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Productivity at its Finest

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Today is going to be my productive day.  After working with bicycle helmets all day yesterday, I came home to have a salad bar all set up for dinner and ready to eat! (Thanks Brian)  It was delicious and hit the spot after a long day on my feet.

Homemade salad bar creation

I had a mixture of spinach and romaine, tomatoes, onions, parmesan cheese, pepperoncini, and for dressing I used a pear infused vinegar…needless to say it was great!


To jumpstart my day of productivity, I slept in a tad and had a smoothie bowl for breakfast (blackberry banana).  Brian and I are headed to church and lunch with his parents, and I need to fit in a 4 mile run sometime today for my half marathon training.

First thing on the list, write the to-do list!