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7 Layer Webinar

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Last night, I mentioned that I had a little time zone mix up with a webinar I was scheduled to attend.  Luckily, it was in my favor and I had an extra hour of time before the webinar actually started.

Once 8pm hit the clock, I was ready!  I was completely prepared with water to drink and pen and paper for notes.

The Seven Layer Cake

The webinar was the introduction to a 7-8 part webinar series that will actually take us all the way into October.  Cameron Chinatti, the Director of Education at Stages Indoor Cycling will be presenting almost every other week, educating us on how to effectively communicate with our indoor cycling classes.

Some of the challenges that we face as instructors (and if you attend group fitness I am sure you know!) are how to effectively communicate what to feel, figuring out how to say the same thing in many different “languages”, teaching a class that is effective for the intermediates in the room but uses enough coaching for the newbies.


Cameron said that we will be addressing all of those issues.  She is going to show us how to think about things in the group fitness atmosphere much like a personal trainer does by setting goals for the class so that as a team we can have measurable results.  I like the sounds of that!

Over the course of the 7 or 8 webinars we will be covering everything that takes place in an indoor cycling class from the introduction at the start of class, how to bring awareness to the participants of what they are actually doing, all the way down to the music that we choose (or the icing on the cake as Cameron likes to say!).

I think we have all been in a situation where we have had an amazing instructor that really pushes us to the limits, but also keeps everything safe and integrates his or her knowledge of the body seamlessly into the workout.  On the other hand, we have all been in the class where we either felt completely over worked, or we felt like we had to do another workout afterward.

When I teach my group classes, I don’t want to be in either of those scenarios.  I am very excited for this education.  So many people communicate in so many different ways, and as an instructor we have to tap into all of those methods.  I am excited to be able to use measurable goals with my classes, and overall better my coaching ability.

If you are interested in joining, you can still register for the next segment “Layer 1:  Introductions” which is on Wednesday June 27 at 8pm Eastern time.

Question of the Morning:

What has been your best or worst group fitness experience?  What could have made it better?

Share some stories!

A Forgetful Morning

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Warning…this post talks a little bit about under garments.  Not in an inappropriate way, but if you have any sensitivities to the subject, you may want to skip to the bottom 😉

Yesterday started out just like any morning.  I was up early, ate half of my baked oatmeal and was out the door before the sun had come out.

As I was driving to teach my 6am spin class, I suddenly realized that I did not have a blow dryer!  Most of the gyms that I go to have blow dryers probably just in case someone forgets one, but I had never seen a blow dryer at the gym I was going to teach at yesterday.

I called my mom and she instructed me to simply wear my hair in a low messy bun.  I had a plan, it was ok.

I kept driving along, when suddenly I realized that I had forgotten something else….a bra!!!

How did I forget that??? Again, I called my mom.  This time, her solution was to wear my sports bra…only one thing was wrong with that solution.  I wasn’t wearing a sports bra because my shirt had one built in.  What was I going to do?

Solution to both problems…The gym ended up having a blow dryer.  Thank goodness!

I then put my sweaty tank top under my dress, headed to Target, and made an emergency stop in the underwear department.

Thank goodness I was close to a store!

What a way to start the morning, let me tell ya…


This is the week of my super summer giveaway in my group fitness classes.  When I started teaching the three classes I am currently teaching a month ago, I wanted to throw some fun into the mix by hosting a giveaway.  I created little jars, and each time someone came to my class, their name was entered into the jar.  I then draw a name from the jar to win the summer fitness goody pack (I’ll show you tomorrow…I don’t want to spoil it for anyone in my Thursday class!)

The man who ended up winning the giveaway yesterday, actually had a treat for me too!

He provided me with some information on interval training while cycling so that I can incorporate that knowledge into my spinning classes.  I can’t wait to read it!

Free Webinar!

All you spinning and indoor cycling enthusiasts, today there is a free webinar from Stages Indoor Cycling on effective coaching.

The class is called the seven layer cake, and will focus on effective communication to your class.


I am very excited to attend and learn.  When it comes to my teaching, I am always taking notes from other people, reading various articles, and open to new ideas so I can’t wait to see what I take away from this opportunity.

Have a great hump day!! Try not to forget anything…

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