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Cod, Barley, and Brussels Just Waiting for Me

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This morning, my workout went as planned, except for the fact that I did a legs strength training workout instead of arms.  No biggie!  I just didn’t want to do my leg workout the day before a long run, which is what I had scheduled originally.  So, it’s one day in and I’ve already made an alteration…oh well!

After work, I came right home, had a quick snack, changed my clothes, gave Brian instructions on how to prepare dinner and was out the door.  4 miles done in no time.

I wanted to push myself, but I was pretty hungry and ready for dinner.  I ended up finishing with an 8 minute and 25 second pace.  Not too bad!  I was actually done so fast ( 😉 ) that Brian didn’t even have dinner ready when I got home.  He was just popping it into the oven as I walked through the door, and in a short 20 minutes I had baked cod, roasted brussel sprouts, and barley calling my name.  I absolutely love brussel sprouts but don’t eat them nearly enough.

Delicious, simple, and prepared by the best fiance in the world (in my opinion 😉 ).  I love having someone make dinner for me on occasion.  What a way to end the night.


Pre-Cardio Interval Snack

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Good Morning!

Today is day number 2 on the job, and I am really looking forward to it.  The hotel offers complimentary breakfast to our guests, and one of my supervisors suggested that I eat breakfast there today.  It should be fun!  At least I know they have fruit, oatmeal, and coffee.

Before heading to the gym this morning, I made myself a pre-workout snack to tide me over until my hotel breakfast.

It was like a mini smoothie!  In the mix was: 1/3 frozen banana, 1/2 cup plain nonfat Greek yogurt, 1/2 cup almond coconut unsweetened milk, 2 tsp peanut butter, stevia, and vanilla extract.  It was smooth, creamy, and the perfect pre-workout fuel.

Cardio Intervals

Thursday mornings, I teach Cardio Intervals.  I am really enjoying this class because it gets pretty intense and sweaty, and the group I teach is simply amazing!

Here is a look at the super sweaty cardio and strength training workout we did today:

Now, I am off to work!

After work plans:  attend and study Body Pump (it is one of our instructor’s last class!), make a delicious treat to bring into work on Friday…that is the best part of the job, someone to eat all of my treats 😉

Happy Thursday!

Group Fitness and It Tastes Like a Frappe!!

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I started out this morning teaching a Cardio Intervals group fitness class.

When it comes to creating a group fitness routine, at first, it can seem a bit overwhelming because there are literally endless possibilities of what the class can do.  I find that things work best when I keep the routine simple but effective and think about what I like to achieve while I am in a group fitness class.

What I look for in a group fitness class:

  • An all-inclusive workout, I don’t want to feel that I barely broke a sweat and I need to hop on the elliptical or lift weights after the class…Believe me, I have been there.
  • Fun and motivating atmosphere.  I like to truly feel like a team when I am in a group fitness class, and that we are all working together to complete the same challenge.
  • Guidance, if I am not sure of a move, if I feel a different muscle working than the one that is described to me, or if I have a question I want to feel comfortable asking my instructor a question.

Today’s workout really challenged the participants.  They were sweating by the second round, but we were all able to power through and finish the workout together.  What a great way to start the morning 🙂


While driving home, I decided that I really wanted something cold and creamy…kind of like a frappuccino. But instead of pulling into the nearest coffee chop and paying a million dollars for it, I got creative in the kitchen and made a homemade healthier version.

A couple of years ago, Starbucks had a coconut mocha frappuccino.  I think it was probably my favorite, but of course it was a limited time only flavor…luckily I figured out how to make it myself!

Healthified Coconut Mocha “Frappe” Swap


  • 1/4 cup cooled coffee
  • 1/4 unsweetened almond coconut Almond Breeze
  • 1 tsp raw cacao powder
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 packet of stevia
  • 1/3 frozen banana
  • 4 ice cubes
  • water until it is the desired consistency (you may not need to add any!)
  • 1 Tbsp unsweetened shredded coconut


Combine all ingredients in the blender and blend away!  Enjoy  in a cup or a bowl 🙂


Calories:  159.9  Fat:  5.9g  Carbs:  12.8g  Protein:  16.5g

I thought that it had the perfect amount of coconutty flavor, and the actual shredded pieces of coconut gave it a nice texture.  I will definitely be making this treat again.

I enjoyed my “frappe” along side some egg whites and salsa.

I hope you all have an amazing and productive Thursday!

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Better than a Cup of Joe

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Hello and happy Saturday!

My Saturday was off to a great and early start with an 8am spinning class this morning.  But before we dive into that, let’s talk about last night.


Originally, I had great plans to take Brian through a workout at one of the gyms that I teach at.  This was a test week for Brian (who is in dental school for those who didn’t know), and by the end of these weeks he is literally exhausted.  I completely understand and appreciate that, so when the topic of heading to the gym came up last night Brian kindly asked if he could take a rain check on my offer.  To me, working out makes me feel alive and completely pumped up…but I realize that it is not like that for everyone, and I would never want to someone to feel like I was forcing them to workout, so I headed to the gym by myself.

I completed 3 miles earlier in the day, so I did some upper body strength training.  Usually,  I try to go in with a specific plan, but yesterday I was much more go-with-the-flow.  I then taught a 30 minute abs class with this routine:

Touchdown exercise:  This exercise really works your rhomboids (muscles in your upper back).  To do this move, lie on your tummy and pull your belly button into the spine so that you feel the hip bones into the ground.  Extend your arms out in front of you, and lift your upper body up.  Pull your arms down to your sides as if making a touch down goal post:

Touchdown Arms

As you are pulling your arms down, really focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together.  I always imagine that there is a pencil between my shoulder blades and I want to keep it there.  Then, lower your body back to the ground and extend your arms back into starting position and repeat.

Superman:  Begin on all fours, making sure that your hips are in line with your knees and your shoulders are in line with your hands.  Extend one arm and the opposite leg.  Keep your belly button pulled into your spine to keep the abdominals activated.  Pull the extended knee and elbow into each other, then extend back to starting position and repeat.  Do the same on the other side.  Make sure to keep your hips level with the ground and your body in a straight line.

Superman starting position

I then came home and baked up some tofu and placed in on some veggies for a nice little tofu salad for dinner!

I have never baked tofu, so last night I just gave it a try.  It was soooo simple!  I cut up the tofu into little cubes (after squeezing out the excess liquid), I then tossed it in some spices that sounded good to me (garlic salt, pepper, cumin, red pepper, you can use whatever!).  I then placed it on a baking sheet and baked it at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.  It came out a little bit crispy on the edges, and had delicious flavor.  I will definitely be doing that again 😉

Brian and I then headed to a little bar/pizzaria to visit our friend, Cassie, who was working there.  It was a great, chill way to spend a Friday night.

On to today…


Like I said, I started the day bright and early with a spinning class, and LOVED it!  I swear, spinning gets me going better than a morning cup of coffee!  Afterwards, I feel like I could run a marathon (well not literally…), but I feel pretty darn good.

I then headed home, and am now prepping my to-do list for the day:

  • Do the dishes
  • Pick up the bedroom
  • Bake Easter goodies
  • Decorate for Easter
  • Plan a fun activity for Brian and I to do
  • Run 5 miles (it’s on the sched…)

Lucy and I are going to be spending some quality time together this afternoon. mixer

I hope you all have something fun to do on this beautiful Saturday 🙂  Happy weekend!

I’m Aware

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Good morning!


I hope that everyone’s Tuesday is off to a great start.  This morning I woke up wondering if my legs would be sore from my workout yesterday.  Although I have been able to stay active since I have been home from the cruise ship, I haven’t done a single workout that only focuses on legs.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE the feeling of being completely sore and unable to move the day after (or sometimes the day after after) a workout.  Is that just a “me” thing, or does everyone enjoy that feeling?


Well, this morning I am not sore from yesterday, but I will say that I am “aware.”  I can feel in my legs that I worked them yesterday, more in specific movements, but I am still able to completely function while walking, sitting, standing, and moving my legs.  I guess I will settle for a feeling of “awareness” rather than nothing at all!


Here are some things that I have done in the past to help relieve muscular pain the day after a hard workout:

  • Drink plenty of water during and after the workout–this will hopefully allow you to avoid the muscle soreness the day after
  • Light exercise such as walking, jogging, and biking will help the muscles repair themselves quicker by increasing the blood flow to the sore and tight muscles.
  • Massage–Now, I am completely new to this idea, but while working on the cruise and having the fitness center as part of the spa, I was able to receive massages to aid in my muscles soreness and tightness…and boy did it help!  I never realized the importance of massage when it comes to physical fitness.  While this won’t immediately relieve the pain, it will aid in the overall healing process of the muscles.
  • Stretching and yoga–As important as I know these two activities are, especially for active bodies, I struggle to take as much time as I should to do them, yet whenever I do I feel amazing afterward and am much less sore or “aware” after an intense sweat session.


Yesterday Afternoon

Now that we have talked about how to avoid some of that pain associated with a new or intense workout, let’s talk about puppies!

Yesterday morning, it was very cold, but as the day went on it got warmer and sunnier, and it was a perfect day to play outside with the pups.

Just Chillin'

Playing with his favorite frisbee

After playing with the dogs, I knew Brian was coming over for a study break and for dinner.  It came together quick and simple.  I baked up a new to me fish, pollock, and placed it on top of a bed of spinach and veggies dressed with vinegar for a very light and flavorful dinner salad.

When Brian arrived he surprised me!

Beautiful spring flowers!

I love little surprises like that 🙂



Now, back to today (this post has been all over the place!).

Another bowl of overnight oats.

Today, I used almond extract instead of vanilla.  It gave it a slightly nutty flavor, which I absolutely LOVED!  I also added some chopped pear and a little almond butter on the side.  DELISH!


Now, I am off to cross some things off of the to-do list before heading out to a very important meeting with my dad today.  You will find out what it is about later!


Have an amazing day!

Early Morning Workout

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I went to an early morning workout class today.  I used to be the girl who ONLY worked out in the morning, but sometimes life changes the schedule a bit and there are opportunities to workout after sun has risen,  but I must admit, I love the feeling of having my workout done before 8am! 🙂

Then, it was time to come back to the puppies, shower up, and eat breakfast (which happened to be another bowl of overnight oats! …I just can’t get enough of the stuff!)

I then headed out to Starbucks to meet with a friend from Butler!  What a great way to spend the morning.  Because the Starbucks was right next door to Whole Foods (literally…right next door), I couldn’t not just go in to look.  Of course, whenever I go in to just look…I come out with something.  Luckily, they were things I was planning on putting on the grocery list this week…so now I will just remove those items from the list and the expense from the budget.  It all balances out 😉

The items were on sale too, which makes it even more ok!

I just finished off a plate of roasted veggies and cheese as a light lunch/noon-time snack, and now it is time to play in the kitchen.  Let’s see how I do at avoiding the temptation to try my concoctions one too many times.

Hello Kitty Plate!


I hope you are all having an amazing Thursday and are getting ready for the weekend!


Today’s Question:

Do you prefer to workout in the morning or evening?

I can workout anytime, but I feel that when I get it done in the morning, I am more productive throughout the rest of the day…it just gets me going!

Just Like Riding A Bike

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Guess what I did today?  Taught a group fitness class, and boy did it feel good to be doing that again!

Would you believe that it has been three weeks since I have arrived home?  That means three weeks since I have taught a fitness class, but I must say, it is just like riding a bike 🙂  I was a little nervous to teach since it has been so long.  I thought about forgetting things, not saying the right cues, and just making a fool of myself…but none of that happened.  I was worried for nothing…that never happens (just kidding).  I tend to worry and make situations worse than they need to be…oh well, we all have our faults!

Here is the workout we did today:

It was a great workout, that I feel really focused the muscles that are visible during warm weather season…shoulders, arms, abs, legs.  Completing this workout along with 30 minutes or more of cardiovascular exercise would be a great total body workout.

Before I taught, I did 35 minutes on the elliptical, but it is so nice today I may just have to break down and go for a run 😉  Can’t let the sunshine go to waste!

When I got home, I made myself a Blueberry Kale Smoothie for lunch, and it was delicious!  Although it did leave me feeling a little chilly…

In the blender:

Have an amazing rest of the day!


I still need your help with Easter recipe ideas…!!

Cauliflower Pizza Dough and Weekend Updates

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First things first…I promised you a recipe.  I did attempt this recipe once before with good points on the flavor, but not so much on the presentation…

Cauliflower Pizza Dough (Adapted from

Yields:  4 Servings

Cook Time:  About 1 hour total (prep included)


  • 1 head of cauliflower
  • 1 1/2 cups part-skim mozzarella
  • 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese
  • 2 egg whites
  • Pizza toppings! (I used 1 cup spinach, half tomato, and mozzarella cheese)
Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.
First, I processed the cauliflower in my food processor but putting it in the shredder blade until it looked like mozzarella cheese or rice.
I then put it in a microwave safe bowl and covered it with a paper towel and microwaved it for 4 minutes.  Do not add water.  I then let it sit in the microwave for about 5 minutes to steam.  I removed it from the microwave and stirred it all up adding in the mozzarella, parmesan, and egg whites.
I then flattened out the entire mixture onto a greased baking pan and sprinkled it with Italian seasoning and garlic salt, but you can add whatever flavor you like!
Place the pizza dough into the oven for about 15 minutes until it is nice and brown.
Then, remove the dough from the oven and top with your favorite toppings!  The crust may be a little bit hard to get off the pan even if you grease it, so it is best to use a large spatula to remove from the pan.  ENJOY!
Nutrition based on my toppings for a pizza divided 4 ways:
Calories:  310.2 Fat:  17.6g  Carbs:  8.7g  Protein:  30.1g
Today started with my usual (lately)…oats!  I did some grocery shopping yesterday and picked up some blueberries as a fun mix in for my morning bowl of goodness.  Today’s bowl included oats, blueberries, strawberries, Sunwarrior protein, and a little bit of crunchy peanut butter.
I then did a home workout circuit that required absolutely NO workout equipment!!
It took me about 30 minutes to complete, which gave me time to get some stretching in afterward.  I tend to neglect my stretching, even though I know it is sooo important, so when I do it I like to make sure that I do a great job of it!
I then had a fun meeting this afternoon with one of my friends from Butler, who does freelance graphic design work, about making the logo for the wedding!  It was so fun to get back into the wedding swing of things (taking five months off from planning is a long time!).  She had great ideas, and I know that we will be happy with the end product.  Last night, Brian and I had a session on pinterest pinning all of the logo and monogram ideas that inspired us.  Here are a couple that really stuck out to us.
I can’t wait to see what the end result is 😉
Sunday Tradition
Brian and I then went to church and had dinner with his parents.  While I was gone, Brian told me that he often went to his parents’ house on Sundays, and I like the idea of that tradition so we are going to try to keep up with it!
For dinner, we had a delicious salad, grilled veggies, and a delicious cod that his dad prepared.
It was all so tasty!  We did eat it all, but somehow managed to save a little room for dessert afterwards.  It was the perfect way to end the week and set the tone for the next one.
Dog Sitting
This week Brian and I are dog sitting for a little Weimaraner named Gucci and we absolutely LOVE her!  She is so cute and friendly.  Brian and I definitely want a dog in the future and a Weimaraner is potentially a prospective breed.  So far, our little trial is going well.
Now, Brian and I are getting ready to read a little more of the Hunger Games before bed, the end is getting near and I can’t wait to see how it all wraps up!
Hope you all had a great Sunday and are ready for the week to begin!

Starting Out Hard!

Today is one of those days where I don’t work until the afternoon.  I was able to wake up when my body was ready, around 7am.  Not only was I ready to wakeup but I was ready to workout hardcore!

Since my 14 day free trial is over at the gym I was using with Body Pump, I thought that a run would be in my best interest…especially since I am running a 6 mile race on Saturday morning.

I didn’t map my run before I headed out because I went on a route that I am pretty familiar with.  Based on previous run times I think I went between 5 and 6 miles.  I then came back and did some ab exercises superset with push-ups.


For some reason, push-ups are always so hard for me!  I ended up doing a total of 20 push-ups non girly style, which was hard work for me!  Doing them as a superset made it much easier for me to approach 20 real push-ups.  A superset is when two different exercises are performed right in a row without a break in between.  This is great when you are on a time schedule or are just impatient like me and you don’t want to wait between sets to complete the next.  It’s kind of like exercise multi-tasking. And I LOVE multitasking 😉

Yoga Pose of the Day

Today’s yoga pose is:  Standing Forward Bend

This move is actually hard for me because I have and have always had very tight hamstrings.  A variation on this move is to use a block under your hands in order to keep legs straight.  I did not have a block so I tried to keep my legs as straight as possible!

Benefits of Standing Forward Bend:  Strengthens the feet, knees, and thighs, stretches the hamstrings and calves, improves the function of digestive and reproductive systems, opens the hips and groins, stimulates the liver, kidneys, and digestive system, relieves menopausal discomfort, headache, insomnia, and fatigue, alleviates discomfort from sinusitis.


Ok, so I took a little break from my smoothies this week, but today it’s back!  I couldn’t part from them long, so today a coffeerific mocha peanut butter spinach banana smoothie was the way to go.

Blogging Issues

Ok, so I made a little mistake and didn’t realize that if I began deleting pictures from my media library that they would delete from every page and post that they were on, so if you go to my About Me page or many earlier posts they are photoless…but don’t worry!  I am trying to fix it 🙂

Other Interesting News:

Happy Thursday!

Got my Band

Good Tuesday Morning!

My sweaty early morning workouts are back!


I started off the day with an hour and fifteen minute cycle class, and it was suuuuper sweaty.  Just how I like it 🙂  I will have to say though that I am pretty sure that my butt is going to be sore because those seats were not nearly as cushioned as the ones I used at Butler.


Yesterday, I received another package in the mail:

I received my B.I.C. Band!  If you haven’t heard of these head bands, they are specially made so that they are tight on your head (but not too tight) and don’t slip off while working out (or doing anything else)!  I tested it out this morning in spinning and I was completely satisfied with the non-slip grip of the headband.

The proceeds from each BIC Band are donated to a different charity each month.  What a neat way to help people out 🙂

I got the gun metal sparkle skinnie minnie.  So cute!


Work Fashion

Here is my work look from yesterday

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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