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I Love the Avett Brothers and Vera Bradley

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Ok, so it is official!  The Avett Brothers are amazing!  The concert last night was simply perfect.


Right after I got home from work I changed into warm clothes, and boy was I cozy for the show!  I wore:  sock tights under my pants, regular socks over my tights, uggs (I officially broke them out for the first time this year!), a cami, a button up shirt, a pullover sweatshirt, my Northface jacket, a scarf, and gloves.  Sounds like a lot, but I promise you that it was the perfecta mount!

Everyone met at our apartment for some food and drinks before heading out to the show.

Kate made Smores cupcakes!

The music was touching, fun, and perfect!  The air was crisp and truly made it feel like it was officially fall.  It was the perfect night 🙂



Today, I woke up and debated whether or not I wanted to work out because I was tired and kind of in a lazy mode.  I didn’t work out yesterday, and I thought about how good I always feel after a sweat session…so I did it.  I popped in another insanity video and sweated my little tail off, and I felt great afterwards!  Just like I knew I would.


I then made myself a bowl of buckwheat.

Today’s mix-ins included:  pumpkin, splenda, peanut butter, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  The perfect fall breakfast!  I am so glad that Courtney introduced me to this wonderful grain.


After coming home from work around 3pm, I was hungry but wanted to save a little room for a tasty fall dinner that I am cooking up so I really just grazed on some crackers, hummus, a little bit of ranch veggie dip, and lots of celery and carrots 🙂  Sorry there were no pictures.


I then did a little online shopping at  When I did my photoshoot in May I was paid with a gift card, and after receiving an e-mail about some of their prints being on super sale I decided that I was finally going to use the card today!


I purchased a wristlet in Poppy Fields


and the pleated tote in Poppy Fields…all for under $50!! If you have ever purchased anything Vera Bradley…you know that is a steal!


I purchased that wristlet to use as a camera case.  This will be my third attempt at having a Vera Bradley wristlet as a camera case.  My mom has gotten my two the past two years for my birthday and they literally just go missing and I never find them….weird.  I hope that this one doesn’t disappear on me!!

Now, I’m off to start my tasty fall meal!! Don’t worry…I’ll share that recipe with you later tonight 🙂

Long Weekend Makes a Short Week

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This weekend seemed suuuper long, which is great.  I felt like Brian and I were actually able to hangout and do summery things without having to worry about our fun plans conflicting with other things that need to get done.  I know this week will feel short because Brian and I are heading up to Fort Wayne on Friday to hang out with my family at home and go to the 3 Rivers Festival.  Growing up, my family went to this festival every year which always begins with a parade throughout the city on Saturday morning.  The festival lasts a week with things like a “Junk Food Alley” with all of your favorite carnival foods, little shops with local vendors selling artwork and jewelry, carnival rides at the Midway, and ends with fireworks the last Saturday.  I am excited to see my family and be able to share this memory with Brian!

This morning, I was a little bit tired after a couple of late nights and a lot of physical activity yesterday so I kept things pretty simple by doing half of an Insanity video, stretching, then doing 8 minute abs.  I also teach Core Intensity class tonight, so my abs will be getting a good workout!

For Breakfast, I had a peanut butter banana smoothie:

  • 3/4 Frozen Banana
  • 1 Handful Spinach
  • 1 Tbs Peanut Butter
  • 1 Pinch Xanthum Gum
  • 1 Splash Vanilla Extract
  • 2 Packets of Splenda
  • 1/2 Cup Almond Milk
It was a pretty, light colored green and totally hit the spot!  It is supposed to be hot and sunny here today, so I am hoping the kids I nanny for want to hit up the pool 🙂