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Finally Perfect Protein Pancakes and Erin’s Wedding

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This morning started out with a good Sunday morning breakfast…pancakes! With a little protein punch for some added staying power.

I have seriously been trying to create delicious protein pancakes for about 2 months.  They always come out too yogurt-y tasting, with no flavor, a weird consistency, or just somehow not right at all.  Well, today I did it…after two months of experimenting (and finally receiving my favorite protein powder in the mail!!) I came up with the most tasty protein pancake recipe yet!

Perfect Protein Pancakes

This recipe makes about 16 pancakes, so it is perfect for making on a Sunday so that you can save the rest for later in the week when you have less time!


  • 2 cups of oat flour (or oats processed in a blender or food processor)
  • 1 cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt
  • 2 egg whites
  • 4 servings of Sunwarrior protein powder
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2-2 cups water (just add a little bit at a time until you reach the desired consistency)


Heat a skillet on medium heat, and spray with nonstick cooking spray.  Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix until combined.  Once the skillet is hot, pour 1/4 cup portions of the batter onto the pan to cook for about 1-2 minutes per side.

I topped mine with 1 tbsp almond butter and 1/4 cup blueberries…but you can top yours however you want!

Nutrition per pancake…3 pancakes makes one serving:  

Calories:  67  Fat:  1g  Carbs:  14.5g  Protein:  7g

Erin’s Wedding

This past Friday, a life friend of Brian and a sorority sister of mine (Erin) got married!!  Here are some pictures of the wedding.  Everything about the weekend was elegant, beautiful, and so much fun.

Congratulations Erin and Matt!! Have fun in Cancun!!

I was asking the waitress what this was (the vegetarian option) and I thought she said veggies with the mother of the cheese….she actually said “mozzarella cheese”!!

Now, Brian and I are off to the gym, church, then the grocery.

What are your Sunday plans to help prepare for the week?

My New Friend Cathy

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Wednesday nights are typically later nights at work for me, so when I got home yesterday I knew that I had to have an agenda in order to get to bed early.

While at work, I quickly planned my meals for the day by jotting them down on a small sticky note.  Typically, I try to have a little plan on Sunday for what the week will look like meal wise, but this week has been a little bit different.

These past two weeks, I have been in the process of beginning a training program through Cathy Savage Fitness.  Cathy Savage is a woman who excelled in the fitness competition world, and since then has created a training program for women and men who want to compete in fitness competitions or want to simply be healthy and look great!


Being a part of the program gives me my own personal coach whom I can text and e-mail any time with any questions, struggles or concerns that I may have.  In the beginning stages of the program, my coach has been working with me to figure out my customized nutrition and an exercise plan that works for me. It is all like one big giant science experiment, and we are working together to find the perfect formula that works for my body…because everyone is different.

For now, I am eating 6 small meals a day, and this week I am completing around 30 minutes of cardio 5-6 days a week.  The food that I am eating in the meals isn’t any different than what I was eating before, now it is all about the timing and portion sizes.

A huge reason that I joined this program was because of the learning opportunity.  Yes, I am a certified personal trainer, teach several group fitness classes, and I try to stay current with the latest nutrition information, but in the industry I am pretty new, and I am trying to learn from the best.  From this program, I am hoping to learn about a different style of eating (and may adopt it as my own way of eating for good!), find the mix of exercise and nutrition that truly works best for me, and build a bond with people that have similar interests.  Not only will I be learning from these women, but they are all interested in the same things that I am:  health, exercise, and nutrition!

The other big reason why I joined is because of the fitness competition aspect.  I had been reading a lot about it, and every time I would see or hear something about one of these competitions it would peak my interest.  I will not be competing anytime soon, but next year, I would like to have it as an option!

That being said….I am so excited to be starting, and I can’t wait to document and share my journey along the way.

My Meals

So, because of the new plan, I am packing several small meals throughout the day that have a good balance of protein, veggies, fruit, starch, and healthy fat.  Here is what tomorrow looks like:

Meal one is a parfait with half of a baked oatmeal cake topped with plain nonfat Greek yogurt mixed with stevia and vanilla extract, blackberries, and almond butter…yumm! I think this has been my favorite meal so far 🙂

Meal two is protein pancakes (recipe coming soon!) with a pumpkin peanut butter spread.  Meal three is whole wheat pasta with tuna, spinach, tomato, and a little parmesan.  Meal four is a veggie burger topped with tomato, bell pepper, and roasted sweet potato.

It sounds like a lot of food, but it is a little bit of a lot of different kinds of foods.

I am very excited to be starting this training program and can’t wait to see the results!

Tasty BlogiversaryGiveaway Winner

Congratulations to Lindsay over at Lindsay’s List for winning my one year blogiversay giveaway!

Please e-mail me at with your favorite baked goodie and mailing address and I will get your package sent out to you ASAP!!


Hope you all have a great Thursday!

A Missed Holiday

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Good Afternoon!

I realized this morning that I missed a holiday yesterday…National Chocolate Chip Day, which would have been a great excuse to bake up some cookies.

Because I missed this holiday, I immediately wanted to make sure that I didn’t miss another yummy food related holiday.  So, I googled “National Food Days” and I found the jackpot.  According to this website everyday is dedicated to some food item.

I was planning on writing special days in my calendar, but I didn’t realize that it would be such daunting task.  I don’t even know what some of the foods are that are being celebrated, but literally there is a special food for every day.

It just goes to show that there is always a reason to celebrate 😉


This morning after teaching yoga sculpt and a 4 mile run, I attempted to make some protein pancakes again.  This time I omitted the protein powder completely.

I am still not ready to share the recipe yet, because I need Brian to taste them.  Whenever I make something new, Brian usually has a pretty big say as to whether or not the recipe is a success.  I tend to like things that can taste a bit too “healthy” for the normal taste bud.  Where Brian is not picky, but he just likes things to taste “good.”  Thankfully he will try almost anything I make 🙂  It usually works out in his favor.

If you are wondering what is on top of the cakes, I mixed 1 Tbsp of Pb2 Chocolate with 2 Tbsp of Greek Yogurt and a little bit of water.  It was a tasty pancake topping, if you ask me!


I then spent the majority of the morning working on Body Pump (I have to be ready to teach a full class soon and make a video!) and applying for full time jobs…the next thing I knew it was time for my midday meal.

Tuna salad made with a little Greek yogurt and cottage cheese mixed with carrots, onions, celery, garlic salt, and pepper over a bed of lettuce.  On the side:  celery sticks (my fav!) and cold baked sweet potato (from yesterday) with a little bit of ketchup.

The perfect fuel to get me through the afternoon.

Of Possible Interest:

St. Practice Day

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Happy St. Practice Day!

I had never heard that expression before, but in the midst of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day one day early I saw a sign saying that today was St. Practice Day and tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day!  Meaning that the real fun doesn’t begin until tomorrow, and today we are merely “practicing” for tomorrow.

Today was a full day, so I will start at the very beginning.


I woke up bright and early this morning to go workout at Butler’s facility.  I am going to begin teaching classes there as a substitute, and when I met with Beth, the woman in charge of the group fitness program, she gave me a free day pass to the facility since I don’t currently have a gym membership anywhere.  As much as I love running outside in the beautiful weather, I was super pumped to head to the gym this morning and pump some iron.

Since I haven’t been able to do a weights routine each day focusing on a different muscle group, I did a total body weights routine this morning.

After completing the total body weights I then did 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical while watching my favorite news program, The Today Show!  I wasn’t able to watch The Today Show the entire time that I was on the cruise, so it was a real treat to be able to watch it this morning.


I then came home to get ready for the day.  Brian and I had some friends over for a St. Patrick’s Day pancake breakfast before we headed to the Indianapolis St. Patrick’s Day parade.

I tried to get creative and make my pancakes look like shamrocks…but they didn’t turn out so well.  Luckily, they tasted good!!


We also had a tasty fruit salad with organic apples, frozen blackberries, and frozen strawberries.

I also tried to make the pancakes green, but the grocery store was completely out of food coloring so I purchased some green decorating gel with high hopes that it would turn the pancake batter green.  Unfortunately, the pancakes did not turn colors 😦  At least I tried!

The Breakfast Crew!

We then headed outside to walk from the apartment to meet Brian’s parents at the parade, and we noticed that the canal by our house was died completely green!

We then arrived at the parade and Brian’s mom had extra festive goodies for us to wear including necklaces, hats, and flags…she is never unprepared when it comes to a theme or a holiday!

When the parade began, the Indianapolis Police Department rode in a synchronized fashion with Indianapolis spelled out on the front of their motorcycles.  How cool!!

The parade was full of St. Patrick’s Day and Irish themed music, outfits, and dancing.  It was a great way to spend the morning.

After the parade, we headed to a German bar called the Rathskellar to enjoy the sunshine and a couple of drinks.

The afternoon was perfect!  We came back from the Rathskellar and because it was so warm outside Brian, Maelyn, and I decided to lay out and bask in the sun.  Seriously, I can’t believe that the weather is like 80 degrees in March in INDIANA!  This never happens.

While we were laying out, another one of our friends, Caitlin, joined us and I noticed that Caitlin, Maelyn, and me all have the same water bottle!  What are the odds of that?!

Once the shade overtook our sunny spot on the grass, we decided it was time to pack up and head inside for dinner.  I quickly thawed some wild-caught cod from the grocery and prepared a little salad of cucumber, tomato, onion and white wine vinegar.  The cod cooked up in the oven in no time and before I knew it dinner was ready!

Now, Brian and I are watching the new show Fashion Star before we read some of the Hunger Games.  We have been reading it together the past couple of nights before bed, and we are totally hooked on the book!  We just have to finish it before the movie comes out.


Happy St. Practice Day!

Training Schedule

Last night, I hung out with my parents!

We originally planned to walk around and eat at the Rib America Festival, but when it started pouring down rain we decided on eating in at a restaurant.

We went to a little bar/restaurant called Chatham Tap.  This bar is just so cute and has a great atmosphere!  It is seat yourself, so sometimes when it is busy there can be a long wait, but last night we were able to waltz right in and sit down.


We started off with a delicious onion rings appetizer.  I took a picture, but unfortunately the picture won’t show up on my computer.  The breading on these rings was so light and crisp, and the sauce was slightly smoky flavored with chipotle and very runny which was a surprise considering most onion ring sauces are a bit thick.  I think that my favorite part was the fact that the onion rings were topped with grated parmesan cheese…so yummy!

For my entree I go the balsamic grilled chicken salad.

It had blue cheese, sunflower seeds, cranberries, grilled chicken, a balsamic dressing (on the side of course), all on top of mixed field greens.  The salad was wonderfully refreshing, which is just what I wanted after having onion rings as a first course.

Mom got the fish and chips, which is one of their more famous dishes, per Brian’s recommendation.  I tried a bite of the fish, and although the breading was thick, it was slightly sweet and just so delicious!  Good recommendation Brian!

We then ordered a piece of turtle pie to share.

Need I say more?  It was delicious 🙂

We then, went to the Rib America Festival so that Dad could listen to the Dooby Brothers, and Mom and I walked around and sampled the barbeque sauce from each vendor…our favorite was the smoky!  I can’t remember which booth it was at though.

This Morning

This morning I woke up, and my knee was bothering me.  Last night it was actually bothering me to on the lateral (outside) side of my right knee.  I have never had a pain like this before, but I am positive that it is from the half marathon.  I am hoping that it goes away with time, but in order to prevent further issues this morning I did some stretching and exercises to work my IT Band, hip adductors and abductors (the inside and outside muscles of my thigh).

IT band stretches/strengthening

Hip adductor/abductor strengthening



Hopefully things start to feel better tomorrow!  There is no swelling, which is good, I think I just need time to rest.


Breakfast this morning was what I think a Sunday breakfast should be…pancakes!

I originally wanted to buy buckwheat pancake mix when I went grocery shopping, but I couldn’t find it so I decided to try Hungry Jack Wheat Blends pancake mix.  It tasted delicious.  The pancakes were light and fluffy not dense like some wheat pancakes can be.

I topped them with some natural peanut butter, raspberries (thanks mom!), and sugar free syrup.  We also had some coffee on the side.  It was the perfect way to start a Sunday!

Training Schedule

Yesterday, I told you I would go into detail about my training schedule for the half marathon.  I looked at several plans, finally deciding on the Hal Higdon Training Schedule and the Half Marathon 8 Week Training Plan.

I combined the two workouts putting my schedule and my group fitness teaching schedule into consideration to come up with this 8 week plan:

  • Monday:  Pilates or Stretching/Strength
  • Tuesday:  4 or 5 mile run depending on the week
  • Wednesday:  Short run with strength training
  • Thursday:  Short run or cross train
  • Friday:  Rest
  • Saturday:  Cross train
  • Sunday:  Long run
Of course some weeks I had to tweak things a bit because of various events and my constantly changing work schedule, but I think that this schedule totally worked for me.  Since I had just finished training for a 6 mile race, I was able to up the mileage in my long runs faster than I expected, so I actually changed the numbers in my plan a couple of times but kept the same basic format.
When it comes to nutrition and training for a half marathon or marathon I looked to blogs like running-advice and the Runner’s World magazine site.   When it comes down to it, everybody is different and needs to find the food combo that works best to fuel them.
I really enjoyed having a long-term goal in sight, and I am 100% sure that this is something I will do again.  Because it was my first race I did not incorporate speed training into my regiment, but I have decided that is a goal I will focus on next time.


A To-Do List for a To-Do List

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Starting the day off with a good to-do list always makes me feel like it will be an efficient and productive day!  First on the list is to visit a potential wedding venue with Brian 🙂  While researching venues, budgeting, and making the guest list I have found this book to be so helpful!  It always find things more approachable when broken down into list form, and this book has a list for everything.

Everyone loves a good list!

For breakfast this morning I made Brian a batch of pancakes by making a regular pancake batter and adding in a little bit of the Cranberry Nutty Granola into the batter.  He said they were deeelish 🙂

Crunchy Pancakes

For myself I had a little coffee smoothie bowl with granola on top…also deeelish.

The Usual

Off to visit the venue and knock things off that to-do list!