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Too Full

I was so excited for dinner tonight.  I made myself a light main meal of steamed broccoli slaw, edamame, brussel sprouts, and cannellini beans topped with pasta sauce and sriracha.  I was excited for the dessert that I had made myself, until I got super full during my main course 😦

First, I made raw cookie dough balls by combining cashews, dates, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips in the food processor then rolling the mixture into little balls.  I then made a banana smoothie and put some of the balls into the mix so it was more or less a healthified cookie dough milk-shake.

I had a couple of bites, it tasted great, but I just couldn’t do it for some reason…so it’s waiting for me in the freezer.


Brian then got home from studying early and we went on a bike ride!  The weather was seriously perfect today, not to hot, but slightly warm, some leaves fallen off trees, and sunny.


We then appropriately rode right to the 9/11 Memorial that was completely unveiled today.  Those are two pieces retrieved from ground zero.  Very touching.

After coming home, I finished up a bread recipe that I was testing out, and I think it turned out better than I expected!  I had to use yeast to make this bread, and not use the bread maker.  I don’t have a lot of experience with yeast breads, so it didn’t look 100% like the picture because it didn’t rise enough, but it still tasted pretty good!  I’ll share the recipe tomorrow 😉


Off to bed to get ready for the work week!

Totally Refreshed

Good Afternoon!

Let me just say that I have had one productive morning.

  • Clean the bathroom

Fresh and Clean bathroom!

  • Put away laundry
  • Sign up for Fort 4 Fitness
  • Go to Yoga
  • Run 6 miles (actually changed to 3 miles)
  • Learn song for Chelsea’s wedding
  • Schedule wedding photography meeting
  • Make cookies
  • Clean/vaccuum the bedroom
  • Banking
  • Call the credit union
And there is still plenty of time in the day to accomplish the rest!
Ok, so I really wanted to run 6 miles today before hitting up yoga.  Two things stopped me from doing that.  First, my knee hurt a little teeny weeny bit again.  Because I have never had pain like this before I am just trying to be suuuuper careful.  Now, the pain wasn’t anything debilitating, but there was definitely something there….and that is what made me nervous.  I stopped at mile three.
The second thing that prevented me from running was this weird feeling I get when I drink caffeine.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but sometimes I get sweaty, dizzy, shaky, and just feel all around weird. So, because of that and my knee I only ran three miles.
I then biked about three miles round trip (I went a little extra on the way to the gym) while riding my bike to yoga.  This was officially my second yoga class, and it was great!
The instructor was this little old lady, and if you saw her on the street there is no way you would think she was a yoga instructor…but she was doing all of the stretches with us!  My favorite stretch was….the pigeon.
This pose just felt the best and like it gave me the most stretch.  My favorite part of the whole workout was the end.  Throughout the entire class the lights were off, and the sound of light flutes, water, and chimes were playing in the background.
At the very end, she told us to lie down on our backs, and she gave us all eye pillows.  The eye pillow smelled like chamomile tea, and my body was instantly relaxed.  After laying on the ground listening to the soothing tone of the woman’s voice along with the music it was time to open our eyes and begin to “wake up our bodies.”  I seriously felt, and feel renewed!  I never take the time to just sit there and relax, so this class was great.  I hope that I can fit it into my schedule next week!
I have just been snacking throughout the day, so no picture for lunch…sorry!  Enjoy the rest of your Friday.  I need to cross those last two things off of my to-do list!

Monumental Labor Day

Today was a “monumental” day in Indianapolis.  In the center of the city, there is a place called Monument Circle, which is literally a traffic circle with a giant monument in the center of it.


They took the top portion of the monument “Lady Victory” down to be restored, and it was in the circle today for people to get an up close look.  Apparently, this is the only time we will be able to see it in our life times!  And I got a picture 🙂

There she is!


Growing up, and still today, my mom has always been one to make a themed meal for the holiday.  I really wanted to make something summery refreshing and crisp since I feel that Labor Day is kind of the last “hurrah” for summer.  The chilly weather almost steered me away from making a totally summer meal, but I stuck to my guns and went with it.

I made a salad of spinach and romaine lettuce topped with apples, blue cheese, candied pecans, grilled chicken, red onion, and red bell pepper.  So light and delicious!  Just what I wanted 🙂  I topped it with Balsamic vinegar, garlic salt, black pepper, and basil.

Brian and I then went on a little bike ride around a very cute residential area downtown in Indianapolis called Lockerbie.  The houses are so cute, historic, and some resemble brownstones.  It is just a quaint little area, and the nip in the air really made it feel like fall.

One of my faves!


I realize that I forgot to do a Yoga Pose of the Day, but it is a holiday…there will be one tomorrow 🙂