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First Summer Festival of the Year

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Last night officially felt like summer.  After spending the day running, going to the farmer’s market, and then laying by the pool.  Brian and I joined two other couples for a dinner on the grill.

It was full of veggies and completely delicious.  We skewered brussel sprouts to cook on the grill after Erin (one of our friends) marinated them in a mixture of garlic, olive oil mustard, and some other spices that made a delicious combination.  I am going to have to get the recipe from her!

Our sides included fresh, tossed salad, brussel sprouts, green beans, and fruit salad.  Yum!

We ended the night by hanging out around the bon fire.  I can’t believe that summer is already here, but I am so glad that it is.

Breakfast Today

Brian and I ended up leaving a little early last night from the bon fire because I had a headache.  Unfortunately, it was a pretty bad one and it stayed all the way until the morning.

Whenever I get headaches like that, my body seems to crave carbohydrates…the starchy kind, so I started this morning with a bowl of egg white oats with some peaches and strawberries mixed in.  It was tasty and made me feel better.  Thankfully my headache went away.

I then spent the morning baking batches and batches of cookies for Brian to take on his camping trip.  I made Oatmeal Raisin, Chocolate Chippers, Chocolate Cookies with Peanut Butter Chips, Peanut Butter Cookies, and Morning Glory Muffins (recipe for these to come soon!)

We were then surprised when Brian’s aunt and Grandma stopped by to visit for a minute this morning and dropped off a little housewarming gift…almonds and little baggies so that we can pre-portion!  What a yummy snack!

After baking away the first half of the day and helping Brian make a playlist for his van full of high schoolers, it was time for a midday date!

Tomorrow is Brian and my 3 year anniversary, and since he is leaving tomorrow and I work all day I wanted to spend the day with him doing something special.  We packed up our bikes and headed downtown so that we could ride to the Talbot Street Art Fair.

It was perfect because they had a great bike parking area where they ticketed our bikes and gave us a matching wrist band so that nobody’s bikes got lost or stolen.  They had a great system!

Brian and I had never been to the art fair before and were extremely impressed by all of the little trinkets and beautiful pieces of art work.  There were a ton of people around and the weather was beautiful…a little hot, but we aren’t complaining 😉

While growing up, my family would always take advantage of the summer festivals in my hometown, and I still love these types of festivities.  I love the atmosphere, being around of a lot of people, and the different dynamic that each event brings to the city.  This was the first official summer festival of the year that Brian and I have attended, and I hope we have a chance to go to a few more!

After browsing around for a while, we were pretty hungry.  We decided to rest our feet and enjoy some gyros.  I got mine with just veggies and feta and Brian enjoyed a chicken gyro.  I had never had a gyro before, and it was really tasty!  I loved that the insides were super cold against the warm pita, especially since Brian and I were very hot!

After stopping at all of the booths in the art fair, Brian and I headed across the street to a cute little cupcake shop, 111 Cakery. After speaking with the owners husband and trying a delicious sample of their chocolate chip cookies, Brian and I caved and split a strawberry shortcake cupcake.  The cake itself tasted like a regular strawberry cupcake, but the best part was the little surprise of real strawberry filling inside.  Very tasty!

All in all, it was a great way to spend the afternoon.  I love day time dates!

We then came home, and while I prepared my meals for the week Brian’s dad made a delicious dinner of tossed salad, grilled veggies and scallops.

Just one summery thing after another!  I love the warm months and can’t wait to take advantage of all they have to offer.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend.  Now, it’s time to relax and watch a little Food Network Star, I love Sunday night traditions…almost as much as I love summer 😉



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Who thrives on a routine and a daily schedule?  I have always loved a daily routine and being able to plan for future events.  Being on the cruise ship was great for that aspect because every day was exactly the same.  If we were at sea the classes and seminars were always at the same time and if we were in port, then I either had the day off or taught a class in the morning or a class in the evening.  We received a schedule with several months of cruises on it, so we always knew which days we were at sea and when we were in port and we could count down the days until we went home.

Today marks one week exactly of me being home, and I went from an extremely structured and scheduled environment to an environment with absolutely no schedule whatsoever almost overnight.  In one sense, the freedom is nice, but on the other hand it is driving me nuts!

I just have to remember that the situation that I am currently in (jobless and schedule-less) is only temporary.  Starting today, I am going to create a schedule for me, as much as I can, and be on the job hunt constantly!  I can only change my attitude about the situation, and my attitude is going to be positive.

Yesterday Lunch

Moving on to what I did yesterday… (in case you haven’t noticed my posts have been pretty sporadic as well, but don’t worry, I will get everything in order soon!)

I made myself a delicious and refreshing salad of romaine lettuce, spinach, red pepper, tomato, a bit of guacamole for some healthy fat, chickpeas, tuna, and cottage cheese.  Brian and I ate lunch outside because the weather was so beautiful!

I then baked my first batch of cookies since I have been home!  Peanut butter to be exact.  This is my favorite recipe to use for peanut butter cookies because it is so simple and they turn out perfectly every time!  Usually they on’t spread out, which is why they are all so close together on the pan, but for some reason this time they spread a little bit in the oven so they all became siamese cookies…oops!  They still tasted good though 😉

Brian and I then wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather and go for a bike ride, but literally 5 minutes into our ride his brother called to say he was on his way over…so we turned around and came back home and I went for a jog instead.


Yesterday Evening

We then met up with some friends to just hang out and have a little cookout!  The first one of the year…and the second time that Brian and I have used the grill that my mom gave us.

I prepared myself a little piece of tilapia by putting the filet in a piece of aluminum foil with salt, pepper, and 2 garlic cloves.

I then wrapped it up and simply placed it right on the grill with everyone’s burgers and brats.

Brian was trying to be the grill master.

But then Matt took over 🙂  My fish turned out perfectly and everyone raved about their burgers and brats.


This morning, I “slept in” until 6am (my body is still out of wack…especially with such a random schedule).  Lately, I have been loving oatmeal for breakfast, but it was rather warm this morning and I was very thirsty when I woke up so I wanted something cool that could quench my thirst.  I made myself a smoothie to get the day started.

Strawberry Spinach Smoothie

  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1/3 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup Almond Breeze
  • 1 scoop Sunwarrior protein powder
  • 2 handfuls of spinach
  • 3 ice cubes
  • a splash of water
  • 1 1/2 tsp peanut butter on top
Combine all ingredients except for peanut butter in the blender, blend until smooth.  Pour into a bowl (if desired) and top with peanut butter.  Enjoy!


The smoothie was delicious and satisfying and great way to start the day.

I haven’t done my daily workout yet because I decided to get some work done early in the day then “reward” myself with a workout.

Have a great day!!


Have you had to change your attitude lately in order to deal with a particular situation?


What is your favorite thing for breakfast?