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Quick, easy, delicious, and nutritious meals for any day or night of the week.

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Picky About My Equipment

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Yesterday evening I did something fun and unique…

I sang the National Anthem at an Indiana ICE hockey game.  In high school, me and my group of friends called ourselves the Lemon Sistas and sang at nearly every sporting event that needed the National Anthem in high school.  We also sang at churches and events throughout the community.  Even with all of that experience singing The Star Spangled Banner, I realized last night that this was my first  time singing at a sporting even alone.

It was an excellent experience!  I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous about slipping on the ice, but once I was out there everything was fine.  As I was singing the lyrics though, I started to think about the words too much, and realized how easy it really could be for someone to forget the words to a song we all know so well.  Luckily, I didn’t leave any words out 😉


Last night, I made Brian his birthday dinner because tonight (his actual birthday) we are going to to eat with his parents.  Brian never really craves certain foods, or offers much input while I make the menu and grocery list for the week, but when I suggested salmon for his special meal he was quick to agree!

My mom had a salmon rub at one point (literally years ago) that had a touch of cinnamon in it, but it was sooo delicious.  The hint of cinnamon mixed with the salmon simply complimented so well and made for a flavorful dish.  Last night,  I tied to recreate that rub:

Cinnamony Salmon Spice Rub

Simply combine all ingredients in a bowl and rub onto the salmon before baking.

  • Cinnamon
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Onion Powder
  • Ground Red Pepper

I am not quite sure of the measurements because I just started mixing and pouring and tasting, and when it finally tasted good to me, I rubbed it on the fish.  No oil needed! 

Served with asparagus, my favorite springtime veggie, this meal hit the birthday spot.


Today, I revisited an old friend, the elliptical.


In my college days, the elliptical was my go-to.  Since I have graduated, I have been much more involved in running outdoors, and spinning when it comes to cardio.  It was nice to zone out on the elliptical for 20 minutes before I lifted some weights doing my 4 move shoulder routine, but I must say I am a bit picky when it comes to elliptical selection.

I like to be able to move forward and backward and change the incline and resistance myself so that I can create a little routine.  This machine, however, shut off whenever I switched directions or resistance, and I couldn’t adjust the incline.  At least I got a little sweaty 😉


For breakfast this morning, I tried something new for the second time, and both times it just hasn’t turned out the way I expected it to.

I have been trying to make Make-Ahead Oatmeal Smoothies, and they are just turning out really runny….and I know why.  It is because I am not using chia seeds.  I thought I could get away with it, I even tried to use hemp seeds instead….and it just isn’t cutting it.  The chia seeds absorb liquid and create a gel like substance, so they are great as thickening agents in these overnight concoctions, but without it…they simply get runny.  Looks like I am going to have to invest in some chia seeds…soon!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday!  I will be spending the day on the golf course with the Maestro Open for the Indianapolis Symphony…hopefully the weather holds out!

Question of the Morning:

  • Are you picky about your exercise equipment?
  • What do you do to get your cardio in?  Run outside, bike, elliptical, walk, group exercise???


Family Reunion Weekend Update

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Warning:  This post is going to be a long one 🙂


Heading to Michigan

After finally packing, Brian and I hit the road to Fort Wayne to drop my car off at home, and then all the way to Michigan.

I packed some healthy snacks for the road since we were driving for 6ish hours.

Brian was the navigator with the GPS and I actually drove the majority of the way (that never happens).  Since Brian has his first exam of the semester in dental school, I thought I would be nice and let him study.

The driving went surprisingly quick and smooth and the next thing we knew we were at the Kettunen Center in Tustin, MI.

We were greeted by family and tasty snacks made by Mom and Grandma!

And boxed wine 🙂

I decided to call this kettle corn “crack corn” because at the end of the two day reunion….

Nothing was left!  It was the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

The room was decorated with Norwegian family decorations.

My sister and I’s favorite family decoration.  Lutefisk is apparently not very tasty and is a type of dried cod….we have never tried it, but I think it sounds kind of good!

For the rest of Friday night we just visited and mingled with family before heading to bed to prepare for the next day.

Saturday Reunion

Grandma started off the morning with a Norwegian cooking lesson of the dish called lefse (pronounced l-ehf-suh).  It is kind of like a Norwegian crepe made from left over mashed potatoes and flour.

Grandma had so many great stories to share, and allowed for crowd participation!

Grandpa was a great little helper 🙂

I even got to make one!

One of the stories explained how lefse came to be, and mentioned that the Irish played an important role…it just so happens that Brian is Irish!  Looks like we were meant to be together 🙂

Grandpa was the expert lefse turner.

I then topped the lefse with various toppings such as cinnamon and sugar (my favorite), a Norwegian goat cheese, ham and mustard, and lingonberry jam and cut them into little pieces for everyone to sample.  They were all so tasty!

After the cooking demonstration, I set up my station in the auction room allowing family members to sample my products before deciding to bid in the auction.

Brian, Mom, and me at lunch.

After lunch, everyone browsed the auction room deciding what they wanted to bid for.

Roberta and Melanie are two of my relatives that have been the auctioneers the past couple of years.

There job included modeling some of the merchandise this year.  Last reunion, Brenna and I were the models but this year we just wanted to enjoy the show!

Brenna got something!


We all got “redneck wine glasses” which were wine glasses made from Ball jars!  Super cute!

After the auction, Brian had to head back to Indianapolis so that he could have a full day of studying before his exam on Monday.



My grandparents are HUGE card players, so after hanging out around a bonfire by the water we all came in to play a game of hand and foot! My family is slightly competitive….

We formed teams:  Mom, Dad, and Grandma vs. Brenna, Tara, and Granpa (aka BTG)…needless to say, BTG dominated.

The Trip Home

After packing up everything and attending a short family prayer service, we hit the road.  The car ride home was veerrry interesting for several reasons.  #1.  We no longer have a van and now have a regular sized car.  #2.  There were 4 adults driving in a car for 6 hours.  #3.  We brought our two huge dogs.  We all survived, but it was a little rough at first.

We stopped at Subway for lunch, and I got a veggie delite salad!  Spinach on the bottom topped with cucumbers, tomatoes, banana peppers, black olives, red onion, and extra extra pickles.   (My family loves pickles)

We finally arrived home, and I knew that I needed to run because I had been sitting in a car for a million hours and because Sundays are my long run days.  Today, I was scheduled to run 8 miles, and Mom thought she had the perfect route for me that she usually bikes…well, I ran the route and got done in just over an hour.  I knew that I hadn’t run 8 miles…and I was right!  Mom miscalculated, and I only ran 6.5…so tomorrow I will be running the FULL 8 🙂

A couple of things went wrong while running, my shorts began to chafe mid run (so if you know of any non-chafing remedies…please pass them on!) I tripped 3 times, and I needed water.  Hopefully these problems are solved tomorrow.

Will this help with chafing?

Will this help with chafing?

Mom made an uhhhhmazing dinner, salmon with steamed zucchini from the garden, steamed broccoli, and tomato and cucumber salad from the garden.  It tasted like pure summer and totally hit the spot after my hot and sweaty run.

Brenna then trimmed my hair.  It sure does pay to have a hair stylist as a sister!

She also taught me how to round brush 🙂


Now, I’m watching Next Food Network Star with mom.  Hope your weekend was amazing!!