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Brian and I met second semester of my sophomore year of college at Butler University through mutual friends at his fraternity.  It was slow to start (because I am so clueless and didn’t read his “signals” correctly!), but once we hit it off we were two peas in a pod.  Brian is attending school at Indiana University School of Dentistry, loves to travel, be with friends, have a great time, and eat whatever I’m cookin’!  I even got him to sign up for a 6 mile race with me on the 4th of July…now that’s love!

Brenna was never one to dress “plainly”

Brenna and I sang “Loathing” from Wicked in my senior recital

Brenna is my 20-year-old sister.  She recently moved to the Indianapolis area to attend the Paul Mitchell School of Hair and Design.  She has always been into hair and makeup and loves doing things with a little bit of edge and sass!  I love getting my hair done by her…which is weird because growing up I would never let her touch my hair or makeup!  We both have a competitive edge and love winning….maybe sometimes a little too much!  Whenever we are home together, or she comes over, or basically whenever I see her the first thing she asks is “What did you cook?”  Growing up Brenna was probably the pickiest eater I know.  One week she would love chicken, the next she would hate it!  I have learned to know her tastes and how to secretly put healthy spins on some of her favorites.  I love how our friendship has developed over the years, and I can’t wait to see where her hair career takes her!!

Visiting Kenny means going to theme parks!!

Kenny (or Kendall as he likes to be called now) is my 19-year-old film student brother.  He is currently living in sunny Orlando, FL doing what he loves to do…making movies!!  The latest thing he has been working on are making raps and music videos, and I love when he sends me his most recent release.  Ken also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, so when we are home it is fun to plan meals and cook for each other and together!  I will say he is the ultimate grill master.  When Bren, Ken, and I get together we are certainly a trio….we are all so different, Brenna and Kenny being slightly more “edgy” than myself, but there is certainly never a dull moment!  We all have a love of music and performing, and in high school we were all in show choir together! (It was my dream come true!)

Like the modern day “Von Trapp Family”

Mom is a strong woman who is kind and caring, and truly wants the best for everyone.  Recently, mom became a member of a gym in Fort Wayne and works out most mornings, attends Zumba once a week, has picked up bike riding, AND is training for her first 5K!!! Looks like she has caught the fitness bug 🙂  I love how she is always willing to try new things and is she is working towards a healthy balanced life.  Mom and I are always sharing new recipes with each other, and I love coming home to visit and help her out in the kitchen.  She is always there for me with advice about life, and although I might not always want to admit it she is usually right!

Love my mom and dad!

Dad does everything with the best intentions, and I am convinced that I caught the health nut bug early because of him!  Growing up, Dad did most of the grocery shopping and I remember him allowing us to get cereal with less than 10g of sugar.  That meant we ate a lot of Cheerios and Raisin Bran.  At the time, we wanted the “fun” cereals, but now I always go for the healthier ones!  Now, that my siblings and I are grown up my parents are a little more lax about the 10g of sugar rule 😉  Because of my Dad I have a love for vegetables, turkey burgers, whole grain bread, and ice cream!  Although he would enforce healthy eating during the day, there was usually dessert at night.  Dad loves to golf and was a musician back in his day, which is probably why all of his kids were in show choir!  We really are the Von Trapps!//

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