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Dig-IN A Taste of Indiana

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Yesterday was a beautiful, warm, sunny day in downtown Indianapolis.  It was perfect weather to spend downtown, outside at the third annual Dig-IN A Taste of Indiana event.  


Brian and I purchased tickets to this event all the way at the beginning of the month.  I saw a discount for it on Twitter, read about what the event actually was, and Brian made the immediate impulse purchase of the tickets, but I am sooo glad that he did!

Dig-IN is an annual event that “demonstrates that investment in Indiana food and agriculture, through education, experiences and  conversation, benefits our community and economy.”  This event truly showcased and advocated the slow food lifestyle while featuring local food and food growers, while providing educational speakers about food from local food producers and experts.

Not only was this event educational and tasty while celebrating Indiana’s farmers, it was simple!  All that we did was purchase our ticket in advance, check-in, receive a wristbad, and a passport telling us what was at each station and where each station was.  Once we were in, each taste was included in the ticket price.  The only extra thing that needed to be paid for were full glasses of beer and wine, but tastings were complimentary!


We met up with Kegan and Tori for our afternoon full of Indiana eats.


As we entered, it was almost overwhelming.  There were so many booths, we didn’t really know where to start.  We were extremely hot, and the first thing we saw was a frozen treat that we immediately gravitated toward.


The treat was a blueberry buttermilk popsicle from Nicey Frozen Treats, and it was so good!  Very creamy, and very delicious.


We then wandered on to sample more things.  Brian found some chicken and noodles.


I then saw some homemade maple syrup, and rather than trying a sample, I tried to listen in on what sounded like the recording of a commercial!


Best Boy & Co had some delicious chocolate sauces and barbeque sauces.  My favorite was a hot mustardy sauce…it tasted like mustard pretzels!…and my second favorite was the chili hot fudge.  The chili hot fudge was so smoky and flavorful, yet sweet at the same time.  Yum!


They even had eco friendly spoons for us to sample with.


Frittle Candy offered a tasty selection of peanut brittle with sesame seeds.  It was nutty, tasty, crunchy, and sticky.  The mini treat was so simple and cute all the way down to the brown boxes with their logo stamped on it and their mini business cards.  I loved it!


The wine cake mix samplings.  It was very tasty (we tried the strawberry), and I felt pretty clever since I had done this myself before with just a regular box of cake mix!


We then wandered around to the back of the park, and Brian heard a familiar voice.  We popped inside the tent with the Dig-IN Speaker Series to see one of our classmates and his friend from Butler, Kristin Hess!


She is pretty awesome and worked with David Hoppe to create a book called “Food for Thought:  An Indiana Harvest.”  This book really captures the personality of Indiana food through stories and beautiful photos taken by Kristin herself.  It was really a neat experience to sit in and listen to them both speak so candidly about their experiences gathering these stories and photos from Indiana food growers and producers.  I definitely want a copy of that book!

After listening to Kristin, it was time to head to the wine tent.


Not only were tastings included in our ticket price, but we got nice, glass Dig-IN wine glasses to take home.


Then, it was time for some food truck action.  Brian’s favorite dish came from a food truck called Spice Box that featured Indian dishes.  The dish served yesterday was Channa Masala, a sample of spiced chicken and chickpeas.


My favorite came from this little food truck, Duos.


It was a potato, mustard greens, and goat cheese quesadilla with salsa verde.  All of this was served on a whole wheat tortilla.  Seriously, it was soooo good!  I think I am going to try to recreate it at home sometime 🙂


We then sampled our way through some more wine and delicious eats.


Zest! Exciting Food Creations, Indianapolis featuring house-made ricotta with peach and white corn puree topped with Twisted Sistaz popcorn made exclusively for them by Just Pop In!.


These cookies were by Just Rennie’s Cookie Co. and they were seriously the bomb.  They were soft and delicious, and so gooey.  They were really, really good.  Out of the three flavors sampled, the Cranberry cookies were my favorite.  I think I am going to recreate that recipe too!


We then stopped at the Traders Point Creamery booth.  I have eaten at this restaurant once and want to take Brian their because I know he will love the delicious cheese.  This farm is completely organic and raises their own grass fed cows, pigs, and organic free range chickens.  Their sample was a delicious gazpacho…so good.


I started to chat with one of the ladies at their booth, who happened to be the marketing manager.  She gave me a block of their famous Fleur de la Terre cheese to sample, and boy is it delicious.  The taste is slightly sharp, salty and just plain good!  I made sure to save some to experiment with in a recipe this week.


Fermenti Artisan featured their fermented garden krout with capriole and farms old Kentucky Tomme (goat cheese).  Tasty.


Our last taste of the day was at Black Swan Brew Pub’s booth.  I seriously have to take my mom and sister there when they visit next time.  Their sample was the Black Swan Signature Reuban, and it was so good.  I requested mine without the meat and was seriously impressed by the delicious flavor of the entire little sample.


They built the sandwich right in front of us, then torched the top to melt the cheese.  How cool is that!?


All in all, Dig-IN was an amazing experience and way to showcase Indiana food and agriculture, and I cannot wait to go back next year!

Weekend Full of Events

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Hello friends!

Sorry for the slight blogging hiatus.  This weekend was action packed with a lot of fun activities, and a little bit of behind the scenes blog work (more on that later this week!).

Saturday started out with my Body Pump class.  I am getting more comfortable with Pump each week, and I find myself adding in more little jokes, singing a bit more, and just having more fun with everything overall.  I absolutely love starting out my weekend with this amazing class and workout.


After teaching Pump, I headed over to visit Brian at an open house for the student run dental clinic that he is a part of.

I was able to meet the dean of his program as well as some of his class mates.


The facilities were so new. I was very impressed by how nice everything looked.



Once we were done with the clinic open house, it was time to shower and clean up for the evening.  We had not one but two cookouts to attend.  The first cookout was for Brian’s clinic group in dental school, and the second was for our friend, Tori’s, birthday.





It was a perfect night to be outside, so the cookouts were great to have as our evening plans. At the dental school cookout, everyone brought a different dish, and there was such variety!  I brought my homemade hummus along with some veggies and pita chips.


There were so many things to sample, I didn’t know what to pick.  The dessert table looked pretty darn tasty, so I kept my pickings pretty small in order to save room.

Celery with some corn and bean salsa, corn chips, potato salad, more veggies, cheese, and some plantains.  Yum!


After our food settled, Brian and I shared some goodies from the dessert table.  Not quite sure what everything was, but there was a little chocolate and peanut butter goody…that little gem was by far my favorite!


After chatting and hanging out for a bit, we then headed over to Tori and Kegan’s house.  We were happy to celebrate Tori’s birthday, but we were super excited to meet the newest member of their family…

TEDDY!  Isn’t he adorable!?


We spent the evening chatting outside, drinking a little wine and just relaxing…so perfect!



I made sure to limit myself to one small glass of wine last night early in the evening because I knew that I was heading out for my long run today.  9 miles was on the agenda, it felt oh so good to check it right off the list!


I then made a delicious breakfast of carrot cake pancakes for Brian and I (recipe coming soon..), showered up and got ready for the day.


Brian and I had plans to attend Dig IN-A Taste of Indiana with Tori and Kegan.  This event showcased Indiana growers and their high quality dishes in sample sized bites in the beautiful White River State Park in downtown Indianapolis, IN.

This event was so amazing, and I can’t say enough great things about the people, the food, the atmosphere, about everything…so I will be dedicating an entire post to this wonderful event later in the week 😉



After Dig-IN, Brian and I were definitely ready to go home.  We ran a couple of errands, then came back home to prepare for the week.  We weren’t exactly starving for dinner, but we needed a little somethin’ somethin’ in our bellies, so I whipped up some veggie and cheese plates.


The cheese was from Trader’s Point Creamery.  Trader’s Point is an organic dairy farm in Indianapolis, IN.  They had a booth with delicious gazpacho soup at the Dig-IN event, and while we were in line I think that we just hit the lucky spot because the marketing manager just happened to be standing there and gave us some cheese to take home to sample!  You know how I feel about free things…

She didn’t just give us any cheese, she gave us some of their famous Fleur de la Terre.   This cheese was slightly salty, and had a slightly sharp flavor…so delish!  I made sure not to eat it all and save some for a recipe later in the week 😉

After such a busy and fun weekend, I am more than ready for a good night’s sleep.

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

What was one fun thing that you did this weekend?

  • Attended the Dig-IN A Taste of Indiana event…can’t wait to share the details soon!

Super Secret Sample and Bananay Oats!

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Last night, one of the frequent travelers to one of the hotels that I work at brought in a little surprise.  He has been traveling to Indianapolis for months now working on this project and  I got to try some before it even hit the shelves!

Sorry I can’t say what it is, but it will roll out October 1 🙂  It was a fun little way to spend one of my long days at work.


Yesterday, I was a complete slow-poke in the morning….for absolutely no reason at all.  Today, I want to start things off right and get where I need to be on time without completely rushing around like a crazy person.  I helped myself out a bit by preparing my breakfast last night…overnight oats that taste like banana bread!

Instead of peanut butter I put a teaspoon of homemade cashew butter…so good…and I put some frozen bananas in the mix last night.  When I woke up, the bananas were all mushy, and the perfect consistency to mash around in my oat bowl.

The result was a thick, creamy, sweet, bananay bowl of goodness.


This morning I teach my cardio intervals class.  I usually change the workout, but I have been keeping the same format throughout the entire summer.  There are eight exercises that get completed for one minute each.  During that minute, I want my class (and me!) working their little hearts out to the best of each person’s ability.  We then take a quick water break, go back to the top and cut out the last exercise, so we only complete seven the second round, then six the third, five the fourth, and so on…

The class loves the format and always tells me how quickly class goes by!

Click here for a “how-to bear crawl” video 

I can’t believe that it is Thursday already!! EEK! Tonight, I am team teaching a Body Pump class then I have lots to do to prepare for the weekend…wish me luck and have a great day!

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Oh What a Day (and Night)

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Yesterday was seriously packed with so much fun!

After running my first half marathon distance yesterday, Mom and I headed to the grocery store.  I know that some people really view grocery shopping as a chore and try to avoid it at all costs, but to me it is just therapeutic!  Mom and I get to chit-chat and just hang out 🙂  In high school, I always went to the grocery store with mom and when I would come home during college that would be the one thing I would always look forward to…so yesterday wasn’t any different.

We came home from the grocery store ready for a light lunch.  Mom had just bought a ton of tomatoes from an Amish farmer’s market, so I just HAD to try one!

My favorite thing for lunch…veggie tasting plate 🙂 I wanted it to be super light because I had a large snack after running, Mom and I were going to Sam’s Club (and we both love samples and can’t say no to anything free), and we were hitting up the Taste of the Arts.  Long story short, we needed to save room!

We then headed to the bridal shop to get my bridesmaid dress for Chelsea’s wedding!  I honestly think that I have the weirdest body shape.  The dress fit slightly loose in the chest and hips region, but had to be let out in the middle region…I just do NOT have that hour glass figure everyone longs for…I guess you could say I am either “boy-shaped” or a “ruler.” (at least that is what the magazines label my body type!)


At the wedding shop I tried on my first wedding dresses!! Mom and I were there surrounded by beautiful gowns…how could we not take advantage of the situation???  My favorite was the very first one that I tried on, but I also tried on a Kate Middleton replica just for fun!  That thing was heavy!!!  It was super pretty, but I am just not a fan of the sleeves.

We then went to Sam’s Club to get my new camera!!  I haven’t used it yet because it is charging right now.  I am hoping for the best!

After Sam’s it was time for Taste of the Arts.  Mom and I had never heard of this event in  Fort Wayne before so we were really excited to check it out since our family really supports the arts, and loves to try new food!  After talking to some of the people working at the booths we actually found out that this event had been going on for 10 years!! I couldn’t believe that I had never heard of it, but it was seriously so great.

Mom and I shared everything so that we could try more stuff without feeling too full.  I was really glad that I had run 13 miles earlier because that literally made my stomach feel like a bottomless pit…literally I wasn’t full all day.

We started off with a Tropical Smoothie from Smoothie King.  I have seen Smoothie King’s before, but I had never tried it.  It was so tasty and the perfect way to start our little sampler platter in the afternoon heat.

We then headed to the Biaggi’s table to try the caprese salad….I think this was my favorite dish of all!

My hands were getting full

The next stop was for a chocoholic ice cream sundae…chocolate ice cream, oreo crumbs, m&ms, and chocolate sauce…so good!

Next stop was at another little restaurant  that I can’t remember the name of to try a tuna nacho.  It had raw tuna, veggies, and wasabi sauce.   So yummy!

We then walked around the little art booths to see what was going on.

Kids crafts

He's got no head!

We then headed to Chelsea’s bridal shower.  Her new house is so amazing, and it was so great to see old friends!  We then realized that so many of our friends are engaged…this is me, Chelsea, and Katie (another high school friend).

After the shower, I had to head home to get all dressed up for our night out for the bachelorette party…needless to say, it was a blast!!!

Me and the Bride-to-Be!!

This Morning

So, because last night was so fun I was feeling a little under-the-weather this morning.  But after my mom made me a yummy breakfast I felt tons better…and some water and excedrine 😉

Cream Cheese and Sugar Free Blackberry Jelly on an English Muffin...hit the spot

Now, it’s time to pack up and head back to Indy!

Shopping List and Movie Date

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After reading my post about healthy grocery shopping on a budget, Brian pointed out the fact that I did not include a sample list.  Honestly, it didn’t dawn on me that people would want it because to me, the fun is making the list.  Coming from Brian’s perspective, someone who doesn’t cook regularly, he said that he wouldn’t even know what to put on the list and where to get the items.  So here is a little more insight.


My mom made herself a little worksheet that has each section of the grocery store in the order that she goes to it.  This is great if you are always going to the same store and the aisles and food placement aren’t changing.

I wonder why I like lists and organizing so much??

Her categories are

  • HBA (Health and Beauty)
  • Meat
  • Dairy
  • Fruit/Veggies
  • Drinks
  • Bread
  • Misc
  • Paper/Cleaning
  • Frozen
  • Pantry
She then has a little Monday-Sunday calendar at the top right corner where she writes her meal ideas.
Sample List
This week due to time I did all of my shopping in one place.  Each list is going to be different depending on the menu, here is a sample list with the prices that I paid next to the item.
  • salted peanuts–$3 (could have purchased at Good Earth Natural Foods for 1.95/lb)
  • chocolate chips x2–4
  • avocados–4
  • margarine–1
  • almond milk–3
  • peanut butter–3
  • whole wheat elbow macaroni–1
  • reduced fat cheddar cheese x2–8
  • dry mustard–2
  • broccoli–2
  • cauliflower–3
  • whole wheat tortillas–4
  • organic spinach–4
  • laughing cow light swiss cheese–4
  • reduced fat cream cheese–2
  • brown rice–1
  • tofu block–2
  • cucumber–1
  • tomatoes–1
  • onion–1
  • apples–2
  • zucchini–2
  • tomato puree–1
  • rice cakes–4
  • turkey lunch meat–3
  • oats–2
  • sugar–2
  • bananas–2
  • crystal light energy–4
  • gum–2
  • diet coke–8
  • salted cashews–5
  • ground lean turkey–4
  • carrots–2
  • greek yogurt–3
  • jalapenos–2
  • baggies–5
  • granola bars–2
Now, after all of that grocery talk let’s move on to dinner!
Mom put this meal in her crock pot and let it cook all day long.  It was so delicious, nutritious, and would be great in colder fall weather….it was still great tonight though too!
She put green beans, potatoes, carrots, onion, peas, coconut milk, and shrimp into a crock pot marinated with curry.  It was just great!
Movie Date Night
After dinner, it was time to head out to our movie date.  We had to run some errands at the mall that ended up not taking as long as we had originally planned.  Because we had some extra time, we stopped into Le Gourmet Chef...probably my favorite store in our mall.   Of course we had to sample a few of the sauces.  The  dirty martini sauce and the raspberry chipotle sauce both stuck out in my mind.
After some samples, we went to the theater to see the movie The Help.  This movie was simply amazing!  We laughed, we cried, I felt anger and happiness….and now I know that I HAVE to read the book because there just has to be more detail that I was missing…even though the movie was nearly 3 hours.  It was a perfect way to end the night.
Off to bed so I can wake up bright and early tomorrow!