles.
  • Massage–Now, I am completely new to this idea, but while working on the cruise and having the fitness center as part of the spa, I was able to receive massages to aid in my muscles soreness and tightness…and boy did it help!  I never realized the importance of massage when it comes to physical fitness.  While this won’t immediately relieve the pain, it will aid in the overall healing process of the muscles.
  • Stretching and yoga–As important as I know these two activities are, especially for active bodies, I struggle to take as much time as I should to do them, yet whenever I do I feel amazing afterward and am much less sore or “aware” after an intense sweat session.


Yesterday Afternoon

Now that we have talked about how to avoid some of that pain associated with a new or intense workout, let’s talk about puppies!

Yesterday morning, it was very cold, but as the day went on it got warmer and sunnier, and it was a perfect day to play outside with the pups.

Just Chillin'

Playing with his favorite frisbee

After playing with the dogs, I knew Brian was coming over for a study break and for dinner.  It came together quick and simple.  I baked up a new to me fish, pollock, and placed it on top of a bed of spinach and veggies dressed with vinegar for a very light and flavorful dinner salad.

When Brian arrived he surprised me!

Beautiful spring flowers!

I love little surprises like that 🙂



Now, back to today (this post has been all over the place!).

Another bowl of overnight oats.

Today, I used almond extract instead of vanilla.  It gave it a slightly nutty flavor, which I absolutely LOVED!  I also added some chopped pear and a little almond butter on the side.  DELISH!


Now, I am off to cross some things off of the to-do list before heading out to a very important meeting with my dad today.  You will find out what it is about later!


Have an amazing day!