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Brian’s Birthday Dinner

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After spending the day at the golf course at the fundraising event for the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, I headed back to the apartment to meet with Brian and his parents before heading to dinner with them.

We went to a little restaurant called Fire by the Monon.  Brian and I had been there once before after Tori’s bridal shower, but since we had just come from snacks and desserts at the shower, I didn’t have an appetite for anything and ended up not eating at the restaurant.  So, tonight, I was excited to actually try the food at this crafty, cute restaurant.


I ended up ordering the Nero salad, which was a bed of romaine lettuce topped with tomato, mini croutons, parmesan cheese, grilled asparagus, and then I added smoked trout.  At first, I considered ordering the salmon on top, but I wanted to try something new and they smoke the trout in house…sounds like my decision was made for me.  I ordered the smaller sized salad since I was getting the fish on top, and although our waitress thought that this was the size of a side salad, I am glad that I opted for the smaller version.


I was glad for the smaller version because, soon after we finished our meals, we heard singing as the waitresses brought out two lava cakes with ice cream for me, Brian, and his parents to share.  His parents made a special request…so sneaky!

The cake was delicious and the perfect way to end Brian’s birthday night.


I hope you all had a great start to the week.  I am off to bed so that I can be well-rested for my indoor cycling class tomorrow morning.  See ya bright and early!

LOVE Bites

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I did it…this morning, I “ripped off the band-aid” and got my first team teaching session of Body Pump out of the way.  The first attempt at anything is always the worst, and I find it is best to just do it and get it over with…kind of like quickly ripping off a band-aid.

And guess what, I had a blast teaching live people with a microphone on while standing on stage!  Did I make a couple of mistakes?… of course I did!  But that is why I was team teaching and not full-out teaching the class on my own.  I may have been a little ambitious with my weight selections, but I still got through it, and I am teaching again on Thursday morning 🙂

After teaching, I was more than ready for breakfast.  I actually prepped myself a bowl of overnight oats last night so that I could eat right away when I got home…but Brian ate it!  He thought that I made it for him…I honestly didn’t mind too much that he ate it, but I make my oatmeal a little different than his oatmeal.  He doesn’t exactly like it when things taste “healthy” and I do.  Oh well!

Instead I made myself a very interesting smoothie combination.  A pineapple banana spinach protein smoothie topped with some of my Chocolate PB2.  I know that I only received the PB2 in the mail yesterday, but whenever I get something new to eat I feel like I have to try it immediately!

It was interesting, and actually quite good!  I will say, I am LOVING the Chocolate PB2 and can’t wait to formulate some recipes with it!

I then volunteered at the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra.  When I left to volunteer, it was a beautifully sunny day out, so I decided to walk to their offices, which only takes about 30 minutes.  Well, that was a poor decision because as soon as I was leaving it a heavy down pour of rain began…and I had to take a taxi home!  I felt so goofy riding in a taxi in the middle of the day in my own city, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!  30 minutes in a  torrential down pour would not have been the smart decision.


By the time I got home, it was after 1pm and I was pretty ready for lunch.  I whipped up a batch of homemade hummus in the food processor (so quick) and enjoyed it along side some veggies, tuna, and some (unpictured) Greek yogurt.  Tasty, quick, and simple.  Just what I needed.

Sharing the LOVE

This past weekend while I was in my training for Body Pump, I made sure to pack myself lunch and adequate snacks.  While I was eating one of my snacks, some of the girls that I had made friends with asked what I was eating. I told them what this tasty little morsel was and rattled off the ingredient list without really thinking anything of it.  Both of their eyes lit up, and they asked where I got the recipe.  “I made it up!” was the answer, and instantly a light bulb clicked in my head that I should make them a batch of this little treat and share the recipe with them.

As soon as I got home on Saturday, the first thing I did was whip up a batch of these Love Bites so that I could share them with my new friends 🙂  When they tried them the next day, they couldn’t stop telling me how great they tasted!  It was then that I had the thought of making enough for everyone to try, but it was too late.  At least I got to share the love with two of my new friends.

LOVE Bites

Yields:  14 Balls


  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 cup unsalted almonds
  • 1/2 cup dried cranberries
  • 1/2 cup raw oats
  • 1/2 cup flax meal
  • 1/4 cup Foods Alive hemp seed
  • 1/4 cup raw organic agave nectar
  • 2 tsp palm sugar
  • 1/2 cup unsalted sunflower seeds


Combine all ingredients in the food processor and process until a sticky mixture is formed.  Roll the sticky mixture into 12-14 balls.  Store in the refrigerator and enjoy!


Calories:  138.3  Fat:  7.6g  Carbs:  16.9g  Protein:  4.1g

Question of the day:

    • Have you ever tried PB2, and what recipes do you use it in??


Balancing Life

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The venue we visited was Hilbert Circle Theatre.  Hilbert is literally smack dab in the middle of downtown, which I love!, so Brian and I were able to walk there in 25 minutes from our apartment. It was pretty and gave us a lot to think about and add to “the list.”  I got to see some old friends from Butler and I didn’t even expect it! Being an arts administration major most people go to work for non-profit arts organization in the community, and Hilbert is the home of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra (the largest arts organization in the state!) so a lot of Butler alum work there.

After checking out the venue, Brian and I came home for lunch.  Nothing fancy, just a little plate of my favorite veggies, roasted pine nut hummus, and a whole wheat English muffin.

I love fresh veggies 🙂

Finding a the perfect balance in life is difficult to do.  For me, I need to find a way to balance eating healthfully, working out, spending time with Brian, visiting family, getting ready for the cruise, hanging out with friends, and the list could go on.  It is easy to get overwhelmed, and we all have different ways of prioritizing and organizing our lives.  A friend of mine wrote this post today about finding balance in her life.  It’s very insightful and a good reminder about the need for balance to lead a happy life 🙂