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Race Statistics

Running races is a great way for me to stay active.  I absolutely love setting a goal and working to achieve it.  I have kept a log of the races I have completed with the dates, distance, overall place, overall time, and pace.  I love to visually see the numbers improve!

Race Stats

  1. 7/1/2009:  Runners on Parade 5K, 711th place, 27:54:00
  2. 7/4/2011:  Firecracker 6 Mile Race, 243rd place, 00:58:38, 9:47 pace
  3. 9/3/2011:  Indy Women’s Half Marathon, 291st place, 02:07:38, 9:45 pace
  4. 9/24/2011:  Fort 4 Fitness 10K, 167th place, 00:54:19, 8:46 pace
  5. 7/4/2012:  Firecracker 6 Mile Race, 112th place, 00:48:00, 8:00 pace

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