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Refrigerator Iced Coffee

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**Head on over to Fit for my Fork to check out my guest post in the Fit Body Fit Mind series on my favorite book on healthy living!**

Good morning!

I really enjoyed my overnight oats in a jar yesterday, so much that I craved it again this morning…luckily I had another jar of peanut butter with only the last little bits left on the bottom.  I topped the overnight oats with some delicious fresh strawberries.  Perfect fuel for my 6am spin class!

Last Night

Last night, I actually got done practicing Body Pump, packing my meals, and getting ready for today earlier than expected so I had some time to work on Brian and I’s budget.  We have been trying a new-to-us system…the envelope method, and last night I finally got around to making the envelopes.

These envelopes will be filled with an alotted amount of cash for the month for us to spend on various areas of our life (grocery, car, fitness, fun, wedding, etc) and when then cash is gone…it’s GONE!  I am excited to see how it will work for Brian and me.

Iced Coffee

With the hot hot weather here in Indiana, I have been LOVING the little treat of iced coffee.  It can get kind of pricey to always head out to a coffee shop when the craving strikes, so I figured out a way to make it at home.  Seriously, I think it tastes better than the coffee shop!

The Iced Coffee Method:

When you brew a pot of coffee, put the extra (or the whole pot) in a large glass or jar in the fridge at least for a couple of hours if not overnight.

When you are ready to make the coffee, fill up a large glass with ice to the brim and pour the cold coffee over the top.

I like to use almond milk, my mom likes to use coffee creamer…either works and tastes delicious!  I mix 1/4 cup almond milk with 1 packet of stevia and a little vanilla extract.  I then pour that into the iced coffee.

Stir to combine, and ENJOY!!

I hope you enjoy your tasty iced coffee and have a great 4th of July Eve!!

Autumn Yogurt Bowl

Since I made that delicious iced coffee a couple of days ago, I have been waking up knowing exactly what I will drink with my breakfast!!

I will have to say that I have been in a weird breakfast mood lately…no smoothies for the past couple of days.  Today, I opted for a yogurt bowl.  To be more specific…an Autumn Yogurt Bowl.

I mixed:

  • 1/2 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin
  • touch of cinnamon
  • 2 packets of splenda
  • 1 Tbsp peanut butter
  •  a little bit of granola for extra crunch
It was very yummy, and I think it would also be great as a tasty apple dip!
This morning, I had big plans to head to the gym to try out a new-to-me les mills class called RPM.  This class is a spinning class that is choreographed to specific music, much like my beloved Body Pump.  Unfortunately, I did not get to bed until later than planned last night and I was just plain tired when I woke up, so I hit the snooze and slept for an extra hour and a half and plan to workout after work.  I know it isn’t ideal, but I will make it work!
How often do you change your workout?  Fitsugar had a poll about switching up the workout routine.  I find that there are specific types of exercise that I enjoy more often, but I change my routine up quite a bit.  If it is running, I will run different distances or paths.  If it is a fitness class that I am teaching or taking, I know that the class will have different moves every week.  I like the change so that I don’t get in a rut, and it keeps me constantly challenging myself so that I am sore in new areas all the time.
Do you regularly change  your workout routine or do you stick with what you know to simply maintain your fitness level?
PS….I am soooo excited for Modern Family to premiere tonight!  Any other Modern Family fans out there?!

State Fair First Timer

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Good Friday Morning!

I had been eyeing a breakfast recipe from Chocolate Covered Katie the past couple of days.  It even inspired me to buy some nectarines while at the grocery store on Monday.  The nectarines were finally ready this morning, so instead of making the recipe from CCK I used the flavors in a bowl of oatmeal to make something similar that was less time consuming.

I made voluminous oats by putting double the amount of water needed into my dry oats and microwaving it for double the amount of time.  Be careful and keep an eye on the microwave so you don’t have spillage!! I then added splenda, cinnamon, and vanilla extract, 1 Tbsp of peanut butter and half of a nectarine.  It was like peach cobbler for breakfast…simply delish!

On my way to nannying, I was feeling a little bit tired because I stayed up too late reading my yoga books last night, so I stopped by McDonald’s to get a sugar free vanilla non-fat milk iced coffee.  Also deeelish 🙂

The kids and I are headed to the Indiana State Fair later today.  I have never been, but it is Purdue University day and Jeremy is absolutely in love with Purdue.  I honestly do not even know what to expect…lot’s of farm animals probably.  The theme of the fair is the year of the soybean, so I’m hoping that means that they are serving edamame…that sounds like fair food, right?  It should be a fun way to spend the day.

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