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Happy September!

September just sounds like fall, doesn’t it?!

First things first…I made an error yesterday and all of you yogis out there were probably cringing.  I originally said that the Pose of the Day yesterday was the triangle, when in fact, it is the extended side angle.  Sorry I goofed!  But don’t worry I corrected it on the post and the page under the workout tab.

Today, I woke up with tight hamstrings and wanting to run.  Since I can’t run until after work because of the sun not rising early enough, I did a little stretching with some yoga poses and some crunches to get my core warmed up.

Yoga Pose of the Day:  Crescent Lunge

Slightly modified


I could really feel this stretch in my hip flexors while doing the final pose.  This pose was also really great for me today because of the tightness in my hamstrings.  Starting off in downward facing dog definitely gave my hammies a stretch 😉

Benefits of Crescent Lunge:  Strengthens the arches, ankles, knees, and thighs, stretches the hips and shoulders, opens the chest, stimulates digestion, increases muscular endurance, relieves symptoms of sciatica.  


I then had an oatmeal bowl for breakfast…voluminous overnight oats to be exact, with a frozen banana on top.

It tasted like peanut butter cookie dough 😉

Now, I am off to my first day of work in this brand new month!

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