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About Me

I am a 22-year-old who just graduated from Butler University living in Indianapolis, IN.  Most recently, I was working on board a cruise ship as a personal trainer teaching several group fitness classes a day, presenting seminars on living a healthy life, and giving health and lifestyle consultations to the guests on board the ship.  Not only did I travel to amazing countries around the world, but I was able to learn about the human body, and solidify my passion and interest in helping others pursue and achieve health and fitness goals.  While in school at Butler, I studied Arts Administration with a Concentration in Vocal Music.  I have been singing, onstage, and putting on shows for my family ever since I can remember! During my time at Butler, I became increasingly interested in fitness and healthy living and discovered that in addition to music and the stage I was passionate about pursuing a healthy well-balanced life.  I grew up in Fort Wayne, IN which is just two hours North of Indianapolis, so traveling home is a quick trip but still feels like a special occasion!


After my Freshman year of college I became certified as a group fitness instructor, but because I had such a busy schedule with school, sorority, friends, and work it took me a while to actually use my certification.  I started teaching a strength training and cardio class called “Wake Up Call: Butts Gutts and Cardio” in August 2010 and absolutely LOVED it!  I have always worked out in the mornings, but to be the one up in the front of the class giving everyone the pep and encouragement needed to complete that last rep at 6am was an amazing feeling, and I signed up to teach another class the second semester.  I love learning new techniques to teaching, taking new classes, and the “group” atmosphere.  As an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, I have been traveling the world on board a cruise ship as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.  When I was looking for jobs and thinking about what I wanted to do after graduation, I knew that I had to travel, do something I was passionate about, and make money (a girls’ gotta eat!).  The cruise line job fit the description!

While working on board the cruise line, the other personal trainer (Phil) really got me into serious weight training.  I have always known the importance of resistance training, and have included little bits here and there in my weekly workout regimen, but after training with Phil and mainly focusing on increasing my weights and strength I am really liking the way that my body is changing.  We focused on specific muscle groups each day and switched our routine every four weeks.  I am looking forward to continuing my strength training journey and updating you every step of the way.

I am just returning home from my fitness journey abroad, and cannot wait to get back into the gym teaching group fitness classes, and begin a career in the health industry.

I’m an ACE Certified Personal Trainer!

My first attempt at Tuna Nicoisse Salad, and it was deeelish!


I have always loved helping out in the kitchen, and it began with baking cookies!  We always made homemade chocolate chip cookies for Grandpa, and we always made homemade sugar cookies for Christmas.  I love experimenting in the kitchen and sharing my goodies with others.  There have been some recipes I will NEVER try again, and there are some that I love, continue to use, and tweak to make my own!  I really enjoy taking a decadent recipe and “healthifying” it!  Some of my favorite things to make are muffins, cookies, granola, salads, fish, well I could go on forever!  I can’t wait to share all of my trials and errors with you.

While working on the ship, I did a lot of self study on nutrition and the food that we eat.  I have always had health in mind when it comes to food, but I never had a very structured regimen I simply ate what I deemed to be “healthy.”  I am beginning to learn more about how different foods act within the human body and how eating a clean, structured diet with a balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats is one of the most important things when it comes to health.

Researching and learning are two of the things I love to do, especially when it comes to nutrition.  I look forward to continuing to learn new things about nutrition, sharing my experience, and my kitchen experiments with you (the good and the bad!).

Decorating Christmas Cookies!

Treble in the Kitchen

You are probably wondering why I chose the name “Treble in the Kitchen.”  For Christmas my grandma made me an apron with little treble clefs and the phrase “Treble in the Kitchen.”  I loved the little phrase then, and thought of it when it came to creating this blog because it combines my love for music and experimenting in the kitchen!  How perfect!


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  1. Hi, Tara, What a great blog!! Your mom just sent me your website and I’ve put it in “Favorites”. Kinda doubt I’ll be doing the workouts any time soon….. The recipes are more up my alley. I’ll post your site in the next “Hilsen!”, too. Hope you get lots of readers. See you.

  2. Maggie Matlak

    Those are some good looking people in the Christmas cookie photo.

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  4. Just stumbled upon your blog hun and LOVE it! I look forward to reading more! Keep doing your thang girl 🙂

    • Thanks so much! I just popped over to your about me page, and you really seem like you have a great zest for life 🙂 Don’t be surprised if you see me commenting on your blog soon too!

  5. If I was starting out again, I’d probably like to work on a cruise ship.

  6. Hey Sis, It’s your long lost older brother Steven, all I can say is wow. I’m so impressed, I find it amazing how food has become a major part of the Deal family life. Dad is the reason for that!
    Love you and hope we can get the family together before the summer is over.

    • Thanks, Steve! Everything is a work in progress, but I am really having fun documenting everything and finding new opportunities with the blog. I am glad that you read it!! We will for sure have to get together soon so that I can see everyone and you all can meet Brian 🙂


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