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Bosu Discovery

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Lately, I have been trying a lot of new-to-me group fitness classes at one of the gyms I am teaching at.  I like meeting the different instructors, seeing different teaching styles, and trying new workout routines.  Today, I tried a class called Bosu Discovery. In the class we warmed up balance exercises, exercises stepping onto the bosu and jumping onto the bosu, as well as a little core work.  I love working with the bosu ball because you are constantly working your core (abs and back) to maintain your balance no matter what exercise you are performing.


Here are some of my favorite bosu ball exercises:

Ab In and Out:  Balance your bottom on the ball.  Pull your belly button into your spine, engaging your abdominal muscles.  Rest your hands on the back of the ball and extend your legs as you lean back to a 45 degree angle.  Bring your knees back into your chest (starting position) for one rep.  To advance this move, simply hold a weight between your feet.


Squats:  Flip the bosu upside down and stand on the flat side.  Engage your abs to find your balance.  Squat down as low as you can while keeping your heels on the bosu.  Try to get your butt down to your heels.  This one really challenges your balance and will have your legs shaking!  Hold onto one dumbbell in each hand to add a little extra resistance.


Russian Twist:  Find your balance by siting your bottom directly in the center of the ball.  Tilt your upper body back to a 45 degree angle.  Either using just your hands holding onto a weight, rotate your upper body side to side while keeping your belly button pulled into your spine.  You can lift your feet off the ground to make the exercise a little more difficult.  Keep your feet on the ground if you are having trouble keeping good form.


I love these exercises because they seem so simple, but adding in the bosu will really get your muscles shaking with fatigue!  At least mine do 😉


I then came home and it was breakfast time!  A couple of days ago, I made myself a bowl of baked oatmeal or “boatmeal” and instantly I fell in love.  I immediately want to try several different flavor variations and get creative in the kitchen.  Yesterday, my sister’s leftover Easter apple nachos were looking a little sad, so I decided to chop them up and make mini apple cinnamon baked oatmeal.  The result was delicious hot or cold, and great for a breakfast that needs to be eaten on the run. Baking the oatmeal in little muffin pan liners makes them easy to take with you to eat at the office or in the car.

Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal Bites


  • 2 cups of oats
  • 1/2 cup of applesauce
  • 1 scoop of protein powder (I use pea protein)
  • 3 packets of stevia
  • 1 cup of chopped apples
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 cups water (can use milk if desired)


Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Combine all ingredients in a medium sized bowl until thoroughly combined.  Divide the batter into 8 lined muffin tins.  Bake for 15 minutes.  After 15 minutes, turn the oven onto broil and bake for another 3 minutes to brown the tops.  Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 5 minutes.  If you want to eat them hot…enjoy right away!  If you want to save them for later, package in a sealed container and store in the fridge.

2 bites equals 1 serving.

Nutrition per bite:

Calories:  104.2  Fat:  1.4g  Carbs:  30g  Protein:  5.6g


I hope you all have an amazing Friday…I know my brain is already in weekend mode…!




Fitness Posts

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Daily Work Out Log

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Workouts August 27-September 2

  • Monday–
  • Tuesday–
  • Wednesday–
  • Thursday–
  • Friday-
  • Saturday–
  • Sunday–

Workouts August 20-August 26

  • Monday–4.5 mile treadmill run, office arm challenge
  • Tuesday–teach spinning, upper body workout
  • Wednesday–OFF
  • Thursday–teach boot camp
  • Friday–Tabata interval run (3.4 miles), abs workout
  • Saturday–teach body pump
  • Sunday–9 mile run

Workouts August 13-August 19

  • Monday–4 Mile treadmill run, office arm challenge
  • Tuesday–Upper body workout, teach spin
  • Wednesday–teach my last Yoga sculpt
  • Thursday–teach my last Cardio Intervals
  • Friday–7.5 Mile run
  • Saturday–Teach Body Pump, 4×400 sprinting intervals
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts August 5-August 12

  • Monday–3 Mile treadmill run, shoulders and abs work
  • Tuesday–Teach spin, legs and core work
  • Wednesday–Teach yoga sculpt
  • Thursday–Teach Cardio Intervals
  • Friday–Ran 6 Miles
  • Saturday–Teach Body Pump
  • Sunday–

Workouts July 30-August 4

  • Monday–Vacation in Florida–Disney Day (walking/standing in lines for 12+ hours!)
  • Tuesday–Vacation in Florida —3 Mile Run
  • Wednesday–Vacation in Florida–Crossfit inspired 15 minute workout, 3 mile walk
  • Thursday–Vacation in Florida–Crossfit inspired workout
  • Friday–Vacation in Florida
  • Saturday–Vacation in Florida–3 mile walk
  • Sunday–Home from Vacation

Workouts July 23-July 29

  • Monday–Body Pump
  • Tuesday–Indoor cycling, Abs
  • Wednesday–Teach Yoga Sculpt
  • Thursday–Teach Cardio Intervals
  • Friday–OFF
  • Saturday–Teach Body Pump
  • Sunday–OFF (Vacation in Florida!)

Workouts July 16-July 22

  • Monday–Body Pump 82 LAUNCH!
  • Tuesday–Teach spin, NEW savage shoulders and abs workout (killer!!)
  • Wednesday–Teach Yoga Sculpt
  • Thursday–Teach Cardio Intervals
  • Friday–OFF
  • Saturday–Body Pump
  • Sunday–Ran 3 Miles

Workouts July 9-July 15

  • Monday–Teach Spin
  • Tuesday–Teach Spin, arms and shoulder workout
  • Wednesday–Teach Yoga Sculpt
  • Thursday–Teach Cardio Intervals (using the exercise ball!)
  • Friday–Hop on Hop off elliptical workout, chest and back weights routine
  • Saturday–Teach my first very own Body Pump class!!
  • Sunday–Practice Body Pump

Workouts July 2-July8

  • Monday–OFF
  • Tuesday–Teach spin, arms and shoulders by Cathy Savage
  • Wednesday–FIRECRACKER 6 MILE RACE!! *****
  • Thursday–Taught Cardio Intervals (New Workout with a favorite move of mine!!)
  • Friday–Savage legs and abs workout, 30 minutes steady state elliptical cardio
  • Saturday–OFF
  • Sunday–Chest Workout with Brian

Workouts June 25-July 1

  • Monday–Teach You Pick Bosu Class
  • Tuesday–Teach spin, Cathy Savage arms and shoulder workout
  • Wednesday–15 minute elliptical warm up, Teach Yoga Sculpt
  • Thursday–15 minute elliptical warm up, Teach Cardio Intervals
  • Friday–30 minutes steady state elliptical cardio, Cathy Savage chest and back workout
  • Saturday–Body Pump
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts June 17-24

  • Monday–Cathy Savage chest and back workout, 3 mile run
  • Tuesday–Teach spin, Cathy Savage arms and shoulder workout
  • Wednesday–Run for 20 minutes on the track, Teach Yoga Sculpt
  • Thursday–Teach Cardio Intervals, Cathy Savage Legs, Teach 30 minute abs
  • Friday–5 mile run
  • Saturday–OFF
  • Sunday–Teach Body Pump

Workouts June 11-June 16

  • Monday–Total Body at Home Workout
  • Tuesday–Teach Spin
  • Wednesday–Teach Yoga Sculpt
  • Thursday–Teach Cardio Intervals, Body Pump, Teach 30 Minute Core Class
  • Friday–Total Body at Home Workout
  • Saturday–Hiking in Grand Haven with Mom
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts June 4-June 10

  • Monday–boot camp at home
  • Tuesday–Teach Spin, Quicky Legs Strength Training, 4 Mile Run
  • Wednesday–Teach Yoga Sculpt
  • Thursday–Teach Body Pump, Teach 30 Minute Core Class
  • Friday–Run 3 Miles on Track, abs
  • Saturday–Run 8 miles
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts May 28-June 3

  • Monday–OFF
  • Tuesday–Teach Spin, Shoulder Workout
  • Wednesday–1 mile run before teaching Yoga sculpt, 3 mile run after work
  • Thursday–Teach cardio intervals, Body Pump
  • Friday–Quicky Total Body workout at the gym before work
  • Saturday–Teach Body Pump
  • Sunday–4 Mile Run

Workouts May 21-May 27

  • Monday–Teach Spin, Shoulder Workout, Team Teach Body Pump
  • Tuesday–Teach Spin, Teach Pilates, Arms Workout
  • Wednesday–Teach Yoga Sculpt, Team Teach Body Pump
  • Thursday–Teach Cardio Intervals, 7 Mile Run
  • Friday–Legs Workout, 30 Minutes of Elliptical
  • Saturday–Teach Spin
  • Sunday–Arms, Back, and Abs Strength workout, 2 Mile Run

Workouts May 14-May 20

  • Monday–4 Mile Walk with Mom, Team Teach Body Pump
  • Tuesday–Teach Spin, Shoulder Workout
  • Wednesday–Teach Yoga Sculpt, Team Teach Body Pump, 4 Mile Run
  • Thursday–3 Mile Run, Teach Cardio Intervals, Teach yoga
  • Friday–6 Mile Run
  • Saturday–Teach Spin
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts May 7-May 13

  • Monday–22 minutes elliptical, Shoulder Workout
  • Tuesday–Teach Spin, Body Combat, Run 3.5 Miles
  • Wednesday–OFF
  • Thursday–Run 7 Miles, Team Teach Body Pump
  • Friday–Body Combat, Teach Spin
  • Saturday–Team Teach Body Pump, Run 3 Miles
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts April 30-May 6

  • Monday–OFF
  • Tuesday–Team Teach Body Pump, Teach Spin, Shoulder Workout
  • Wednesday–3.5 mile run
  • Thursday–Team Teach Body Pump, 3 mile run
  • Friday–5 mile run, taught 60 min spin
  • Saturday–Body Pump
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts April 23-April 29

  • Monday–BodyPump, Boot Camp with Brian
  • Tuesday–3.5 Mile Run, BodyPump
  • Wednesday–6×400 Run, Boot Camp with Brian, Foam Rolling
  • Thursday–Run
  • Friday–OFF
  • Saturday–BodyPump Certification
  • Sunday–BodyPump Certification

Workouts April 16-April 22

  • Monday–Taught Pilates, BodyPump, Boot Camp with Brian
  • Tuesday–Taught CSI, BodyPump, 3 Mile Run
  • Wednesday–30 Minute Run
  • Thursday–BodyPump, Taught Total Burn, Boot Camp with Brian
  • Friday–Ran 6 miles, Boot Camp with Briran
  • Saturday–Lululemon pilates
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts April 9-April 15

  • Monday–BodyPump
  • Tuesday–BodyPump, 3 Mile Run, BodyCombat
  • Wednesday–OFF
  • Thursday–5×400 Run, BodyPump
  • Friday–Bosu Discovery, 3 Mile Run
  • Saturday–Lululemon pilates
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts April 2-April 8

  • Monday–Lower Body Strength
  • Tuesday–Run 3 Miles
  • Wednesday–5×400 Run, Abs, RPM (Indoor Cycle)
  • Thursday–Run 3 Miles, Taught 30 Minute Abs
  • Friday–Upper Body Weights, Ab Class
  • Saturday–60 Minute Spin Class
  • Sunday–Run 5 Miles

Workouts March 26-April 1

  • Monday–40 minute run, 20 minute dog walk
  • Tuesday–Cardio Crosstrain Fitness Class
  • Wednesday–35 Minutes Elliptical, Strength and Core
  • Thursday–Cardio Intervals
  • Friday–Weights and Taught Cycle Express
  • Saturday–Yoga
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts March 19-March 25

Workouts March 12-March 18

Working on the Cruise Line November 14-March 7

Workouts Ocotber 24-October 30 (Steiner Training Week 1)

  • Monday–OFF
  • Tuesday–30 minutes elliptical
  • Wednesday–
  • Thursday–
  • Friday–
  • Saturday–
  • Sunday–

Workouts October 17-October 23

Workouts October 10-October 16

  • Monday–4 mile run and pinterest workout
  • Tuesday–Jeanette Jenkins x2, ab pyramid sequence
  • Wednesday–OFF
  • Thursday–Insanity Pure Cardio
  • Friday– 3 mile outdoor, pain free run
  • Saturday–Insanity
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts October 3-October 9

Workouts September 26-October 2

  • Monday–Exercise band workout
  • Tuesday–8 minute abs, push-ups, tricep dips
  • Wednesday–Insanity Core Cardio Resistance
  • Thursday–Roughly 2 mile run, at-home workout
  • Friday–Insanity
  • Saturday–OFF
  • Sunday–Insanity Pyometric Cardio Circuit

Workouts September 19-September 25

  • Monday– Body Pump
  • Tuesday–Body Pump
  • Wednesday–3 mile run
  • Thursday–6 mile run, 20 pushups, abs
  • Friday–OFF (resting for the race)
  • Saturday–10K Race and Chelsea’s Wedding!!
  • Sunday–

Workouts September 12-September 18

  • Monday–Body Pump
  • Tuesday–Spinning Class
  • Wednesday–OFF (reschedule Piloxing class)
  • Thursday–20 minutes elliptical, Body Pump
  • Friday–45 minutes elliptical, abs and arms
  • Saturday–OFF
  • Sunday–6 mile run

Workouts September 5-September 11

  • Monday–OFF
  • Tuesday–Taught Cycle Core
  • Wednesday–Body Pump
  • Thursday– 3 mile run, abs
  • Friday–2 mile run, 1 hour yoga class
  • Saturday–OFF
  • Sunday–4.5 mile run, 1 hour Body Pump class

Workouts August 29-Septemer 4

Workouts August 22-28

  • Monday–Ran 6 miles
  • Tuesday–Pilates Video
  • Wednesday–Ran 10 miles
  • Thursday–OFF
  • Friday–1 hour pilates
  • Saturday–Ran 13 miles!!!!!
  • Sunday–OFF

Workouts August 15-21

Workouts August 8-14

Workouts August 1-August 7

  • Monday–Ran 3 miles, arm workout, pilates class
  • Tuesday–50 minutes elliptical, Taught Core Intensity
  • Wednesday–4.5 mile run
  • Thursday–Total body weights, Taught Cycle 45
  • Friday– workout videos, 3 mile run
  • Saturday–OFF (kayaking)
  • Sunday–6.5 mile run

Workouts July 25-July 31

  • Monday–Body Works
  • Tuesday–Taught Core Intensity, Ran 3.5 miles
  • Wednesday–Ran 3.5 miles, 8 min abs
  • Thursday–Taught Cycle 45
  • Friday–Ran 4 miles, ab exercises, and arm exercises
  • Saturday–OFF
  • Sunday–Ran 7 miles, 8 min abs

Workouts July 18-July 24

Workouts July 11-July 17 (first week of 1/2 marathon training!)

Workouts July 4-July 10

Workouts June 27-July 3

  • Monday–Insanity Maximum Intensity Circuit
  • Tuesday–Insanity Maximum Cardio Circuit, Taught Core Intensity, run 20 min
  • Wednesday–Insanity Maximum Cardio Circuit
  • Thursday–Taught Cycle 45
  • Friday–OFF, walked downtown 50 minutes
  • Saturday–Run 5k, 8 Min Abs
  • Sunday–Fitsugar Circuit, 8 Min Abs

Workouts June 20-26

    • Monday–Pilates Class
    • Tuesday–Run 35 Minutes, Insanity Cardio Core and Balance, and Taught Core Intensity
    • Wednesday–Insanity Cardio Core and Balance
    • Thursday–Run 65 Minutes, Taught Cycle 45
    • Friday–Run 20 Minutes
    • Saturday–Pilates Class
    • Sunday–Run 20 Minutes, 8 Minute Abs, Insanity Cardio Core and Balance


You Pick Exercise!

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Good Monday Morning!

Today has been one of those days where I feel like I am running from one thing to the next without a second to breathe…and it’s not even 8am!  But, it is all ok because Brian is finally coming home tonight from his long camping trip in Colorado and the Grand Canyon.


Yesterday, I spent the afternoon prepping food for the week.  I have really enjoyed having breakfast items pre-made for the week that are easy to eat a little bit of before my group exercises classes and then eat the rest of them after class on the way to or at work.

Last week, I was introduce to the blog Busy Girl Healthy Life (I can relate!), and I was inspired by so many of the recipes.  One of them being a breakfast muffin recipe.

These little muffins have meatless sausage, egg whites, low fat cheese, cottage cheese, and a lot of flavor.  They are yummy hot and cold…don’t worry, there will be a recipe coming soon 😉


This morning’s workout was in the form of me teaching a group fitness class featuring the Bosu Ball.  A couple of months ago, I attended the class myself and really enjoyed it, so when I was asked to sub I didn’t think twice about saying yes.

I love the Bosu because it adds a whole new element to traditional strength training exercises by forcing the participant to engage the core and focus on balance.

I broke the workout into three parts that could be done alone, tagged onto a cardio workout, or done all together!  You pick!!

I hope you all have a great start to the week!

Question of the Morning:

  • What workout are you starting your week with?

Feels Like the First Day of School

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Today will be the first day as a working woman!  Well, I guess technically I have been a working woman, but this is the first day of my first “real” full-time job, and I am so excited!  I feel as though it is the first day of school all over again.

Today will also be a trial run for showering, getting ready at the gym, and packing breakfast, lunch, and some snacks.  In order to stream line my morning routine, I packed everything the night before.  I even picked out my gym outfit.  I wanted to make sure that I had nothing to worry about before heading out, and that I didn’t forget anything.

Workout Plan for the Day

My plan is to squeeze in a couple of laps at the gym this morning before teaching yoga sculpt.  Then it is back on track with my half marathon training and after work I plan on banging out 4 miles…I hope I am not too tired!


Breakfast this morning was a cold baked oatmeal cake. I made it last night, then had half before my workout and half in the car on the way to work.

Wish me luck on my first day!

Of Possible Interest:


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My favorite meal of the day, and the most important!  Start out your day with something delicious.


Overnight Oats

Chocolate Peanut Butter Overnight Oats and Bran

Blueberry Baked Oatmeal

Overnight Peanut Butter Cookie Oats and Bran

Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal Bites

Pumpkin Oatmeal Muffins

Egg White Oats

Zucchini Breakfast Bake


Almond Cacao Smoothie (Tastes like a milkshake!)

Blueberry Kale Smoothie

Chocolate Coconut Water Strawberry Smoothie

Choco-Raz Protein Smoothie

Coconut Mocha “Frappe” Swap

Mango Lassi Smoothie

Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

PB J Smoothie

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry Spinach Smoothie Bowl

Egg Dishes

Zucchini Artichoke Quiche

On the Go Breakfast Biscuits

Yogurt and Granola

Autumn Yogurt Bowl

Cranberry Citrus Hemp Granola

Cranberry Nutty Granola


Buckwheat Pancakes with Orchestra Red Wine Blueberry Sauce


Homemade Iced Coffee//

Bridal Show Weekend and 100 Reasons

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Good Monday morning!  I hope that your weekend was fantastic and you are jazzed up and ready to start the week!


This morning, I started my day with the last of my mini baked oatmeal bites.  They were delicious and quick, which is just what I needed since I had an early morning meeting and woke up a tad bit later than planned.  But all is good, because I like to wake up super duper early anyways, so I wasn’t running late at all.


Bridal Show

Yesterday was a blast at the Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show that my mom and I went to.  I feel like they are a great way to get unique ideas, even if you don’t use one of the vendors there.

On this table setting, instead of using a table runner, they used a sash…that only cost $1!! Using a table runner would cost about $5 per table.  That is great money-saving decorating tip.  It may or may not be used in my wedding 😉

These were cute little cupcakes all wrapped up to be used as party favors…another brilliant idea.  And so simple!  I tend to over-complicate everything, so I really appreciate when someone takes a simple idea, executes it well, and makes that idea special in some way.  I wish I could be more simply creative on my own.

All in all the event was a great way to spend the afternoon bonding with my mom.  I have to admit, I think that my favorite booths were the cake samples 🙂  and the health/nutrition booths to help brides get into shape….seems a bit contradictory…oh well!

Me and Mom

After spending the afternoon with Mom, Brian and I headed to his parent’s house for our Sunday night family dinner.  As always, his dad made a delicious meal.  Last night, it was Mahi Mahi fish, salad, wild rice, and baby broccoli.

My sister also came over for dinner, and to cut Brian’s hair.  It was starting to get a little shaggy.

She got mad at him for waiting so long to get it cut…just kidding!



Tonight, I am substitute teaching a pilates class, and the new release of BodyPump comes out right after that so I plan to stick around and make that part of my workout today.  I have said this time and time again, but I absolutely love working out in the morning, getting it out of the way, and not having to think about it the rest of the day.  Honestly, it helps to wake me up and really jump start my morning too.

I know Monday mornings can be a bit hard to wake up to, and sometimes it is a little bit hard to be motivated to get to the gym…at least I know I have been there.  Over the weekend Spark People posted a list of 100 Reasons You Should Workout Today, and I thought that this list was a great motivational tool to look at for those days when the gym just doesn’t seem like an option.

Whenever I am feeling like I would rather be on the computer or relax rather than workout, I always ask myself…”will I regret working out? ”  The answer is no….I then weigh the options…”will I regret not working out?”  The answer is yes.  I know that works for me, but look on the list and find at least 1 out of the 100 reasons to workout that applies to you!

  1. Because it makes you feel confident
  2. Because it helps you get stronger
  3. Because exercise helps combat depression
  4. Because you’ll feel proud of yourself
  5. Because you have goals you want to reach
  6. Because you’ll feel bad if you don’t
  7. Because you want to move forward, not backward
  8. Because it burns more calories than not working out
  9. Because it improves your heart health
  10. Because you want a great butt
  11. Because it prevents diabetes
  12. Because you want to be a good example to your kids
  13. Because you want to feel good in your clothes
  14. Because it reduces your risk of cancer
  15. Because your body was made to move
  16. Because you want to be an athlete
  17. Because you want to look better
  18. Because it lifts your mood
  19. Because you want to stand taller
  20. Because it reduces back pain
  21. Because it feels good
  22. Because it makes you feel accomplished
  23. Because you spend most of your day on your butt
  24. Because swimsuit season is always coming
  25. Because strong is the new skinny
  26. Because dieting only works so much
  27. Because it strengthens your bones, too
  28. Because it helps you lose weight
  29. Because it allows you to eat more food
  30. Because it’s the best way to spend “me” time
  31. Because it helps you de-stress
  32. Because it’s cheaper than therapy
  33. Because you want a strong core
  34. Because you want to take care for yourself
  35. Because you take pride in your body
  36. Because it strengthens your legs
  37. Because it helps your clothes fit better
  38. Because you want to push yourself
  39. Because you are capable of more than you ever imagined
  40. Because moving your body feels good
  41. Because it keeps your mind sharp
  42. Because it helps you beat belly bloat
  43. Because it helps you sleep better at night
  44. Because it gives you energy
  45. Because you want to stay healthy as you age
  46. Because you want to look younger
  47. Because you want toned arms
  48. Because it improves your balance
  49. Because it burns off last night’s dessert
  50. Because it boosts your immune system
  51. Because sweat is sexy
  52. Because you want to live longer
  53. Because you want to get better at your game
  54. Because you want to catch someone’s eye
  55. Because exercisers earn more money
  56. Because you’re more likely to eat better when you exercise
  57. Because you want to shave time off your running pace
  58. Because you want to breathe easier
  59. Because you want to see the scale drop
  60. Because exercise improves your sex life
  61. Because you are worth it
  62. Because being fit makes everything in life better
  63. Because you promised yourself that you would
  64. Because you deserve a better life
  65. Because it’ll help you drink more water
  66. Because you want to do real push-ups
  67. Because it reduces your health care costs
  68. Because you’ll miss fewer days of work
  69. Because you want to create a new future for yourself
  70. Because it’ll help you like what you see in the mirror
  71. Because it’ll makes clothing shopping more fun
  72. Because you want to look and feel incredible
  73. Because exercising can be fun
  74. Because it’ll give your skin a glow
  75. Because it’s a good way to spend time with your friends
  76. Because it’ll help you prevent the middle-age spread
  77. Because it reduces your blood pressure
  78. Because you don’t want to let yourself go
  79. Because you don’t want to squeeze into an airplane or rollercoaster seat
  80. Because it strengthens your spirit
  81. Because it’s a cheap way to entertain yourself
  82. Because you’ll be able to reward yourself
  83. Because you need a reason to wear those new workout clothes
  84. Because you’re tired of being tired
  85. Because not working out is not going to get you very far
  86. Because it’s a great way to spend time outside
  87. Because you made a commitment to yourself
  88. Because you’re tired of starting over
  89. Because there will always be another wedding, vacation or reunion
  90. Because you’re not a quitter
  91. Because it improves your cholesterol
  92. Because it boosts your metabolism
  93. Because it prevents age-related muscle loss
  94. Because if you can do this, you can do anything
  95. Because a fit body is a healthy body
  96. Because it beats sitting on the couch
  97. Because  everyone has at least 10 minutes to spare
  98. Because you want to be stronger than your excuses
  99. Because not working out isn’t working out for you
  100. Because the only workout you ever regret is the one you skip


Question of the Morning:

Which of the 100 reasons will motivate you to workout today???