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What to do with Chocolate Goo?

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Good Friday Morning!

Today is my workout “OFF” day this week because I have my BodyPump training all weekend and I hear it is pretty intense, so I want to be all rested and ready to show them who is boss ūüėČ

Yesterday, I filled in as an instructor for a class called Total Burn. ¬†I taught the class last week¬†and had a great time, but this week I wanted to switch up the routine. ¬†I took one of the boot camp style classes that we taught on the cruise and pumped it up a bit by adding some running in between rounds and about 20 minutes of ab work at the end. ¬†By the time the class was finished, everyone was sweating and struggling to finish the last rep…just the way I like it!

 Here are some pictures for reference of each of the exercises:

Cross Body Single Arm Snatch


Sumo Squat




Walking Lunges


Crunches with Weight


Clam Crunch


Bicycle Crunches


Straight Leg Full Sit Ups (starting and ending position)


Chocolate Goo

After coming home from class and getting dinner ready, I decided to check on some fudge that I had made earlier in the day to see if it had hardened up nicely. ¬†Well, it hadn’t.

Cooking is a science, and that is one of the things that I love about it! ¬†Recipes are all little experiments. ¬†Well, when I set out to make fudge yesterday, I used a recipe of my mom’s that never fails…except when you don’t have several of the ingredients needed. ¬†Did I have marshmallow fluff? ¬†Nope…but I had marshmallows and thought that melting them down would be the same thing. ¬†Did I have chocolate chips? ¬†Nope…but I thought that mixing sugar, cocoa powder, and butter would be the same. ¬†Did I have evaporated milk? ¬†Nope…but I thought that using unsweetened original almond milk would be the same. ¬†None of it worked the same as the ingredients called for, and when I went to cut the fudge into slices, I realized that I had a ton of chocolate goo…great tasting chocolate goo I might add ūüėČ

I thought…hmmm, what can I do with this? I know! ¬†I’ll roll it into balls and coat it with unsweetened cocoa and it will be like little truffles…The balls turned into little piles of flat goo.

I hate to put it all to waste, so I simply put the goo in some jars so that I can think about what I should actually do with it…I have no idea!!! ¬†It just goes to show that you never know what to expect when you experiment in the kitchen.

This Morning

This morning, I was woken up by the lovely voice of my mom on the telephone singing me “Happy Birthday…” ¬†Brian, being the scrooge that he can be sometimes ;), heard this and immediately said “Go do happy birthday in the living room!” ¬†haha! ¬†Granted, it was 5am…what can I say, my mom and I are morning people.

After getting ready and waiting for scrooge Brian to wake up, it was time to open the last present from my mom.

That box had been sitting in my room all week just staring at me, waiting for me to rip it open…what can I say, I have serious will power.

 When I opened it, I saw the first glimpse of the blanket and knew exactly what it was!  A t-shirt blanket made of shirts from the sorority I was in at Butler.  Before I left for the cruise, I gave my mom a giant bag of t-shirts and asked if she would make one for me.  I had no idea when it was coming, and I am so happy that she made this for me!  It is absolutely perfect.

 I am glad that I waited until my birthday to open it.


Then, it was time for breakfast…the most important meal of the day, and probably my favorite meal of the day. ¬†Today, I had spinach and cheese egg whites with a little peach, strawberry, and banana fruit salad and some coffee. ¬†What a great way to start the day!

Now, I am off to do some last minute BodyPump studying before going out for a birthday dinner with Brian and the Freshly Brewed concert (that is the women’s a cappella group that I was in during college). ¬†Should be a great day!

Questions of the Morning:

What kitchen disasters have you run into?  

What ideas do you have for me to make with my chocolate goo?

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A Little Surprise!

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Good morning!


This morning was one of those mornings where I woke up an hour before my alarm and was completely ready for the day.  I love when that happens!

I headed out of the door at 5:40am (I know I’m crazy) to another BodyPump class.¬† I do have plans to attend a BodyCombat class with my mom later this evening, but I have a meeting beforehand that might make me unable to attend the class so I wanted to make sure to squeeze my workout in while I could.¬† If I get to to BodyCombat too, then it’s bonus!!¬† I know that BodyCombat is another Les Mills group fitness class, but other than that I have no idea as to what the routine is.¬† It should be fun though!


I then came back to the apartment to get some food into my body.¬† As I walked in the door, Brian was making himself a cup of coffee with our Keurig that we got for Christmas (thanks Mom!…I mean Santa!) so I asked him if he could push the button and make a cup for me.¬† Well, he hit the wrong button.¬† There is a button for a big cup and there is a button for a little cup, he hit the one for the big cup and if one more drop of coffee would have dropped into that cup it would have overflowed…so I guess he gave me the exact amount my cup needed ūüėČ

Full to the brim!

He then told me that he had a surprise…

He found one of the missing Easter eggs!¬† It was on top of the fridge in a clear glass vase…the thing is I don’t remember hiding it there, and neither does he…maybe it was the Easter bunny??¬† There is still one more egg out there, hopefully we find it soon!


I then whipped up myself a raspberry smoothie bowl:

  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 handful spinach
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened original almond milk
  • 1 scoop pea protein powder
  • a splash of water
  • 3 ice cubes
  • Topped with: 2 tsp almond butter

Creamy and deeelish!

Now, I am off to shower and pack.¬† I have a doctor’s appointment in Fort Wayne, so I am headed up North for a couple of days.¬† I probably should get a doctor down here in Indianapolis, but I have been going to this doctor literally for as long as I can remember.¬† The atmosphere is familiar, the staff knows me (or at least acts like it)…and I don’t mind having an excuse to go home every once in a while ūüėČ


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Pumpkins are Back!

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So today I literally woke up at 3:45am because I had to be to work b 5am….that means I didn’t shower ūüėČ I started the day off with overnight oats so that I didn’t have to prepare anything this morning. ¬†Even though I am a morning person waking up in the 3’s is definitely stretch for me.

Work was great…but sorry no picture…oops!!

Because we were at work for so long and so early me and the other two managers got a break. ¬†So on our way to the bank we stopped at Einstein Bagels. ¬†I went in not really knowing what to order because I was hungry since I ate breakfast at 4:30am, but as soon as I walked in I knew exactly what I wanted. ¬†Pumpkins had invaded Einstein Bagels in the form of Pumpkin bagels, schmear, bagel bites, muffins, and my favorite…Pumpkin Latte! ¬†I ordered it nonfat no-whip and it totally hit the spot ūüôā ¬†I LOVE pumpkin, it truly speaks fall to me. ¬†I almost feel guilty eating it any other time of the year…so as soon as I see it in the seasonal products I go crazy for it.





After coming home, I was pretty hungry so I actually had something to eat…the leftovers from Brian’s lunch! ¬†Quaker rice cakes, homemade hummus, and veggies. ¬†It was tasty, and gave me energy to do an hour of pilates. ¬†The pilates routine I did today was almost more like a giant stretch session and felt great since I am running on little sleep.

Now, Brian and I are headed to the store to exchange my first pair of jeggings. ¬†After wearing them the first time, they got a snag in them. ¬†Since I got them at the store I work at, my manager said to just call another store with my size and exchange them because it is “flawed product.” ¬†I am not going to argue with her on that since I only wore them once and they already have a string loose!

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