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Beach Day!

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I woke up when my body told me to this morning, 7:45am with no alarm and felt great!  Since Brian and I are running our 6 mile race tomorrow I didn’t want to do Insanity or go for a long run and risk my legs getting sore so I found this workout on the fitsugar Facebook page.  I only went through each circuit once and completed the 8 minute abs video  on youtube. (I love how 90s it is…Come on Gang!!)

After my light workout, I put on my bathing suit and whipped up a chocolate banana peanut butter coffee smoothie.  I bet you can guess what is in it 😉

It hit the spot, and now Brian and I are headed for a day at the lake.  I love summer 🙂

I always love packing snacks and mini lunches when heading to the pool or beach.  Here are some good ideas for snacking on the go!

Check out:  Portable Snacking Tips


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