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Apples, Hiking, Wine, and Eggplant

Today was the first full day of Brian and I’s get-away weekend in Brown County Indiana.


I started the day with a quick mile-and-a-half run followed by this at home, no equipment needed workout:

  • Squats
  • Burpees
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Wall Sit
  • Plank
  • Crunches
I did each workout move for 30 seconds then 45 seconds then 60 seconds.  After I finished the 6 moves, I did 10 pushups to get a bit of an arm workout in.  The entire workout, including the run took a little under 30 minutes for me to complete and allowed me to workup a nice sweat!
After my quick workout, showering, and getting ready for the day I had a delicious breakfast of peanut butter and jelly buckwheat and a mimosa!  The people who own the lake house that we are staying at gave us a bottle of champagne.  We drank some of it last night, but we couldn’t finish the bottle so Brian though mimosas would be the perfect way to finish it off!


Day in Brown County

After breakfast we headed to the Apple Works which was a you-pick pumpkin patch, bamboo maze, tons of baked apple goodies, and apples that you can buy (not pick sadly).


There were a ton of people and children there for a Monday.

Apple Works even had a petting zoo!


Brian saw this guy and he just had to feed him a little snack.

I know that you can’t really see in the picture, but Brian’s hand was literally covered in slobber…too much for my taste!


We walked around the orchard and found a sunflower field, but sadly all of the flowers were dead.  It was amazing to see how large the actual flowers were!  I can only imagine how pretty the field would be when the sunflowers are in bloom.

There were several choices as to which apples we could pick.  Luckily, they allowed us to taste several varieties before deciding on the delicious Fugi apple.  Sweet and crisp, so tasty!

We then headed to Brown County State Park for a picnic lunch of veggies, tuna, crackers, nuts, cheese, and an apple from the Apple Works.  We also shared a bottle of wine 😉  It was the perfect little lunch in such a beautiful area!


Wine and cheese please!

We then hiked nearly 2 miles around the lake and to the nature center.

Once we got to the nature center we found an outlook that was the perfect spot for a photo opp!


Brian gave the first attempt at setting up the self timer, and the picture didn’t exactly turn out ideal 😦

I set up the camera for a second try and it turned out great!


I had to get creative with what I set the camera on in order to get just the right angle including Brian and I along with the beautiful background.

This is what I set the camera on


We then headed to Nashville, IN to hit up Chateau Thomas Winery and Brown County Winery.  We ended up taking a bottle home from each!


When we got home, we tried out the plum wine from Brown County Winery with dinner.

Tonight’s dinner was eggplant parmesan with blanched broccoli, a special request of Brian.

Now, we are just veggin’ in front of the TV watching The Sing Off and resting up for our day tomorrow 🙂


Super Fun Weekend

I can’t believe it is here….the last weekend before I leave for London and my job on the cruise line.


Brian and I have really fun plans for every day this weekend, and I have been looking forward to it for a while.  Here is a recap of what we will be doing!



  • Lunch with Brenna, Kenny (he is home from Florida for the weekend!), Dad, and Brian at Panera.  I have been craving Panera, and so has Brian so we are super excited about eating there….now I just have to decide on what to order!

Love my siblings!

  • Getting the apartment ready for Chelsea, Ashley, and Dina (Fort Wayne friends) to come over tomorrow night
  • Shopping to use up the last of the discount at my retail job.

  • Dinner at Naked Tchopstix! This is probably Brian and I’s favorite sushi restaurant….we are looking forward to it.
  • Heading to a friend, Kelsey’s house, for her birthday!
  • 9-5:30 last day of work 😦
  • 7pmish Chelsea, Ashley, and Dina come into town!!
  • 7:30pm-??? Going away party with all of my favorite friends!
  • I’m hoping for a morning after breakfast at Patachou.  This place is seriously my favorite.  Brian and I went there after our engagement night with my family for breakfast, and they loved it too!
  • Heading to Brown County Indiana for fall festivities such as….Apple orchard visit, wine tasting, going around cute little shops.
This weekend should be great!
I started today with a coffee smoothie so that I have energy for the day and for this weekend!
Literally the sun just came up, so I am now off to change into my running shoes for a little 3 mile jog this morning.
Hope you all have an amazing start to your weekend!
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