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A Dirty Trick and Delicious Egg Salad

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Yesterday, Brian, Kate (a good friend from Butler), and I all pulled a dirty trick on someone.

We told one of our dear friend’s, Caitlin who just graduated from pharmacy school, that we would not be able to make it to her graduation party in Chicago.

That was a lie.

Kate drove up from Louisville to meet us in Indy so that we could all drive up to Chicago together to surprise her.

We needed a little fuel for the three hour drive, a mocha light frappacino fit the bill for me!

Once we arrived, we had to take cover and hide so that as soon as she came into the kitchen we could jump out and yell “SURPRISE!”

We got her good!

She was so surprised to have us there, and I am so glad that we were able to make the trip.

She then spent a little time opening some gifts.  Of course, Brian and I wanted to get her the best gift possible.  So, we got her a car. A Mini Cooper to be exact….a mini Mini Cooper 🙂  The doors open, and it moves when you pull it back on a flat surface.  She will definitely get some good times out of that little gem.

We then spent the evening drinking wine, visiting, and just hanging out.  It was a perfect night, and I am so glad we were all there together to celebrate Caitlin’s hard work.

Congrats Caitlin!

We stayed the night at Caitlin’s then woke up bright and early to get back to Indianapolis today.


When we arrived home, it was about lunch time.  I was pretty hungry and egg salad sounded delicious to me!  I honestly can’t even tell you the last time that I had egg salad, so I had to text my mom to double check on the ingredients that I wanted to use.

I remember my mom making egg salad sandwiches when I was little, and I absolutely loved the tanginess of the mustard with the creaminess of the egg.  So delish!

Delicious Egg Salad

Yields: 2 Servings

Nutrition Information:  Calories 119.8  Fat:  4.3g  Carbs:  4.5g  Protein:  16.9g


  • 4  hard boiled egg whites
  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 1/4 cup onion, chopped
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp garlic
  • 1/4 tsp pepper
  • 1/4 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 Tbsp mustard


Begin by hard boiling your eggs.  I used the good old Krups egg cooker, but you could do it the old fashioned way by boiling the eggs in a pot of water.

I then peeled all of the eggs, and removed some of the egg yolks.  I combined all of the ingredients in a large bowl and mashed it together with the back of a fork until it was my desired consistency.

Then, you are able to serve the salad any way you like!  It would be great as a sandwich or a wrap, great to eat on it’s own.  I served mine up with a big bowl of spinach, cucumbers, and tomatoes.  So summery and soooo good!

The salad was completely delicious, and tasted exactly as I remembered it tasting even though I subbed some Greek yogurt for the mayo.  I know that sometimes subbing Greek yogurt for the real deal mayo sounds great but can end up tasting not so good, but honestly this recipe is perfect for subbing.  You will not miss the fat, you will not miss the flavor, and you will not miss the calories or extra protein 🙂  This swap is totally worth it.

Question of the Afternoon:

  • What childhood meal have you been wanting to recreate recently??

Feels Like Summer

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Yesterday truly felt like the first day of summer.  The weather was gorgeous without a cloud in the sky and enough heat to make summer dresses, sandals, and shorts a necessity.

After spending a few hours at the pool and packing up some more boxes, I headed to the grocery store to get ingredients for dinner and for meals the rest of the week.

When I was younger and living with my parents, in the summer we would LIVE by the pool.  Just basking in the sun all day.  We would then come in from the heat with our cheeks nice and rosie and Mom would have a delicious spread of grilled foods for dinner, almost always with a giant bowl of salad.  I was completely in the mood for one of those meals.

Being in total summer mode, I thought that my homemade black bean burgers, sweet potato fries, and a giant tossed salad would be perfect!

Caitlin was in charge of the salad.  Doesn’t it look beautiful!

The meal was fantastic and the evening was great.  It was a great last gathering at the apartment with good friends.  We just sat around, talked, drank wine and beer…sometimes those are the best nights.


This morning, I actually slept in.  I woke up at about 7:45, and I must admit that when I saw the sun peeking through the windows I thought that I was late.  Luckily, I wasn’t!

In the spirit of summer, a giant bowl of plain Greek yogurt topped with frozen peaches and strawberries, 1/3 of a banana, and half of an apple with a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter to top it off.

It was delicious!

What a tasty way to start the day.

Question of the Morning:

  • What are your plans for the long Memorial Day weekend?
I will be spending my day laying in the sun!

Tori and Kegan are Married!

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Yesterday started off nice and early with a breakfast date with Brian’s mom.  We headed to a little breakfast restaurant called Le Peep.  It is a simply little restaurant with a happy team of waiters giving the restaurant a very welcoming feel.

To start my day, I ordered a yogurt and fruit parfait with some egg whites on the side for extra protein.  I had to teach a spinning class afterwards and knew that I needed the extra energy boost.

After breakfast, spinning, and doing a little shopping, it was time to get ready for the big event of the evening…Tori and Kegan’s wedding!

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect.  It was beautifully sunny, and very warm so no jacket was needed for me!

The ceremony was held at the state house.  I had never been to the state house, but I knew that they had a lot of rules in regard to decorating for events, so I wasn’t quite sure what Tori and Kegan were going to do for their ceremony.

Everything was absolutely beautiful.  There were rose petals lining the aisle, and the beauty of the building was enough decoration on it’s own.

Because the state house was downtown and the reception was downtown most people walked from one location to the next.  We made a sign so that everyone attending the wedding could follow us as we led the way through downtown Indy to get to the reception.  We called it the Boover Bash (because of Tori’s request).  Boover combines Bertsch (Tori’s last name) and Hoover (Kegan’s last name).  How clever!

Before heading out to the reception, we waited outside the state house to send Tori and Kegan away in a horse drawn carriage.  So romantic.

Once we arrived at the reception venue, it was time for cocktail hour to begin.  The tables were not available for seating yet, but of course I had to take a peak at the decorations 😉

Little appetizers were served, and I think the bruschetta was the best.  The toast was very crisp, and the bruschetta was cold.  The flavors and textures blended together perfectly.

Tori and Kegan provided sunglasses with their names and wedding date as party favors.

And in the women’s bathroom there were flip-flops, so all of the girls could kick off their heels and hit the dance floor.  You better believe I took advantage of that!

Instead of having a full cake, they had a ton of little cupcakes from a local cupcake bakery called the Flying Cupcake.  There is a Flying Cupcake located right by Butler, so we were all familiar with their decadent, famous Red Velvet Elvis cupcake.

The wedding party sporting their shades

Dinner was served and was absolutely delicious.  We began the meal with a salad.

But the main course is where the real action happened.  I opted for the vegetarian meal and was completely happy with that decision.  The eggplant parmesan was delicious and filling.

After dinner it was time to cut the cake, Tori and Kegan were kind and didn’t make a big cake mess on the other’s face.

 Since we were seated right by the cupcakes, our entire table had been eyeing them since we walked in the door and couldn’t wait to have our share.

I snagged a mini red velvet and a regular “What’s Up Doc” (carrot cake) to share with Brian.  Delish!

 Tori and Kegan had their first dance to “Crazy Love” sung by their amazing wedding band.

 And the rest of the night was spent dancing on the dance floor.  The music was a live band the entire night called My Yellow Rickshaw and they were so great!  They all had great personalities and speaking voices as well as a great repertoire of popular current music.  It was such a fun night.  The head of the band played the fiddle and ended the night with a personal favorite of mine….The Devil Went Down to Georgia.

It was perfect in every single way.  I am so happy for Tori and Kegan to finally start their lives together as husband and wife!

Wedding Night Eve

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So, I guess I should have told you what I will be doing in my new “adult” job.  My official title is Outside Sales Manager.  I am working for a local hotel franchise, and will have a team of two under me.  The exact day-to-day is a little bit unknown to me, simply because I haven’t done it yet and there will be a lot of training at the beginning, but I think that a huge portion of my job will be meeting with representatives from businesses who are in need of hotel rooms for business travel situations and making them happy.   Sounds like something I can handle 😉  The great part is that I will still be teaching my fitness classes.

Last night, no one showed up to the spinning class that I was subbing for…so I decided to go shopping.  Or at least attempt to go shopping.  I was really in the mood for some new shoes or something, but nothing jumped out at me saying “buy me!”, so I went home empty handed and got dressed and ready to head out to Tastings, a little wine bar in Indianapolis.

It was a pretty chill night because today, two of our great friends are getting married!  We wanted to save any sort of shenanigans for the actual wedding…  I can’t wait for tonight 🙂


As we were taking a picture of the girls, Brian said we looked too posed…so he asked us to laugh about something.

We opted for funny faces instead.

It was a great evening spent with great friends, relaxing and low key.  Tonight will be a different story 😉  Let the celebration begin!

A New Showering Experience and Graduation Season

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Boy, have I had a busy Friday!  I woke up super early again and started my day with a smoothie made up of a little bit of Greek yogurt, strawberries, spinach, Plant Fusion protein powder, almond milk, ice, and a touch of peanut butter.  I opted for a smoothie because it seems like forever since I have had one, and I was heading to a Body Combat class at 6am and knew that I needed to eat something before hand and didn’t want it to be too heavy sitting in my stomach.  I also knew that I was teaching a spinning class about an hour after Combat, so I needed something that would hold my over.

I’m not gonna lie…my tummy felt a little full during Body Combat.  Don’t get me wrong, I was still able to perform well, I would have just preferred a lighter feeling in the tummy region.  All in all it was still a great class.

 I woke up early so that I could put the finishing touches on some crafting I had been up to.  Today, two of my good friends had their hooding ceremony for their health professional programs.  Maelyn, is now (I guess officially tomorrow after graduation) a Physician’s Assistant (hence the PA) and will be moving to Houston, TX next month!

 And Caitlin, who lives just below Brian and I, will be a pharmacist as of tomorrow (hence the Rx sign).

 I am so proud of them, and although it has been a long journey, I can’t believe how quickly it has gone.  They are both super smart and are going to rock their brand new careers!

 After teaching my spinning class, I did something that I have never done before.

I showered at the gym.  

And it wasn’t too bad!  I was able to get completely ready in 30 minutes…I don’t know about you, but for me 30 minutes is pretty darn quick.

I then drove to Butler for the hooding ceremony and snacked on an apple that I had stashed in my bag.  Thank goodness I packed that because as the ceremony went on, my hunger continued to grow.

 It is such a perfect day outside for celebrating these ladies’ huge accomplishments!

Maelyn and Me

Caitlin and Me

After the ceremony, I came home and quickly made myself lunch.  A nice large salad topped with salsa, plenty of veggies, cottage cheese, and an unpictured side of celery and peanut butter. Delish!

Now, I am off to tackle some things on the to-do list so Brian and I can have fun tonight!

Questions of the Day:

  • Have you ever showered at the gym?  Was your experience pleasant? Any funny stories?
  • What is your record “get ready” time (ladies only for this one!)

When 6 Miles Feels Like 60

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Here is a little recap of yesterday:

I woke up bright and early, as usual, and started my day with a bowl of none other than…overnight oats:

My mix-ins included raw cacao powder, sunwarrior vanilla protein, strawberries, and peanut butter.  It was so tasty, and I really like the combo of the rich chocolate, peanut butter, and strawberries.  It was kind of like a reese’s peanut butter cup with jelly on it 🙂

6 Miles

After the sun was up and my food was all digested, I contemplated on weather or not I would run.  I skipped out on my run yesterday, and thought maybe I would just do my run in the afternoon.  I chatted with my mom and because mom’s always (don’t tell her that) know best, she convinced me to do the run and get it out of the way because afterward I would feel energized and accomplished.  So, I set out!  I didn’t have a particular path in mind so I ran all over downtown Indianapolis, and let me tell you…this was the longest 6 mile run of my life!  At least it felt that way.  My legs, particularly my hamstrings, were very tight, I felt like I couldn’t pick up any speed throughout the workout, and I had to keep stopping because of stoplights.   Not an ideal situation.

Even though the entire time I wanted to stop and go home, I kept going!  I finished the 6 miles!  Was it my best time?  Not even close, but I did it.  Even though I completed my 6 mile goal, I still didn’t have that “I’m on top of the world!” runner’s high afterward that I usually get, and I kind of didn’t feel that great about the entire experience, so again…I called my mom who had just the right things to say.  She reminded me that I was the only one setting these lofty goals for my self (to increase my speed), when I increase my mileage, at first it is about endurance and logging the miles rather than doing these new miles as fast as I can, and she reminded me that I didn’t stop when I wanted to, I plowed through and stuck it out to the end.  Basically she made everything better again…thanks Mom 😉

So, there you have it.  Running (for me) isn’t always fun, isn’t always easy, and doesn’t always feel good…until I take a step back from the situation and look at what I have accomplished.

I did it!


After my run, I then showered, got ready for the day, made myself a quick smoothie and was out of the door to volunteer at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, study a little BodyPump, and meet with one of my bosses at one of the gyms I am teaching at.

Almond Crusted Fish

I then came home and Brian and I did our little boot camp workout plan, cleaned ourselves up and I made us something pretty tasty to eat.

Roasted broccoli, green beans, and red onion along side almond meal crusted pollock.  Honestly, it was so good.  It was one of those meals that is gone in less than two minutes without any breaks taken for breathing.  The fish was simple.  I got the idea from one of my friends a couple of weeks ago, and had been dieing to try it ever since.  I simply too the pollock and dipped it in egg white on both sides, then dipped it in plain almond meal.  I baked it at 400 degrees for 13 minutes.  So fast. So simple. So delicious.  I’m not even exaggerating.

Naked Chopsticks

We then headed out to a sushi restaurant called Naked Chopsticks to celebrate our friends being done with pharmacy school forever!  In just a short amount of time, they will have their hooding ceremony (just before graduation) and they will be doctors!  I can’t believe it.   It has been a long 6 years, but we are so proud of them 🙂

Caitlin is a pharmacist!

Melissa is a pharmacist (she is the second one from the right)!

Tori and Kegan

Brian and I

Brian and I love this restaurant, so even though our dinner was delicious, we made room for one roll to share 🙂  I think just about everyone at the table ordered the famous Playboy roll that comes out on fire and has a slightly spicy flavor.  It is one of my favorites.

She is lighting the Playboy

Unflamed playboy

Brian chose the Fire roll for us to share, and honestly, I am not even sure what is in it, but it tasted good 😉

This is definitely the “fun” kind of sushi that doesn’t taste like raw fish at all.  A lot of the rolls have cooked fish in them, so I would say that this place is definitely a good place to introduce someone to sushi.


Considering it is Saturday, I set my alarm pretty early so that I could wake up and go running before pilates class, however, I severely overestimated what time the sun would come up so it looks like I will be going for my 3 mile jog after pilates.

My mom and dad are coming into town today to take me to lunch for an early birthday celebration, and I have absolutely no idea where I want to go….Hopefully I think of something before they get here!

Have a great Saturday!!!

Questions of the Morning:

  • Do you like sushi?
  • If you do like sushi, do you get the traditional rolls, or the “fun” rolls?  What are some of your favorite flavors?


Pancakes Potatoes and Salad

This weekend has been just as amazing as I had hoped it would be…and it’s technically not even over yet!


Brian and I (actually…just I) did some major shopping damage on Friday.  I have been working a the LOFT clothing store in the mall and Saturday was my last day…and I needed to use up my discount!  We also hit up the outlets 😉

By the time that we were done shopping, it was 8pm and we hadn’t eaten dinner yet!  I don’t know how that happened because usually my stomach is growling by 5:15pm.   What can I say, I am a very “scheduled” eater.


Initially, Brian and I had plans to eat at our favorite sushi place, but when we looked at the time and realized that it was a Friday night and we didn’t want to wait to eat until 10pm we decided to head back to the apartment to make our own meal.


For some reason I had the weirdest craving.  Pancakes.  Breakfast potatoes.  And Salad.  All together for one meal, and it was delicious.  I used the Hungry Jack Complete Wheat Blends pancake mix and was totally satisfied.  The salad had celery, onion, hard boiled egg, summer squash, and cucumber.   Random but totally delicious.


We then went over to Kelsey’s for a little martini party in honor of her birthday.  She seriously makes the best cocktails!  The first one she made us was pomegranate flavored…so good.

She is so good she doesn’t even have to look while she is pouring!

The martinis were tasty, but I only had one knowing that I had to work my last shift at LOFT starting at 9am the next day.



In order to fuel myself for my last day of work I made an egg white scramble with spinach, cottage cheese, and onion and put it in a whole wheat tortilla that was deliciously soft.


After work, I came home and put the finishing touches on cleaning the house and ate a little lunch.  Then, I was surprised by Chelsea, Ashley, and Dina (my girlfriends from home) arriving early so that we had a little time to hang out and shop for last minute accessories before the going away party!


The party, the people, and the night were absolutely fantastic and perfect.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better 🙂


Look at that cute puppy costume!


We also hit up the bars after the party.


I really wanted to give the girls the true Indianapolis Broad Ripple “experience!”


This morning, we woke up needing some fuel after last night’s “festivities.”  I really wanted to show the girls my favorite brunch spot, Patachou!  Patachou is owned by the same people as Napolese, which is probably why I love both places so much!


The restaurant is really known for their cinnamon toast (which none of us got) and their omelettes (which Chelsea and Ashley got!).  They also have pretty delicious bloody marys 😉


I had whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a fruit cup.

Chelsea and Ashley had the egg white omelette of the day which had mushrooms and asparagus (among other things), and they loved it!

Dina had the fresh waffles, which also looked super tasty.

And Brian ordered probably the most random thing on the menu, but it was really tasty.  His meal was called the Cuban Breakfast Special and had egg, cheese, rice, black beans, and avocado.  That sauce on the side looked like pesto, but it was actually a spinach jalapeno sauce.

And now the weekend continues.  Brian and I are a little slow moving today, but the agenda for today is basically pack for the weekend and head to the lake house.  Tonight we are laying low…making dinner, watching Desperate Housewives, and then hopefully watching (if I can stay awake) PanAm.


Have a wonderful Sunday!


Tonight, Brian and I shared an amazing dinner and evening with two of our friends Jenni and Ryan.  After spending the night with them on Jenni’s birthday Brian and I realized that we need to spend more time with the two of them!  We have been great friends for a while, but because of life and busyness we just don’t get around to seeing each other very often but when we do we could talk and hang out for hours!

Jenni and Ryan

We decided to try a newish (new-to-me) restaurant called Napolese.  It is a little pizzaria that has a very cool yet quaint feel.  The restaurant was consistently busy while we enjoyed our meal and had several groups of friends that stayed long after their meals to chat.

As soon as we sat down at our table, our waitress brought olives to the table.  I have always loved olives and gladly welcomed them as a little appetizer, but no one else at the table cared to have any.  I guess in the end that just means more for me.  😉


After listening to the specials and asking some questions about the various pizza and salad selections we decided to begin with the Napolese Double Chopped Salad.  This salad was perfect for the four of us to share and had salad greens mixed with mozzarella and gorgonzola cheese, roasted red peppers, chickpeas, pepperoni, and prosciutto topped with a balsamic vinaigrette.    It was definitely something I wouldn’t have ordered on my own, but definitely something I would order again!

We each ordered our respective wine, and Ryan ordered a local craft beer.  The cutest part of the wine was the little “Quartino” carafe  that the wine came in.

Jenni called it a "Quartino of Vino"


When our pizza finally came it tasted absolutely delicious.  We ordered the daily special which was a pizza topped with garlic sauce, provolone cheese, cherry tomatoes, red peppers and broccoli.  The broccoli was my favorite part 🙂


Our second pizza option was the fall ratatouille which included fall squash as one of the toppings….I’ll try it next time.


All of the pizzas were cooked in this giant stone oven in the wall.  Half of the fun was watching the pizza makers take the pizzas out and put the pizzas in the oven.

The meal was deliciously satisfying without leaving me with the feeling of being Thanksgiving full.  I love finding a little place to eat, grab a drink, and enjoy the company of great friends 🙂


I hope you enjoyed your night!


Apples to Apples and Congrats to My Sister!

Good Morning!


Last night, Brian and I headed out to a little area in Indianapolis called Broad Ripple that has a ton of cute restaurants, bars, and shops.  We met our friends there for a drink to celebrate Jenni’s, a good friend from Butler and one of my sorority sisters, birthday.  They had rented the game Apples to Apples for us to play and we had a blast!!!

I haven’t played that game in so long, but once we started I remembered that I like to look at the green cards that I have won and think of them as describing my personality.  Last night for the longest time my two cards were “harmful” and “corrupt”…I would like to think those are not true personality traits for me!

It is always great to see friends that I haven’t seen in a while!



This morning, I had another bowl of buckwheat!

Today’s bowl was a mixture of:

  • Buckwheat
  • the second half of the packet of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter
  • 1 Tbsp of pumpkin
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • sprinkle of cinnamon
  • 2 Splenda packets
It was sooo creamy and tasty.  This bowl will definitely be appearing again.
My knee started to hurt a little baby bit last night, so I decided that I was not even going to try anything today when it comes to working out and my knee especially since I have to work tonight.  I opted to make today more of a rest day in hopes that tomorrow I can get back in the groove my completing a short ab and arms workout.
  • 8 minute abs video
  • 10 regular pushups
  • 15 tricep dips on chair
  • 10 regular pushups
  • 15 tricep dips on chair
Not the usual sweaty routine that I thrive for in the morning, but better than nothing!
Brenna’s Graduation!
Today, my sister graduates officially from Paul Mitchell School of Hair and Design.  She completed her hours about a month ago, passed her state boards exam a couple of weeks ago, and now is able to have her final ceremony!
Here are some sibling pics in honor of Brenna’s special day.

This picture is an oldie!

Weird Habit
For Brenna’s graduation, we are going to lunch as a little celebration.  Me being the planner that I am, I have a weird habit of needing to know where we are going out to eat so that I can look at the menu and nutritionals online before we even get there.  I am so indecisive that I often still have no idea of what I am getting when we arrive to the restaurant, but I still “need” to know beforehand where we are going….is that weird?
Do you like to look up the menu and/or the nutritional data before you head out to eat???

Cutting a Rug

Chelsea’s wedding yesterday was beautiful and amazing and I am so happy that I was able to be apart of it!

We had a great time at the reception, and we had lot’s of fun “cutting a rug.”  My partner in the wedding party said that we were going to cut up so many rugs that they would have to bring in extra.  It was funny at the time…

I had the honor of singing during the lighting of the unity candle

This would be the groom and I "cutting a rug" in a conga line

All of our high school girls back together again

Chelsea and I...Mom didn't like the posed pictures

So we decided to spice it up!


Rewind to Saturday Morning

Mom and I woke up bright and early on Saturday to get ready for the 10k Fort 4 Fitness run/walk.  We headed there around 7am so that Mom could volunteer (and get a good parking spot) and I could do a little pre-race warmup run with my running buddy that I met when I rand the Fort 4 Fitness course.

I started off really strong and actually felt like I was running faster than I usually do.  I was going strong until mile 5 when my right knee started to hurt all of a sudden on the lateral (outside) portion.  I definitely had to slow down my pace and didn’t stop running even though it hurt.  I made sure to take some anti-inflammatory medicine and ice it while we were getting our hair ready for the wedding, and I am going to make sure to rest it for another day before heading out to run again.


Brian and I slept in nice and late today…I woke up at 9:49am….that is like majorly sleeping in for me!  After packing everything up, showering, and getting ready Mom made us lunch.  Weird…I didn’t eat breakfast because I woke up so late…I always eat breakfast.

Mom told me about what she was going to make us for lunch about a week ago because she was so excited.

She put lettuce, red pepper, carrot, red onion, pepperoncini, hummus, and cucumbers on an Thomas Everything Bagel Thin.  These little sandwiches were so delicious!  I loved how the hummus complemented all of the different vegetables and the pepperoncini gave the whole sandwich a little tang.  I am going to have to replicate them sometime soon.


We then went to the Valencia Parade of Homes which is in a neighborhood that is right down the road from my parents.  Brian loves watching House Hunters and just about everything else on HGTV so this event was right up his alley.

Brian was loving this outdoor seating

Couch in my closet? Don't mind if I do!

Some of the houses seemed more like mazes, some of the decorations were not practical at all, but it was overall a great fun way to spend the afternoon!


Off to watch the premiere of the FINAL season of Desperate Housewives…I can’t believe that show started 7 years ago, I was only 15!  Time flies.