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An Australian Skirt

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Today, I wore a very special skirt. the thing that makes it so special is that Brian’s aunt made it for me.  In 3 days!

While traveling on the cruise, one of my favorite spots that we stopped was Sydney, Australia.  

On our last trip to Sydney, I walked around for a while by myself waiting to meet up with a friend who lives in Sydney.  There just happened to be a market with a ton of arts, crafts, hand made goods, and tasty looking food.  I couldn’t resist when the first booth I saw was full of beautiful patterned skirts (much like the one that I am wearing from Brian’s Aunt).  The woman’s stall was called Gigi’s Fairy Fashion’s , and as we started chatting we instantly hit it off.  She had me trying on skirts over my shorts, putting on belts, and holding up shoes…and then I saw the one.  The perfect skirt for me.

I don’t know what came over me because I am usually very frugal with my money.  The skirt cost $165….but I didn’t care.  It was the perfect skirt to wear with a tank top, boots, heels, a sweater, cardigan, anything…and the fabric was gorgeous…so I bought it!

I am wearing the skirt!

Gigi (of Gigi’s Fairy Fashion’s) told me that she hand makes each of the pieces that she sells, and she started by making these pieces for her daughters.  Eventually, her daughters’ friends wanted these wonderful skirts, and in 1996 Gigi was making enough skirts to start a business!  I don’t regret purchasing the skirt one single bit, and now I am glad that I have two!!

Thanks Aunt Erin 🙂

After work today, I stopped at the gas station and picked myself up a little treat…

When I start chewing gum…I can get pretty addicted and I had gone all week without it, so I decided today was the day to break down and chomp!

Special Night

Tonight is a very special night for two reasons:

  1. Erin is having her rehearsal dinner because she gets married tomorrow!!

This next year is going to fly, but I can hardly wait to marry my best friend.

Just after I said yes!

I want you to tell me about the biggest impulse buy you have ever made…did you feel guilty about??

One Year

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One year ago today, I was proposed to by the most wonderful man EVER.  It was a complete surprise, it was everything I had ever dreamed of, and I can’t believe that we have been engaged for an entire year!  How time flies.

photos by Caroline Grace Photography


I am so happy to be back at home with him, and I can’t wait to really dive into the entire wedding planning process!  He is my best friend, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of our lives take us 🙂

Surprise Engagement!

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Last night, Brian and I went over to our friends’ house not thinking anything about it.  We are both pretty social people and we usually end up going somewhere or having friends come to our apartment at least once a weekend, so in our eyes there really was no reason to suspect that something was different about this night.

We arrived and chatted with friends, still not thinking anything was out of the ordinary until someone mentioned that there was a surprise….a surprise??!  When Brian and I heard this, we were soo confused because we had no idea that there was a surprise and we had no idea what this surprise was.  It didn’t take long to figure out (at least for Brian) when we realized that Caitlin and Brian (one of the couples that is usually in our circle of friends) was not there!  The surprise was that they were getting engaged as we spoke and then they were coming to meet all of us to celebrate!!

It was a great celebration!

We surprised and congratulated Caitlin as she walked through the door.

She shared her story with all of us.

The happy couple!

We then spent the night celebrating, hearing the story, and having a great time 🙂

Tori and Kate match!

Me and the newly engaged bride-to-be 🙂



Today, I woke up, had some oats for breakfast, then headed out the door to my free lululemon yoga class.  It is always such a great way to start the Saturday, and after doing various workout throughout the week it is good to dedicate one full our to stretching the body out.

I also find that I am usually a pretty energetic and high strung person, so it is also good to take an hour to just chill and only focus on myself and how I am feeling.

I then went grocery shopping and picked up a little treat for myself.

Zico Coconut Water!  I have read several great things about the flavor of Zico and of the benefits of coconut water it self, and while I was in Thailand, I actually tried coconut water for the first time ever…out of an actual coconut!

The Zico water tasted great (although not as good as from the actual coconut), and I am curious as to what the other flavors taste like.  I will let you know when I try them!


I then came home and quickly whipped up a meal for Brian, my mom, my brother, and me.  My mom and brother stopped by for dinner so that I could say good bye before Kenny flew back to Florida for school.

Don’t worry, it’s healthy…and there will be a recipe coming soon!

Brian and I are now going to dog sit and read more of the Hunger Games!!


What are your plans this Saturday night?

Saturday Update and a Super Long Sunday

This day feels like it has already been three separate days!

I woke up this morning and did a 6 mile run around the canal in 48 minutes and 27 seconds.  That makes for a pace of just over 8 minutes a mile.  I am ok with that!  I really took a hiatus from running as my form of exercise this past week, but I am signed up for the Fort 4 Fitness 10K this coming Saturday, and though I should start logging in the miles.

I then headed to work for a short shift…and forgot to take a picture!

After work I came straight home, and now I feel like a have a significant amount of time to prep meals for the week, catch up on laundry, and tidy up the bathroom.  That’s my kind of productive Sunday.


Now, back to yesterday!  Yesterday, Brian and I spent the afternoon at Irish Fest with his family. It was like a typical festival with booths selling crafts and food, but I think that our favorite booths were the Sheltie Rescue booth and the Celtic Canine booth.


There were giant Irish Wolfhounds

These puppies were bigger than me!

Brian’s family owns a sheltie, so they hold a special place in their hearts 🙂

Maggie was my favorite…a sheltie pomeranian mix…adorable!

There was also a lot of Irish dancing and music as entertainment.  Everyone was so talented, and many traveled far to perform at the festival.

You can’t have an Irish Festival without bagpipes!

My name!!!

It was a great afternoon with the family!

Me and the brothers

We then walked to a sports bar type restaurant called Champions for dinner.  They had some Irish themed food in honor of the festival.  Brian, his brother Adam, and their dad Greg all ordered the fish and chips (one of the Irish themed dishes), Brian’s mom Kate and I both ordered French onion soup.  It’s one of my favorites, and I love that it is getting to be soup season.

Brian and I then headed out early to get ready for a slightly belated engagement party some friends were throwing us.  It was such a great time.  They had delicious little snacks, a Margaritaville machine, and a great crowd there to hang out with.  So much fun!

I think Brian and I missed the memo on the blue theme...

Now I’m off to prepare some food for the week!  You’ll find out what I make later 🙂