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Wrong Time Zone

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As soon as I got home from work, I put on my PJs, unpacked my lunch bag, popped dinner in the oven and packed all of my snacks, lunch, and dinner for tomorrow.  Dinner was ready, lunch (and meals for tomorrow) were packed in a flat 25 minutes…I would like to call that record breaking.

I roasted up some green beans, the last of my broccoli and cauliflower, and baked a Morning Star Farms Grillers Chik’n patty.

When I was shopping for these burgers at the gym, I have to admit that I didn’t really want to buy them because they were named “chicken,” but they really actually tasted pretty good.  Especially with a little salsa on top.  Good thing I liked them, because I made the same thing for dinner tomorrow night too!

Time Zones

This past weekend, my mom had a conversation with me explaining the different time zones.  Growing up, Indiana never experienced daylight savings.  Then, all of a sudden as a teenager we joined the club and had daylight savings…and I still haven’t gotten used to it.

Indiana has a couple of different time zones, which makes travel extra confusing sometimes.

Anyways, the point of this being that I got home, rushed to get all of my to-do items finished so that I could sit down and watch my webinar on coaching indoor cycling classes at 7pm….Central Time.  Indiana is on EASTERN TIME…oops!

So, the webinar is at 8pm and I had a little extra time to write this post 😉

BTW…Happy First Day of Summer!!  I’ll end the night with a question..

What is your favorite summer treat??

Mine would have to be ice cream 🙂  I love ice cream anytime, but I find that it tastes so much better in the summer when  you can eat it outside!

Chocolate Coconut Water Love

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After teaching spin, doing a bit of a shoulder, workout, and calling my new boss so that I could find out details of my new job (I start next Tuesday!) it was time for lunch.

Sometimes, I feel like I could go through I head of lettuce in two days, other times it takes me a bit longer.  When I was home not too long ago, my mom gave me some artisan lettuce as a special treat.  While I have not been skimping on using the lettuce, somehow I still have it!  So, I cleaned it up, and made myself a delicious salad full of cauliflower, onion, broccoli, celery, and tuna topped with a combination of homemade hummus and salsa.

Lately, I have been absolutely loving the combination of salsa and hummus as a salad dressing.  It is slightly spicy, and the hummus adds a nice creaminess.  Delish! 😉

New Obsession

When I went grocery shopping for the week, I purchased myself a little treat.  Zico Chocolate Coconut water.  I had tried the original coconut water and loved it, but heard rave reviews about the chocolate.  To be honest, I was a little nervous about trying it because I like the original so much, but as soon as I tried it I was in LOVE!

It is seriously delicious, and oddly tastes kind of like chocolate milk.  When I tried it on Saturday, I immediately got the urge to experiment with it…so I made a smoothie.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Coconut Water Smoothie

  • 1/2 cup Zico Chocolate Coconut Water
  • 1/3 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 handful of kale (spinach will work fine too, or you can omit!)
  • 1 Tbsp of natural peanut butter
  • 1 tsp raw cacao powder
  • 1/2 packet of splenda
  • 4 ice cubes
  • a splash of regular water (as needed)

Combine all ingredients in the blender and enjoy!!  Seriously, this is one delicious, sweet, nutritious treat 🙂

Get it Done Before I Go

Yesterday, I just had a feeling that it was going to be a great day, and it was!  Brian came and visited me at work first thing in the morning and brought me some pretty fall flowers 🙂

What a sweet guy!


After work we had our cake tasting, and I must say the cake was tasty.  We were given a slice of her most popular cake…French vanilla and chocolate fudge with a raspberry filling.  Even though Brian and I both scarfed down our samples, we still weren’t 100% satisfied with the flavor and the frosting.  We were both really hoping for the “WOW!  This is the best cake I have ever had!” effect, and we just didn’t have that.  On the positive side, we really liked her personality, we liked that she built the business on her own and built her own test kitchen attached to her home, the business is literally her baby and we can tell how much it means to her, and she talked with us about her competition within the industry.  On top of that, her prices are really affordable too.


Deciding on our cake was going to be something that I was initially planning on leaving until after I return from the cruise.  After talking with this cake lady, she really made it seem like the cake is something that we need to decide on now!  So, today I am going to scramble and try to make at least one more appointment before I leave so that we can compare flavors and prices.



This morning, I woke up with a pretty bad headache.  About once a month I get these headaches and there is nothing that beats them accept for a prescription that I have been given.  The only downside is that the prescription really makes me feel weird and a little dizzy for the rest of the day, so I did not do a workout first thing in the morning.  If I start to feel better then I would love to go on a bike ride or do something active later in the day!

Because I wasn’t feeling 100% I was craving some sort of bread this morning, so I made myself an egg white english muffin sandwich made on a Thomas Light Multi-Grain English Muffin.  It was delicious, needless to say.

Today, I have the entire day off from work so I am hoping to accomplish a lot of things that need to get done before I leave next Saturday!  I can’t believe it’s coming so soon!

It Worked!

Good news…the cheesecake worked!!!!

They were so delicious and cute!  Brian tried one before we took them to our party just to be safe and he literally said “These are soooo good!  These will be a regular treat from now on.”  Ok, I don’t think he realized how much time these little puppies take….Iwill definitely make them again but weekly??? That is a stretch, I’m glad he liked them that much though!

We arrived at Kelsey’s (the hostess) with cheesecakes in hand ready for a great fall evening with friends.  She is the party thrower extraodinaire and had the most beautiful, simple fall flowers as decor and a delicious spread of food waiting for us.

This apple dip was called “Autumn in Your Mouth” and tasted so good!  It was pumpkin, cream cheese, cinnamon, powdered sugar all mixed together.  It was like pumpkin cheesecake dip!

Perfect weather for a bonfire

The party got moved indoors

Last night was so fun.  It was great to be all together and really just hang out!


Originally, I had planned to go for a run this morning, but I woke up with a pretty bad headache so I decided to postpone the run until tomorrow.

Tonight, Brian and I are going to an engagement party that some friends are throwing for us and we are hanging out with his family at Irish Fest which is walking distance from our apartment.  Since Brian and I are going out both nights this weekend, we made a little driving arrangement.  Last night was Brian’s night to drive…which is probably why I have a headache.   Tonight is my night to drive, which is why I know a run will for sure be able to happen tomorrow!

When I went to make breakfast, I was hungry and knew I needed something in my stomach, but nothing sounded good.  I knew that I wanted something savory rather than my usual sweet smoothie or sweet oatmeal bowl.  Finally, I made the decision for a scrambled egg with salsa and a little bit of cheese wrapped up in a La Tortilla Factory Smart and Delicious Low Carb High Fiber tortilla.  It was a good decision and I’m glad that I took the time to think it through because the meal really hit the spot.


Hope you all have a great start to the weekend!




September 11

In the days leading up to today I have found myself talking with others about the question “Where were you on September 11, 2001?”  It seems like a question that our children will be assigned to ask their parents in their history classes. It is hard to believe that 10 years have passed since that tragic day.

Looking back and analyzing my reactions at that specific point-in-time, I realize how young I was.  I was 12 years old, in my 7th grade drama class.  It was hard for me to understand what terrorism truly was because that is not something we were taught about in school.  I didn’t understand why such a horrible thing happened to innocent people, and why we couldn’t do something to fix it.

The memorial at ground zero is a beautiful tribute to those who were lost, and I just wanted to recognize this significant day before going on with my daily ramblings.


On a Lighter Subject

I ran without knee pain today!

Today’s run was actually really refreshing.  I didn’t plan how far I was going, I didn’t bring my watch, I just ran until I was too thirsty to go on.  It probably ended up being between 4 and 5 miles, which I am ok with that ;).  Because I was so thirsty, I stopped in the Indiana State Museum and gulped down water at the drinking fountain.  For some reason, my thirst just couldn’t be quenched.

I then walked the rest of the way home and had a homemade “Larabar” to tide me over until Body Pump, which started at 12:30.

Today’s Body Pump class had a lot of Pink songs.  Apparently, Pink songs are notorious for being the toughies in Body Pump classes.  I upped my weights today because I am still trying to figure out where I should be, and my arms were on FIRE at the end of each track!  I am seriously loving the class though…too bad it’s only a 14 day free trial 😦


I biked home…in the rain!  The raindrops were thick and fat and I tried to race home before it got too heavy.  The rain won the race.

I was ready for a light lunch since I had a snack before Body Pump.  I made a salad veeeery similar to last night’s with garlic stuffed olives on the side.  I absolutely adore giant olives, but Brian hates them….I really don’t understand that, but I guess that just means more for me 😉

Having this lazy Sunday to take my time to get things done and just hang out has been really nice.

Just a thought:  Where were you 10 years ago today?


Work, Dinner, Get Ready

Work today went by pretty reasonably, not too fast and not too slow.  I think that my favorite thing that a co-worker brought in were pumpkin brownies with a cream cheese icing…I’m going to have to get the recipe!

Work Fashion

I wore the pants that fit so well today!



I then came home and made a simple easy dinner of a chocolate strawberry smoothie bowl:

And a salad with cannellini beans, pepperoncini, red onion, tomato, celery, carrots, romaine, and salsa.

Now, I have to go get ready for one of my good friend’s (who lives in the same apartment complex) housewarming parties!! AHH…speed hair, makeup and picking out of clothes (the hardest part)…ready, go!


All Scrambled Up

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Good Evening Friends!

Today was an pretty uneventful day in the retail world…no instances of shoplifting or unhappy customers, which is ok in my book!  Getting used to eating lunch after 1pm is a hard adjustment for me since I usually am hungry by 11am.  By the time I got to lunch I was pretty hungry, and here is what I ate:

Broccoli, cauliflower, the last of my homemade hummus, a couple of dried apricots, Special K multigrain crackers, and half of a Nature Valley cinnamon bar (I ate the other half in the back of the store to tide me between breakfast and lunch.)  Produce and other meal components are running low because it is grocery week, but we are making due!

I usually walk to and from work, but Brian was just hanging out at the apartment so he was nice and picked me up!  On our way back, we noticed that there was something going on outside of the Sheraton (our wedding reception venue) because there were a ton of news stations, the street was blocked off by police cars, and there was a giant dark colored bus with blackened windows.  Brian and I immediately turned on the news after we got home, I searched online…and we both found nothin’!  I guess I’ll have to watch in the morning to see if something pops up then!


Tonight’s dinner was completely experimental.  When I went grocery shopping two weeks ago I purchased a block of tofu on a whim.  I had no plans for the tofu, but I knew that I wanted to try it out.  Since it is grocery week, the pickings are a little slim as to meal options, but the tofu was still in the fridge.  I quickly looked up a couple of tofu recipes to see what I could even do.  Tofu scrambles was something that had stuck out in my mind, and after glancing at this recipe and this recipe I felt inspired to do some magic in the kitchen.

Brian’s opinion is really what dictates whether or not I share the recipe with you, and he couldn’t stop talking about how great it tasted!  Here is what I came up with:

Salsa Tofu Scramble on a Whim


  • 1/4 cup chopped red onion
  • 1 clove garlic chopped
  • jalapenos to taste
  • 2 cups of spinach
  • 1 block (2 servings) of tofu chopped into small pieces and drained of most liquid
  • 1/4 cup chopped tomato
  • 1/4 cup of salsa
  • 1 tsp cumin (or more to taste)
  • 1 tsp garlic salt
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Cheese (optional, Brian’s had lots of cheese)
First, press and drain all of the liquid out of the tofu.  Many methods I read about took about an hour, which was way too long for me.  I simply placed the tofu on a plate and pressed it with paper towels rotating the top and bottom.  I then cut it into cubes and placed them on a paper towel and placed another paper towel on top of the tofu and pressed all of the liquid out.
I then added the chopped onion and garlic to a heated pan and sauteed it for about 3 minutes until tender. (I didn’t use any water or oil and it turned out fine).   Then,  I added the spinach and spices to the mix and cooked it through until it was wilted.  After the spinach was wilty, I added the tofu and tomato.  Stirring occasionally, I cooked it on med-high heat for about 3 minutes before adding the salsa.  Continue to cook and stir occasionally until most of the liquid from the tofu is gone and it tastes yummy (now I’m getting technical!).
I didn’t want cheese in mine so I put my half on a plate.  I then added some healthy queso to Brian’s half and topped it with more cheddar cheese.
Seriously, this meal was so great and tasted kind of like scrambled eggs!  I will for sure make it again, and experiment with different flavors.  I think curry would be yummy 😉
Now, Brian and I are off to watch a movie and drink some Riesling :)…he isn’t in the mood to study, so I told him “I guess I can finish the grocery list tomorrow”  I hope he picks out a good movie to watch!

PS…Check out Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog to enter her giveaway for Larabars!!

Pizza Never Seemed So Easy

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It is nice to go home and have someone do the cooking for me.  Although I love cooking and preparing meals for others, I always appreciate when the role is reversed.  As I was working on my computer and mom was reading the Sunday paper, we both decided that we were ready for lunch.  Mom was craving one of her flatbread pizzas and offered to make me one.  We decided to split it and have some veggies and dip on the side. Seriously, these pizzas take like 5 minutes to make, are low in calories compared to take-out, and you can add any healthy (or indulgent 😉 ) ingredients you want!

My Mom’s Flatbread Pizza


  • Flatout Flatbread flavor of your choice
  • Garlic salt
  • Pizza sauce
  • Cheese
  • Toppings of your choice:  we chose turkey pepperoni, green pepper, red onion, green olives
Top the pizza crust with garlic salt and spray with a little non stick olive oil cooking spray.  Stick in the oven at around 350 until the crust is golden brown.  Pull out of the oven and top with sauce, cheese, and the rest of your toppings.  Stick back in the oven until the cheese is melted.   Cut into four slices and enjoy to yourself, or share with a loved one 🙂
After lunch, I headed out to the JoAnn’s Fabrics to get materials for my first sewing project…an apron!
I hope it turns out alright!  The package for the pattern says “It’s sew easy”….so hopefully that is put on their for a reason.
I then came home to Brian who had been studying all day long.  It was so good to see him after a weekend away.  We were both pretty ready for dinner, so I got to work to whip something together quickly.  I was in the mood for a plate full of greens, so I made myself a GIANT salad.
It was a salad with spinach topped with fresh Amish tomatoes, fresh Amish corn, carrots, jalapenos, red onion, and salsa.  It was delicious and really filled my craving for veggies.
I have to go into work early tomorrow, so I am off for an early bed time!  Tomorrow begins the final week of my half marathon training schedule, so lots of short runs!  That will be a big change compared to the 13 miles I did yesterday 😉

College Throwback

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First thing’s first, I owe you a work look!

My walk to work was amazing!  I love when the weather is sunny and bright, I feel like it just puts everyone in a good smiley mood 🙂

Everything just seemed to be bright and cheery.


Tonight’s dinner takes me back to my freshman college days.  As a freshman at Butler you have to sign up for a meal plan which gives you the option of eating in the cafeteria in Atherton Union or in the basement of Atherton Union in a little place called C-Club.  At Butler, it seems like the majority of people don’t really enjoy eating at either place for many reasons…one being the smell that Atherton leaves on your clothes.

Anyways, in C-Club we had the option of a pizza restaurant, a burgers and fries type restaurant, a smoothie bar (I ate there almost every other day!), a la cart options, and a sandwich/deli place.  I would eat at the C-Club sandwich/deli place almost every day and order the taco salad, but I would tell them that I wanted to add a couple of extra things….aka I would basically build my own salad.

I would start by asking for a lot of spinach on the bottom or spinach and romaine if they had it.  If I didn’t specify a lot, and even if I did, they would literally put a couple of leaves down and then ask if I wanted tortilla chips on the bottom about 5 times.   I would politely ensure them that no, I was sure I didn’t want any tortilla chips and yes, I did want the majority of my salad to be spinach.  I would then top it with grilled chicken, red onion, banana peppers, tomato, black beans, and parmesan cheese.  I also had to be very specific about the cheese because the salad makers would literally grab a handful of shredded parmesan cheese and dump it on top of my salad…sorry, but I am not ordering a parmesan cheese salad.  They would then ask if I wanted nacho cheese or dressing and be shocked when every time I told them no thank you and then snagged two packets of salsa.  I still think that salsa is one of the best salad dressings.

So, tonight I made my rendition of the made-to-order C-Club taco salad for dinner.

It tasted delicious!  Just as I remembered.

Brian and I are having friends come over later tonight for dessert so I baked chocolate chippers (chocolate chip cookies) and we are topping them with Edy’s Yogurt Blend’s Vanilla 🙂  I can hardly wait!


August Moving Forward

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Ok! So wordpress is back up and working well! So here are some things that we missed this morning because there were no pictures…

Last day of working in this lovely uniform

I had a delicious coffeelicious smoothie this morning in a cup rather than my usual bowl.

Today was a great last day of working with Emmis Community Outreach and Riley Hospital for Children.  We only had a bout 20 kids to give helmets to, but they all were smart, happy, and well behaved!

I got home from work and changed clothes right away so that I could head to Pilates over at Butler taught by the wonderful Beth, she is my boss as a group fitness instructor but she was also a member of my sorority at Butler.  She just graduated a couple of years before me 🙂


For dinner I tried something new, Kale Chips!  These were so simple and were crunchy, tasted salty (because of the seasonings), and tasted great with ketchup.

Kale Chips


  • 3/4 of a bunch of kale
  • seasonings (seasoned salt, salt, pepper, garlic, whatever you want to use!)
  • 1 Tbsp of olive oil or nonstick cooking spray
Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Begin by rinsing off the bunch of kale.  Dry it completely.  Then, rip off the leaves from the thick stem and spread them out onto a cookie sheet.  Toss the leaves in the olive oil or the cooking spray.  Sprinkle with seasonings to taste.  Place in the oven for 10-15 minutes until all of the “chips” are crunchy.  Dip in ketchup and enjoy!
Makes 2 large servings

Kale before it's cooked

Cooked up kale

We had the kale chips along side a baked potato.  I topped mine with salsa.

August Moving Forward

I mentioned earlier today that it was weird to me that I am not going back to school this August, and that it almost feels like I don’t have any major events to look forward to (which is so untrue!).  I just don’t have the usual things to look forward to such as sorority socials, a new class schedule, internships, rehearsals, auditions etc.  One thing I do have to look forward to this month is a new job!  Although it is yet another part-time job to hold me over until October, it should still be fun and exciting.


I am currently watching the Bachelorette with Brian and it is so nerve-wracking!! I wonder who she will end up with!!! 🙂